Cloverfield 2 on the Horizon?


It debuted at number one last weekend, broke the weekend record for a film opening in January, and earned a respectable 77 percent Tomatometer rating from the critics -- so should it surprise anyone that people are already talking about a Cloverfield sequel? Back to Article



joe fish

What would the sequel be about? Prequel? More of an origin story more of slusho?

I was reading an interesting review by someone the other day who commented on the style of camera work for the sequel- "Either they do another camcorder-POV and the novelty has worn thin, or they do it regular style and they've ditched what was unique about the original."

It's an interesting point.

Jan 22 - 05:32 AM


jeremy d

How about we find out the monster is actually making a film too (perhaps a documentary on humans), so the sequel is solely from his perspective, with subtitles.

Jan 22 - 05:54 AM


Justin Dean

Did you not read that there was another guy filming the whole situation so they think that would the other movie. SO basically you have HUD's POV which was the first movie and the guy filming which would be the second movie.

Jeremy that's a great idea.
I thought the movie was good, I was real surprised.

Jan 22 - 07:47 AM


Gary Ross

While I was sitting there watching the movie I thought it would be a good idea to have this done from different vantage points just so I wouldn't be stuck with these stupid people running towards the monster. I mean there is a giant monster destroying the city. Run Away! But yeah it could be a good idea.

Jan 22 - 07:58 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

Following the guy on the other side of the bridge, filming the whole thing, is a good idea. A different perspective, maybe we can see how the Statute was decapitated. It could work as a television show, that would be kind of neat, or another movie. If it is a sequel, they should split the difference and do 2/3 handheld and 1/3 regular style (for the battling of the military vs. the beast and to explain what was seen in the first movie). A lot of good possibilities here, finally a movie to get people excited.

Jan 22 - 08:00 AM


Daniel Klooster

The movie was good entertainment and well done. I'm nuke warm on a sequel. The point made in the article about intersecting movies is a cool idea, but do we really want to see more of the same incident?

Most of what I liked about the movie was the lack of knowing what's going on and having to try to guess at what's happening. I didn't get caught up in all the viral information, and frankly I don't think that the origins of the creature are that interesting. What made the movie interesting was that it was new and different from most any movie I'd seen before. I don't see how a sequel could be as engrossing and hence become a bore of a movie.

Jan 22 - 08:14 AM


Justin Miller


Absolutely. I had the same exact thought. There's simply nowhere original left to go.

I think any attempt to make a sequel here is only going to hurt the impression the first is making.

Jan 22 - 08:44 AM


Mark Deacon

Next time have the monster sneak up the Great Lakes and kick the S**T out of Detroit. I could live with that.

Jan 22 - 09:43 AM

opTIMus Nerd

Tim Ahlberg

Hmm, I have not seen Cloverfield yet but I figure the plot and so forth from spoilers. An interesting sequel might be to use the original story to help critique our ridiculous media in this country. I would like to see a documentary style flick that is made from the perspective of say a post 9/11 documentary featuring news coverage and mis-information and overblown circumstances and replayed footage over and over again so it would approximate how our 24 hour news machine would digest and spew such an event if it really happened. Maybe even highlighting some sort of conspiracy involved, or alleged government involvement...Even tying it to a Presidential election cycle so the fictional mayor of New York can declare himself the "Cloverfield Candidate" that will keep America safe from future alien monster attacks. Introduce an Alien Monster attack threat level indicator...The possibilities are endless!

Jan 22 - 09:44 AM


Alex Smith

I loved the film, it was the best January release. Ever.
But let me also state that I'm very wary about a sequel, and would rather just have the masterful original stand on its own than muddle with it. Because, as someone perfectly stated on here, redoing the hand-held camera would wear the premise a little thin, while a stand filming would strip Cloverfield of its novelty.

