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Color Me Blood Red Reviews

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Super Reviewer

June 17, 2011
I was disappointed at the amount of blood in this movie, I really expected more. And I was wondering, wouldn't his painting stink after while? And then no one would buy them. Anyway, the story is pretty good, and the main character is a creepy painter. But overall, this movie's not that good, it's just okay.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

April 6, 2008
Colour Me Blood Red is pretty much the typical Herschell Gordon Lewis film. In Blood Feast, a man killed people to create a feast; in The Wizard of Gore, a man killed people for his magic show; in The Gruesome Twosome, a young retard killed people to make wigs out of their scalps; and here we've got a deranged painter who discovers that blood is exactly the right shade of red to colour his paintings with. This film is the third and final entry in Herschell Gordon Lewis' "Blood Trilogy", and while it is perhaps not as gory as the other two; Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs, if you enjoy Lewis' style, you're bound to like this one! As mentioned, the plot revolves around a painter. He discovers that blood is the paint he needs when he cuts his girlfriend's finger and begins smearing her blood on his canvas. After attempting to 'paint' the picture himself, he soon realises that he doesn't have enough blood - so naturally, he kills his girlfriend. As you might expect, her blood doesn't go too far, and the only way to get more blood is the to kill more women...

Obviously, this plot has been lifted straight from Roger Corman's B-movie classic 'A Bucket of Blood', but Herschell's style is all over it, and he succeeds in making the plot his own...although 'succeeds' might not be the right word. The movie is trash in every sense of the word, as the acting is as rubbish as it gets, and the film has a distinctly cheap and nasty feel running throughout it. The director's use of music is good, however, as while it does nothing to increase the film's credibility; it does give the movie a hilarious sense of humour, and it works really well with the plot. As I said, this isn't as gory as some of Herschell's earlier stuff, but it's still got plenty of blood and gore; although as anyone that has seen one of these movies before will know; it's absolutely impossible to take seriously. It's clear that Herschell was more interested in the red stuff than anything else, as there are a number of obvious plot devices on display and the artist's descent into insanity is a joke. But even so, this makes for a very fun viewing, and I wouldn't hesitate to name it as one of my favourite of Lewis' movies.

Super Reviewer

April 24, 2009
Too slow and not enough gore to be as good as Blood Feast but it still has some fun moments, including anytime the crazy beatnik couple are onscreen.
'Dig that crazy driftwood!'
Patrick D

Super Reviewer

February 20, 2008
There's something just beautiful about HGL's exploitation. And I owe so much the Something Weird Video for allowing the world to see his brilliance.
July 12, 2011
H. G. Lewis' third in his "blood trilogy" is a tale of a struggling artist who discovers the missing ingredient in his work is human blood. Once he creates a painting soaked in blood, he starts receiving accolades from the art community and sets out to find more sources of his new found "paint." Though conceptually this is a compelling film, it suffers from some serious pacing issues - in other words, it's slow as hell. Adam Sorg stars as the artist, Don Joseph, and his performance generates the most laughs in this flick as he is completely over-the-top. The plot is rather easy to predict and Lewis offers little to surprise anyone. What's worse, there is a significant less amount of gore in this one compared to the previous two of the trilogy (maybe three scenes worth mentioning) and it's not near as festive as the awesome Two Thousand Maniacs. The real problem though, is that Lewis only wrote enough for about 20 minutes worth of film, but this sucker runs on for 79 - it's full of padded scenes wheere nothing happens. The score is pretty hip and the acting is its usual: awful and laughable, but it just doesn't measure up to his other work.
November 26, 2008
The tagline reads: "Not for the eyes and ears of anyone under 16 years!" I would re-word that to "Not for the eyes of ears of anyone...with eyes and ears!" Technically, probably one of the worst films I've ever seen. The plot could have been good, but it was way too thin. Not only the plot, but the acting was absolutely atrocious! Even worse than the acting, was the horrendous script. Literally, some of the worst lines ever spoken. Other than that, it was a very good attempt at a splatter flick and was very entertaining.
May 6, 2008
This is the final film in the infamous Blood Trilogy from director Herschell Gordon Lewis and producer David Friedman. The trilogy also includes superior films "Blood Feast" and "Two Thousand Maniacs". While "Color Me Blood Red" is the most inferior film in the trilogy, it is still worth at least a one time viewing. The film does lack one thing that the other 2 films in the trilogy have and that is an original score. Both of the previous entries include a soundtrack that was scored by Lewis himself but for some odd reason he decided to use "canned" music for this one. The gore effects are also inferior to the other 2 entries...there aren't as many but one effect in particular is especially grotesque (this would be the scene where a woman is shown strung from the ceiling with her intestines dangling out and the villain squeezes the blood out of them in order to finish his painting). All in all this is one of the least entertaining of Lewis' gore films but is definitely worth a peek.
March 11, 2014
The acting talent is notable by its absence. The pacing is at times sluggish - some shots linger on, seemingly endlessly. The music is insane - like the soundtrack to Bewitched transported into an exploitation movie. The effects aren't terribly convincing but not too bad either considering the budget. However, all the negatives have to be accepted as part of the Lewis style. His films have an unpretentious trash aesthetic, which makes them somewhat fun, despite their deficiencies. Having said all that, Color Me Blood Red could have been a little more outrageous. It is a bit light on the gore. And in a movie of this type, that is not the best. I recommend it to those interested in the history of horror and anyone with an inclination to trash cinema. I'm pleased I've seen it. But once is enough.
February 2, 2013
His third gore film in three years, COLOR ME BLOOD RED is the last of the three pictures that make up Herschell Gordon Lewis' original 'Blood Trilogy.' It is also the most sophisticated of any of his films, and one that is likely his most personal. It tells the tale of Adam Sorg, a struggling artist that only finds success after he begins painting in his victims' blood! The theme of the tortured artist is taken to absurd new heights (or lows, rather) in this gruesome black comedy. Lewis instills his frustrations with his own lack of critical acclaim through his preferred medium, while commenting on how his only means of receiving any recognition in film was to include more blood and gore. Surprisingly, COLOR is even more visceral than either of the other entries in the series, containing everything from the disemboweling of a model to a brain-splattering shotgun blast to the face. Gordon Oas-Heim also provides an intense performance as the lead, closing out the thrilling climax with a bang! While it rarely ranks as a favorite among fans, this truly is one of Lewis' better films.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
Jesse P.
January 12, 2011
Herschell Gordon Lewis was known for starting gore and now the 3rd part in his blood trilogy Color me blood red is my second favourite movie by him and of course Two Thousand Maniacs is my favourite horror movie. The director himself would go on to inspire Japanese director takashi mike with his ultra-gory flicks like Ichi the Killer and Audition and even Takashi himself is a fan of Herschell and his all-time favourite is Blood Feast.

