• R, 1 hr. 34 min.
  • Horror
  • Directed By:
    Andrew Goth
    In Theaters:
    Apr 1, 2005 Wide
    On DVD:
    Jun 7, 2005
  • First Look Pictures


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Cold and Dark Reviews

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June 29, 2012
It wasn't great by any means but Luke and Kevin are two good looking men!
August 29, 2012
I think that the movie is really good but a little twisted
May 13, 2012
slow moving and gory
January 31, 2011
Admittedly, I had no clue what to expect from this movie, I had not seen a trailer nor read a review, and after watching it I can see why. The first half of the movie is pathetically slow, however the last half comes close to making up for it and actually got my blood pumping a few times.

To explain the story, a dead detective is revived by having his body overtaken by a parasite, called a grail, which reanimates his body. In this new form, he and his partner turn into vigilantes, with the criminals providing the much needed blood the grail needs in order to survive. However, as most possessions go, the "human" side of him starts to fade and a more carnal side begins to appear, frightening his partner into finally having to turn on him.

It was hard for me to see a story taking place, scenes were happening but no real apparent moving forward of the plot, but I could have been missing it. No offense to the actors, but it was hard knowing who was what as, not that they looked liked one another or anything, but the characters didn't come across very well and I found it hard knowing exactly which cop was on screen.

Just not a well done movie, at all.
August 27, 2010
Pretty dark movie. A bit of a "The crow" ripoff.

Proposed alternative titles: "Vigilante ghostcop", "good cop, undead cop"
January 29, 2010
Horror with a film noir feel to it. Bizarre and surprisingly intelligent horror.
October 3, 2009
great trailer
slowwwww movie
10 min into it and i was already bored

couldnt finish it
April 8, 2009
awful is all i can say lol
March 3, 2009
slow moving and gory
November 3, 2008
Spooky, but love that Luke Goss!!

Super Reviewer

August 1, 2008
Really quite bad. So bad in fact it's actually kinda' fun. And if you're a Luke Goss fan it's a must see, lots and lots of close ups. lol
September 3, 2007
This movie was so out there. It was horrible of course, but that guy who had the parasite in him?Holy Crap he was cool. He had the oddest looking face and the most piercing blue eyes; I was intimidated by him.
May 4, 2007
Great little gem from the UK.
February 15, 2007
Slow in places and like many films doesnt live up to what the trailer promised. This could have been done a lot better Goss was good but Howarth didn't suit the role i feel.
February 7, 2007
The actors, writer and director are all putting so much effort into trying to be cool, trying to be clever, trying to shock, they forget to try to make it clear what it was they were driving at in the first place. Not that I'm sure I give a crap anyway. Seriously, Luke Goss? Who thought that was ever going to work out well?
November 21, 2006
Cold and Dark the story of a man who dies and then mysteriouslly rises (like jesus you might say? wrong). He has this weird thing that comes out of his hand and rips bad guys to shreds. Cool hey? well not so cool for this guy as it starts to take over him and its up to his partner dective dark to bring him down. Its dark and feels close to my heart as its film near where i live, even some scenes shot on beaches and pubs i frequent. The best in this movie is Matt Lucas who is at his camp best but however he and Goss are the only people in this film who give a damn. THe director starts off sharp and ambitious then he just gets kinda bored. its dark, its gory, it doesnt make complete sense but it is fairly entertaining and i wouldnt warn anyone off this film, neither would i recomend it.
May 21, 2006
Not a lot I can say about this, accept it's just really poor.
August 15, 2005
[font=Book Antiqua][size=5][color=#000033][font='Book Antiqua']Hey All,[/font][/color]
[color=#000033][font='Book Antiqua'] [/font][/color][color=#000033][font='Book Antiqua'] Hello again! This is my second entry. I'll explain in the next entry why I'm having issues with Netflex. Right now I want to tell about "Cold & Dark". This movie was supposed to be a mystery slash horror flick but I wasn't scared or intrigued. I had to watch this movie a couple of times before I understood every thing that was happening. Maybe I'm slow or this movie just didn't explain a whole lot. My guess is that I'm possible slow. LOL! I thought that the actors did some what of a good job at bringing this film to life which included Luke Goss and Matt Lucas. Luke Goss did a good job but there were parts that were a little over the top. "Cold & Dark" is about these two vice cops Dark and Shade. They are investigating a human smuggling ring when murders start happening. Dark finds out that Shade is some kind of vampire. When Dark attempts to tell his superiors about his suspicion about Shade being is some kind of a vampire they look the other way. I would suggest this movie to people. It was pretty good film but I wouldn?t say that I loved it. There isn't any bonus features on the DVD. Please see what you think. [/font][/color]
[color=#000033][font='Book Antiqua']Fritz ;) [/font][/color][color=#000033][font='Book Antiqua'][/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=5][/size][/font]
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