A great movie

It is a great movie because Stanley Kubrick directed and this is probably some of his best work up there with The Shining and 2001.
Robbie Obrien
01-1-2013 01:54 PM

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William Whiteley

I say it's the best movie ever made.

Sep 17 - 02:38 PM


Jesus Christ

Well said!

Nov 5 - 07:24 PM

Marco Chaudry

Marco Chaudry

With the exception of The Shining.

Jul 23 - 08:06 AM

Marco Chaudry

Marco Chaudry

I only liked Dr. Strangelove, 2001, and Full Metal Jacket.

Jul 23 - 08:05 AM

Judge Nikhil

nikhil bhardwaj

my fav kubrick movie is THE KILLING

May 5 - 11:35 PM

William Smith

William Smith

A Clockwork orange isn't only my favourite Kubrick film. It's my favourite film, full stop.

May 3 - 01:44 PM


William Whiteley

Same here! I'm old enough to have seen it at the theater back in 1971. And I've never seen a better movie since!

Sep 17 - 02:40 PM

David Tanny

Big Fat Jewish Guy

Clockwork and Full Metal Jacket are my personal favorite Kubrick classics. I still have to see Barry Lyndon, because comedian Luis C.K. made it sound very interesting. The fact that Kubrick used all natural light and no electrical sources made me want to see how that looks.

Mar 20 - 08:09 PM

Alex Aston

Alex Aston

To be fair I'd consider the vast majority of Kubrik's work to all be great movies on their own, among so many masterpieces it's hard to chose a favourite, but for me personally I'd have to give it to a Clockwork Orange as Kubrik's best film, it's one of my favourite movies of all time. I wish the man was still alive and making movies today.

Mar 18 - 08:37 AM

Sam Fickling

Sam Fickling

One of my favourite films. Dseserves to be appreciated and deconstructed for decades to come for its lasting influence on cinema and social significance. Anybody who accuses this film of glorifying violence is missing the point. It questions it. A timeless yet misunderstood classic and one of Kubrick's finest

Mar 5 - 12:06 AM

Michael X.

Zero Override

All of Stanley's films are excellent.

Jan 23 - 11:56 PM


WS Shannon

Isn't this a given? Plus, I thought A Clockwork Orange was far above The Shining (even though I thought the Shining was great).

Jan 13 - 09:35 PM

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