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January 14, 2015
Jackson shows up with a strong performance, as does the entire team. I loved this movie. Filmed with just enough grit, and inspirational without being cheesy.
March 20, 2009
Very good sports drama, based on a true story.
February 13, 2015
pretty inspirational
January 29, 2015
Samuel L. Jackson is clearly pleased to be playing this role, but it's one we've seen so many times before. Full review later.
½ January 18, 2015
Good, but overlong. Story was very uplifting, and understandably cheesy in some parts.
Super Reviewer
December 31, 2006
Good movie with nice story and great actors.
½ December 26, 2014
A solid sports drama. Captures the essence of the youth in that time and place. Good acting all around. It's engaging and has a positive message. It's why you watch sports dramas.
½ December 15, 2014
A rousing true story based on the life of Ken Carter, Coach Carter is a great sports drama that is carried by a strong performance by Samuel L. Jackson. Throughout the film you can see how lost these kids are and the troubles they deal with in the beat up town of Richmond, and Jackson makes it believable that a man would dedicate his time to ensure that these boys had futures outside of basketball. Its that believability in Jackson's performance that drives this film.
½ July 29, 2011
What more could you want? This is a movie that is as realistic as it gets. A coach who dared to change the lives of his team. A very inspiring movie.
August 13, 2014
I live by Richmond now
½ February 14, 2010
(First viewing - Early 2005 in theaters)
August 4, 2014
The movie was flawless! It had very little dislikes and/or complaints for me. It kept you interested and had a hint of romance which fit the plot perfectly.
April 28, 2014
Coach Carter is a film that absolutely must see if you love basketball
I love this film because the trainings and matches are super realistic
This film makes us want to play sports and even surpass
It is a film based on respect and on the grounds and outside
And the actors are just great !
For me this movie is a reference in the sports movies
So if you love movies you have to watch sports coach Carter !
March 30, 2014
Brilliant, powerful film, my favourite, can watch this time and time again, with a brilliant cast of actors,
½ January 29, 2014
With everyone telling me that Coach Carter features one of Samuel L. Jackson's finest performances, I simply could not miss it.

Coach Carter is a very formulaic film with familiar themes from every coach-themed sports film combined with elements of Dangerous Minds, so it feels a little too familiar. The story is pretty predictable for anybody that's scene a film about sports or a film about a life changing teacher. It's kind of like Dead Poets Society with Basketball instead of poetry and less of a dramatic impact.
I was rather disappointed with Coach Carter because I had reasonably high expectations to it and found myself thoroughly let down by the predictable dramatic elements of the story held over tedious length and slow pacing.
I found that Coach Carter was too theoretical, as in it was focused too much on what Ken Carter was doing instead of how it was changing the lives of the people he was affecting. Instead of pointing out focus on much of his influence, it just has him doing a lot of talking and people reacting to him in an unhappy way most of the time. I mean my opinion might not be the best one because I never really had a liking for the more theoretical sports films which cover the coaching element more than the sporting element and so I wasn't too impressed by Moneyball or Miracle. It may take time before I learn to appreciate coaching and teaching films, but for now I remain adamant. I can see how people would find Coach Carter a good film, but I considered it too long and glacially paced with most of the drama being simple dramatics turned into periods of too much talking. And since the narrative is a formulaic and predictable one there really wasn't too much joy to be had in waiting around for predictable things to happen, even if the script was well written and the actors were all dedicated to what they were doing.
The drama in Coach Carter isn't melodramatic because it feels genuine, but it's all very slow and repetitive. The energy of the film doesn't take off until a full 90 minutes into Coach Carter, and once it does it makes up for a lot of the slow setup. But still, there is plenty of waiting to do before the true drama of Coach Carter sets in. At least it became less predictable towards the end, so it did have an impressive finale.
Most of what I enjoyed from Coach Carter came from director Thomas Carter's stylish direction of the film and Samuel L. Jackson's performance.
There is no denying the strength of Thomas Carter's role as director on Coach Carter because he pours his soul into bringing the story to life, and in the process gives a great style to the film to ensure that it benefits from fine quality
Thomas Carter is clearly dedicated to bringing out the heart of the story in Coach Carter, and to do that he has to wade through a lot of the territory which is full of talking and such. And although Coach Carter gets boring at times, his direction is constantly very stylish because he implements in some great cinematography and a catchy soundtrack which is iconic of the time the film was made in as well as the crowd of juvenile characters in the film. And the basketball scenes in particular was excellently shot and edited, and the energy during these moments are at an all time high.
But still, none of the film qualities are as good as Samuel L. Jackson's performance.
Samuel L. Jackson takes a restrained approach to characterising the titular Coach Ken Carter which proves amiably effective since his laid back line delivery makes him seem like a significantly more realistic character than the more hardcore and stereotypically angry African American figures he is known for playing in films like his career-best performance in Pulp Fiction or simple action films like The Long Kiss Goodnight. I mean he still has all the ferocity in him, but it lays dormant for much of the time in Coach Carter and only comes out when Ken Carter would really need to use it in real life. And it all seems real. It doesn't feel like he's holding back, he feels naturally restrained as a person. HE really embodies Coach Ken Carter perfectly and puts a lot of humanity and dedication into characterising him as the heroic coach that he proved himself to be. Samuel L. Jackson does a perfect job of displaying the great coach that Ken Carter truly was and brings the true heart of the story to life.
Rob Brown and Rick Gonzales also give determined and emotionally intense supporting roles and share a strongly dramatic chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson. Robert Ri'chard does a fine job too.

So while Coach Carter is slow, long, theoretical and predictable, its impeccably well acted and stylishly directed well enough to make up for most of its shortcomings.
March 8, 2014
Something to watch now, and then again in a few years, and again...
February 25, 2014
As an educator, I found this film to be very inspiring. This story is about that which high school sports should strive to be. Education and academic achievement is by definition the ultimate goal of a school, and using sports to inspire teens to study is the way it should be. Schools and colleges take advantage of athletes for all the wrong reasons and teach these young people all the wrong messages. They should be challenged to achieve grades first and scores second. That is the only way that sports belong in schools, as not the main purpose, but an EXTRAcurricular activity. What is most important is moral values, respect and learning. This film shows these values well. Samuel L. Jackson is wonderful, and how great to see Octavia Spencer showing her metal long before The Help, even though in a small supporting role. But the best is the ending.
½ February 20, 2014
L'un des meilleurs role voir meilleur role de Samuel L Jackson!
"Oui Monsieur"
February 5, 2014
SENSATIONAL FILM. 1 of the GREATEST sports of movies of ALL-TIME. (2nd Greatest Basketball movie, behind HOOSIERS). Its exciting, funny & extremely touching.
August 1, 2013
It doesn't matter where you are on the moral spectrum, "Coach Carter"is an inspiring story that teaches the right lesson.
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