I'm all for a sequel if something engaging, original, and just as good as the sequel comes along.
While I like the idea of the other man filming on the Brooklyn Bridge, I think the stories would need to interweave more than that random meeting. Because that is much more spin off material than an actually sequel.
More of the unanswered questions that can't be resolved from the clues online would be great too.

I personally would love to see the film be a legitimate sequel, casting Lily as the main character.
If they decide to go through win the more "spin-off" version, I think following the group of friends Marlena was supposed to be meeting that night [she mentions them a few times] would be superb.

But I'd rather not have a sequel. It would tarnish the first!

Jan 22 - 10:27 AM


Marc Weathersby

I think if they make a sequel it should be from the military's point of view. Like, the military is documenting what's happening as they go into battle.

I liked the one person point of view. it was very original and intense. But I know a lot of people wanted to see more of the actual monster. This could keep the style of the first one and make for a hell of a movie.

Jan 22 - 11:02 AM


lance berry

"...and we find a compelling reason to do so then it would be fun to do a sequel" = "If we make enough of an obscene amount of money and think we can hook people into the theaters again, then hell's yeah--we'll do a sequel!"

Cloverfield was a very original movie(in its premise, disregarding borrowing its subject format from Blair Witch and about 50 years of Godzilla movies). Doing a sequel is just milking it, plain and simple. There's no reason to go back, because there's no way to make it as original as the first go-round. Hand-held again would not only be boring, it would be annoying. Either shoot it as a standard film with all the action that can be thrown in and characters we can actually CARE ABOUT, or just let the original stand on its own.

Hollywood is always too eager to throw sequels out at us for any film that makes $10 of its budget back. Just let a movie be a damn movie on its own and then move on to something else.

Jan 22 - 11:40 AM


Jack Essenberg

Cloverfield kicked serious @$$

Jan 22 - 01:20 PM


zack fritz

jeremyd4 writes:
on Jan 22 2008 05:54 AM

"How about we find out the monster is actually making a film too (perhaps a documentary on humans), so the sequel is solely from his perspective, with subtitles."

I laughed

Jan 22 - 01:33 PM


George Nunez

it you want originality, leave it up to pixar to make a sequel...That would be interesting.. Walt Disney Presents' A Pixar Film "COVERFIELD 2". Yeah, I love it!

Jan 22 - 02:10 PM


Peter Bresnan

i hope they dont do this
it would be nice to just keep this film original and kick ***
without tacking a crappy sequel to soil cloverfields awesome rep.

well, it would be interesting to see what they came up with
it would also be weird to do another viral marketing campaign

Jan 22 - 02:24 PM


Alex Mackenzie

I'm keen.

Glad to see they are as well.

Jan 22 - 02:51 PM


robin thompson

Heh - even as the credits rolled, I was thinking about the idea of retelling the evening from a different camcorder. You could easily get 2-3 completely different movies out of the same event. ...It's dangerous waters, to be sure, but I'm not opposed to it.

Jan 22 - 04:54 PM


Jim Huete

what if they actually did it from the perspective on the other side of the bridge, and the spanish dude was part of their group? that way they could bring back rob and hud and **** for a cameo....or maybe not haha

Jan 22 - 05:21 PM


Zoo Estrange

Thoughts for the sequal. It actually begins with a QRF (quick reaction force) at the local military base being told of some new equipment they have to use. It's a protoype personel battle cam. It records full high def for a duration of 24 hours. It is used to give commanders real time first hand perspective of what may be happeing. It would need to be small, light and head or helmet mountable. It broadcasts to the command element but also records the person as a back up. It would follow the events as the ordinary Joe's in the military are setting in for another 24 hour period on QRF duty and then the event takes place. At several points the camera wearer sees Hud and the group as they just keep running into them. Eventually the wearer dies and a survivor find the new equipment. It would be a different point of view of the same event but with a cynical average soldiers take on it. He would be more in the middle of the situation and in the action then the previous group because those are his orders.
Just a thought. I'll have the script done in 2 weeks.Feel free to pick it to hell.

Jan 22 - 05:35 PM

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