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½ April 16, 2007
While this film isn't 100% great as far as technical stuff, or acting, it definitely promises what it delivers. This is one of the most famous, influential, and noteworthy blaxploitation films on the 1970s. Although she had film roles before this, this is the film that made Pam Grier's career. Without this character (and a few other lead female roles from otehr blaxploitation films), there wouldn't be any badass female action heroes like Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, or Lara Croft. It's that simple. Yeah, this movie is a little cheesy, and features some questionable morals and actions, but it's hard not to like a sassy tough chick who fights dirty by hiding razor blades in her afro.
The music kicks ass too. I'm surprised the soundtrack for this isn't as well known as the ones for Shaft and Super Fly.

If you like urban action movies, blaxploitation films, revenge flicks, and have a thing for 70s cinema in general, you really need to see this if you haven't done so already.
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January 28, 2008
If you only watch one blaxploitation movie make it this one. There is much fun to be had in many films of the genre, but here the central performance by Pam Grier is monumental. She may not be the greatest actress in the world, but what presence, and when the big boys fall for her at the wink of an eye, it is believable. Perhaps at the end it is a little over the top, that on such a serious mission a guy would pause for a quickie, but then?. This measured, involving and exciting. There is much violence, including the most wonderful massed cat fight, and much gratuitous violence. In fact during the aforementioned cat fight, all the girls involved have their breasts spill out one after the other. The dialogue is fine and scenes are not overlong as they can be in this genre. Also, the costumes have to get a mention and impressive as Grier's are it's the top bad boys that really come up trumps, as for the top pimp's jump suit, in yellow, what can I say?
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½ September 30, 2009
Another great Grier/Hill blaxploitation collaboration, you just know somebody?s gonna lose a dick!
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April 14, 2009
Outside of Car Wash, this was my first foray into blacksploitation, much to my shame. So with that, I revel in just how fantastically awesome Coffy is. This movie won't be for everyone, but for outrageous cinema or grindhouse fans, it's a feast for the senses. Pam Grier stars as the sexy bad-ass mutha Coffy, out for revenge against the scum of society. The acting here is about what you'd expect from these sorts of movies: mostly campy and WAY out there, but fun and enjoyable. Don't expect any Oscar-worthy performances. Just enjoy the ride. On a sidenote, keep an eye out for Allan Arbus, who fans may recognize as the infamous Sidney Freeman from M*A*S*H. He popped up in the main cast and I was thinking "Sidney, my man!" :D The score is the typical 70's blacksploitational fare; lots of wah wah guitar and smooth black voices. I love it and can't get it enough of it, particularly the pimp's theme which repeats 'George' over and over again. Hilarious and groovy. I can't really find any faults with this flick because it's not meant to be anymore than what it is, and that's ok because I enjoy the hell out of it. Pam Grier kicking the underworld's ass, all the while being sexy AND bad, but most people won't get it. It's blacksploitation, action, sexiness (there are tits popped out in a LOT of scenes), cheesy dialogue, explosions, guns and car chases. You'd be hard-pressed not to have a good time with this one.
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February 23, 2008
weird: celebrates vengeance against the whites and black pimps sexually objectifying Coffy but the camera ogles Pam Grier's body whether she's lost a fistfight or is kicking ass
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½ May 1, 2007
Pam Grier maybe the biggest badass...ever
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June 16, 2007
A not-so-classy revenge flick that launched Pam Grier to superstardom.

The film is more gutsy than many other Blaxploitation movies, both in the seriousness, and in gore content... we literally get a half-second of head exploding within the first 5 minutes, and fights seem to start at the drop of a hat. The obligatory anti-drug protagonism and eponymous title song identify it strongly as a blaxploitation film.

But, not entirely. Layer the excessive nudity and catfights on top of the violence, and it almost begins to seem like a film Russ Meier would have idolized... low-cut blouses get ripped open at any and all times, and of course, a man doesn't flash so much as a nipple: the film is almost a pure blend of sexploitation and blaxploitation.