An eccentric artist is panned by a well-known critic at his opening for not having a good color sense, so he starts a new series, using his own blood to paint. Soon he is weakened and must find other sources of blood to continue his paintings. So he starts abducting women and starts using their blood to paint his new Masterpiece of blood and gore.

I liked the story but it can be slow moving that's a fact but overall any fan of these movies would love it and the story is nothing but torture and gore, The whole trademark of Lewis. The acting is dread awful even in the trailer it's seen besides the gore and the narrator says COLOR ME BLOOD RED again and again. But then again it's funny to watch and I loved the female lead nothing but corny yet entertaining lines. The special effects were shocking for its time and are still brutal today besides how flat they are these days, The again I am not a CGI fan when it comes to this stuff so overall passable. And the music lyrics are awesome.
Here are some facts I found.

Director Herschell Gordon Lewis cited Roger Corman's A Bucket of Blood (1959) as the main inspiration for Color Me Blood Red.

Filmed and completed in early 1964, but remained on the shelf for over a year over production, editing, and sales release issues after producer David F. Friedman terminated his business partnership with director Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Shoot on a budget that's estimates around $50,00 dollars.

Overall my 2nd favourite by Lewis and my final verdict is recommended for this 60s gore feast.
peter h.
June 12, 2010
After BLOOD FEAST and TWO THOUSAND MANIACS David.F.Freeman and Herschell Gordon Lewis produced this final so called instalment in the "FREEMAN/LEWIS BLOOD TRIOLOGY". Now the first two films had the presents of a playboy playmate called connie mason who seriously made Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs seem even worse , thankfully this blood film is free of her but even with out her this third blood movie its still just as bad and campy as it predecsssors.Why? its herschell gordon lewis so called direction that ruins these films. Honestlly he can wirte better theme songs like the Theme for 2000 thousand maniacs better than he can wirte and direct. Anyway this film is all about an artist called adam that finds that much needed color for his paintings a nice shade of red paint that flows though our veins , Blood ,Human Blood that makes this pyshcopathic artist paintings seem that much better. After adam brutaly kills his parnter and paints with her blood stained corspes his art dealer, an eledrly art buyer and beatnick crtitc can get enough of his nice and bloody images. So since its a gore film from HGL the rest wirtes itslef, Adam gose around killing people for their blood untill the art buyers daugher offers to pose for this homicdle artist and since herself, her boyfriend ,and thier freinds are the films heros of this blood stained film expect the same old perdictble ending.

On a final note despite BLOOD FEAST , TWO THOUSAND MANIACS ,and COLOR ME BLOOD RED being so poorly made they do hold alot of historical signfiance due to them being the fore runners of the gore and splatter genre, in fact the Horror Genere owes a bit to these slocky low bugdet gore films for giving the modern audaince really graphic scenes in our modern films. On another note Color Me Blood Red marked the turning point for the carrer of Herschel Gordon lewis who would go on to make diffent films which would lead to the grindhouse era in indepent cinema like SOMETHING WERID , THE BLAST OF GIRLS (which stared Colonel Sanders), JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT ,SUBRBAN ROULTEE,and other gore films like THE GURESOME TWOSOME , THE GORE GORE GIRLS AND THE WIZARD OF GORE , oh and also he would complete MONSTER A GO GO which is one of historys worst movies ever.
final mark for Color Me Blood Red 4/10 another so bad its good movie.
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