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Total Recall: Star Wars - The Tomatometer Strikes Back

The Force is strong with this list.

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The animated Clone Wars releases into theaters this Friday, and though rebel critics may be giving it a current drubbing, Star Wars releases are always pop culture events. Especially when this one looks to be series' final theatrical release for the foreseeable future. Rotten Tomatoes takes stock of the George Lucas franchise, arranging each installment of history's most celebrated space opera by Tomatometer.

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Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure
Ratings ImageTomatometer: 27%

When we think of a hardcore Star Wars fan, we're sometimes reminded of that Simpsons' Kamp Krusty episode. It's the one where Bart lists the way his loyalty to Krusty the Clown has scorched him, which includes a rapid heartbeat from Krusty vitamins and buying a calculator without a seven or an eight button. The Star Wars movies have given untold pleasure to millions, and the video games are all pretty good, but otherwise we're concerned for the true Force devotee who sifts through the extraneous flotsam (most of dubious quality) that floats throughout the world of Star Wars. That includes 1984's Caravan of Courage, a cheesy, kid-targeted Ewok adventure made for TV and released theatrically internationally. But, hey, if nostalgia can keep The Goonies, TRON, and Rick Astley alive, why not the furry Endor inhabitants?

Also, it's amazing to realize that including Return of the Jedi, The Battle for Endor (CoC's sequel which, unfortunately, doesn't have enough reviews for a Tomatometer), and the animated show (which still has yet to get a viable DVD release), it's the Ewoks who have gotten the most screen time in Lucas's universe.