By the end, a scene which must have influenced Tarentino in Kill Bill: Vol 2, where the revenge-driven femme-fatale is forced to confront the object of her vengeance: her former lover.
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April 16, 2007
Not a good movie at all. Just nostalgic.
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½ September 13, 2009
Pam Grier gets her revenge on the baddies that turned her sister into a drug addict. Plenty of violence, toplessness and girl-power for people who like that kind of thing, and why not. Nice soundtrack by Roy Ayres.
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October 22, 2007
Pam Grier is a knockout and in this movie we see her in her prime. I never saw many of this genre, but I'm glad I took a chance on this one.
½ May 1, 2007
This was Pam Grier's first Black-splotation movie. These movies came out in the 1970's and were written, directed by a white guy but used as many under-employed black actors and actresses as they could. Most of them had worked only in television before. The stories were directed at black audiences. The really bad guys were all white and the good guys were all black. The essence of the movie is that Pam Grier plays a nurse whose sister overdoses on heroin. She finds the source and plays a junkie so she can get close to the supplier and kills the pusher and his supplier. Then she finds out from a cop friend that a new mob is moving in to supply the drugs. She then pretends to be a prostitute to get close to the new gangsters. This gives her a chance to show off her sexy body. She finds out her politician boyfriend is taking money from these gangsters. By the end of the movie she manages to kill everyone and wanders off down the beach. The movie blames the nation's drug problem on white gangsters and corrupt politicians. This is an over simplification of the drug problem; however, the Italian Mafia grew to power selling bootleg whisky in the 1920's. Corrupt politicians allowed this. When liquor was legalized and World War II ended the Mafia switched to selling heroin to blacks in the inner cities. By the 1960's the heroin epidemic was so bad that President Nixon launched the war on drugs. By the time this movie was made the Federal Government was making an all out push to cut off the importation of heroin. It's a total fantasy that a single woman could get close enough to drug gangsters to be able to kill them and get away with it. Even if she didn't get convicted of murder, the gangsters would have killed her before the law could catch her. As an excuse to see a naked Pam Grier the movie works. Other than that it's pretty lame.
½ February 16, 2010
Coffy Coffin (Pam Grier) is on a collision course of revenge when her eleven year-old sister dies of an overdose. She takes to the streets and exacts her own kind of revenge on the pimps, pushers and kingpin's of the city hoping to stop their wave of drug-induced crime. Quite possibly Pam Grier's best film to date, granting her the name of Blaxploitation cult princess. Excessive amounts of well-endowed nudity accompany Grier as she collides into the many baddies of the film. Coffy showcases a much hardened plot, caked on with obligatory racist remarks and situations; even a very tasteful catfight between Coffy and her fellow prostitutes. Grier is a diamond whenever she graces a scene and thankfully, she's in everyone of them. Coffy is pure sugar to the lips and a sight like none other.
April 4, 2011
This is a great example of a blaxploitation. Besides seeing a young naked Pam Grier many times. We get to see a young Sid Haig! This is just a fun popcorn film. So sit back and relax.
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March 21, 2009
My dear Ms. Grier.
Has there ever been,
or will there ever be
another piece of chocolate sex
as ass kicking as she? I doubt it.

Jack Hill, never one to bow to delicate sensibilities, brings us one of the greatest vigilante, sexploitation, blacksploitatin, films ever. There's bullets flyin' and breasts a-bouncin' as Pam Grier (a.k.a. The most smokin' black actress of all time) runs through pimps, pushers, cops and politicians like fans of Ms. Grier's titties ran through hand lotion (it's a masturbation reference, ya get it?). This flick contains one of the most unabashedly, un-p.c. deaths of a black man I've ever seen on film. I had to laugh at the sheer audacity. It also contains one of my favorite cat fights of all time. Six women fighting and by the end not one breast is left unexposed (now that's film making). And I've got to add, NOBODY plays a scumbag piece of shit like Sid Haig. Although Foxy Brown (another great movie, no argument) gets all the attention, Coffy is definitely my pick me up.
November 6, 2010
This movie contained a lot of controversy. I enjoyed watching it to an extent. After watching this movie it has me looking forward to watching the sequel Foxy Brown.
½ September 5, 2010
One of if not the best of the blacksploitation films of the 70's. Pam Grier is her very sexy self with lots of action and violence to be had. Some of the lines are a bit corny by today's atandards but if you like 70's movies with lots of action and eye candy this is the one for you.
August 23, 2010
Pam Grier and Angelina Jole my two favorite Actress. Dont think you are going to be able to double talk them. You will find instead the rabbits got the gun. Run dudes run. cause the rabbits got the gun.
½ May 22, 2009
Pam Grier kicks ass and she's smok'in hot in this movie. Along with Superfly and Shaft, Coffy was one of the better blaxploitation movies made. Unlike those other films it was done on a fraction of the budget and shot in 18 days giving it a little more rawness. The success of this movie launched a slew of low budget blaxploitation movies. This movie was a lot more violent than I expected and there are boobies galore. I had a chance to see it on the big screen and it left quite an impact.
½ March 29, 2009
Pam Grier, the "Black Raquel Welch look alike". proves that she can handle a lot, as she avenges her baby sister who is hooked on herione at age 10 or 11, "CoffY", Goes about infiltrating the mob, under alias as "MYSTIQUE", a call girl with a lot of STYLE. and whatever you do dont grab her hair!. this girl, has Puerto Rican Streetsmarts and u just might make the mistake of your life if you EVER! grab this siter by the hair. You will see what i mean. Pam Grier embodied the kind of Hero that used WHAT-EVER IS AT HER DISPOSAL, TO DETER AN ATTACKER, IE .trash can, raisorblades,...A ROCK, WHATEVER WAS IN THIS SISTERS GRASP, SHE USED IT. AND PLEASE DONT LET HER FIND A SHOTGUN!!!! ANGEL, SLIGHTLY OFF BALANCE LIVING IN THE SURREAL WORLD and CROSSING OVER INTO WRONG.. TO MAKE IT RIGHT. SHE'L MAKE MINCEMEAT OUTTA YA, IF U A PUSHA MAN STEER CLEER. I HOPE I HAVENT SAID TO MUCH. Coffy is a ride. A 70"s e-ticket, onto a bumpy, yet triumphant ride. Watch it shes a shining symbol.
½ October 25, 2007
It was a good movie for the time it was made and for what it was. Plus, Pam Grier is one foxy lady, and very topless.
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