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This film should NEVER leave the theatres.

May 17, 2008 Full Review Source: BDK Reviews | Comments (12)
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Johnny Smith

I totally undoubtedly agree with you 100%. I thought this was the biggest waste of time, F**K not leaving the theaters....This movie should never have even been created. Reeves and Abrams should be shot dead for making such a retarded a*s movie.....this makes me think of family guy where stewies flys all the way to Hollywood to punch Will Ferrel in the face because Bewitched was stupid also. I am seriously entertaining the thought of hopping on a plane right now to go beat the living sh*t out of abrams....I cannot stress enough my hatred toward this dumb *** movie.

May 30 - 12:48 AM


Walter Von

Maybe you should have never left grade school, because if you could read you'd notice that this reviewer, which you agreed 100% with, positively loved the movie. So did I.

Jul 6 - 01:52 PM

Paul G.

Paul Grady

yeah,.that guy is a retard who didnt even understand that the reviewer liked' the movie,.I thought it was awesome as well,.The acting was a bit underwhelming,.but the transition from reality to horror was excellent

Oct 13 - 11:24 AM


Dylan Hair

F**K you white nottie, you must be like Matthew McConah what ever his name is you may think you're hot, but your a DUMBA** F**KIN IDIOT. YOu have no reason for why you don't like it and I'll bet you've NEVER EVEN SEEN IT SO SHUT THE F**K UP UNTIL YOU LEARN TO PROPERLY REVIEW MOVIES AND GET SOME INTELLIGENCE

Jul 7 - 09:16 PM


Bruce Salingré

Dude with a name like Hott_WhiteGuy I don't think you should even be here. Your profile says you joined just to comment on this movie. Well I joined just to comment on you.

I loved this movie even though I only saw it on DVD now.
Felt emotional at the end :/

Aug 10 - 11:51 AM

fugger hace

bumfluff johnson

Haha, Hott_WhiteGuy you are completely f**king retarded. Didn't you like this film because there were no pretty colours in it?

Hott_WhiteGuy = Artless beef-witted clotpole.

Aug 10 - 11:52 AM


jay shell

This film should have never left the cutting room floor.

Jun 15 - 07:16 AM


Taylor ???

I totally agree. Seeing it in theaters was a once in a lifetime experience.

Jul 6 - 11:30 PM


Scott Smith

I agree. So stupid.

Aug 2 - 07:44 PM

Roger S.

Roger Stanley

I agree, I wish I saw it in a cinema. I was completely blow away watching it on a pay TV channel. The producer is a genius.

Mar 21 - 06:30 AM

Andrew S.

Andrew Stone

This movie was awesome and unique!

May 18 - 04:08 PM


Andrew James Wilday

I did not like this film. Sorry... just my opinion.
I understand why some people liked it, it's just not my thing.

Sep 5 - 12:34 AM

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