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January 27, 2008
It starts out as a good movie when Bruce's character takes over a college mate's psychology practice when he is murdered. It all goes down hill when Jane appears.
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½ February 18, 2007
OHHH!! Very sexy and thriller film better than Basic Instinct I ever watched in director's cut on DVD. This film can make you feel more hot and thrilling.
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½ February 2, 2007
A sexy thriller that is very twisted and not very exciting
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½ January 25, 2007
interesting but silly, especially at the end
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½ October 26, 2006
Quite possibly the worst film I have ever scene. It doesn't work as a thriller, drama, romance or blockbuster, and is far too bad to be "so bad it's good". Oh, and you get to see "little Bruce" (which is little indeed). Avoid avoid avoid.
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½ September 5, 2010
A dire film from a period where Willis was a bit lost at sea (see also 'Striking Distance'). This tries to jump on the erotic thriller bandwagon reignited by 'Basic Instinct' but ends up being laughably bad and not at all erotic. Jane March is a poor actress and looks more convincing as a boy than a girl. Willis is embarrassing as a shrink and shows his willy! Enough said! Avoid at all costs!!!
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June 29, 2008
interesting psychological whoisit/thriller..attractive actors..will hold your interest
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April 28, 2007
This film has a twist or two...
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March 19, 2007
Jane March was fairly hot in this movie.
½ April 19, 2015
This is the worst film Willis has ever made and with a ton of crap to his credit,that's saying something.
August 20, 2014
Typical murder mystery film, I did enjoy it however. I've been reviewing Mill Creeks Blu-Ray releases and most of them are mediocre or just pure garbage; however this one was intriguing, well for the first half of the movie anyways. Bruce Willis plays a psychologist that needs help himself after one of his patients that he's intimately involved with jumps out of a window, he goes to see another psychiatric friend of his in LA, to make a long story short his friend is murdered and he takes over a group of nuts after his death. I would recommend this movie, and I'm not sorry I bought this Mill Creek release; for $2.96 it was worth every penny.
June 26, 2014
Color of Night is sort of like watching a film directed and written by Tommy Wiseau. There are a lot of awkward and unintentionally funny scenes in this film. It's honestly hard to describe anything without grinning from ear to ear. The acting, writing and directing is so horrendously bad and yet good. Let's look at this insane case called "Color of Night".

Bill Capa (Bruce Willis) is a psychiatrist who has suffered the traumatic event of one of his patients jumping out of his office window. This leads him to go visit his other therapist friend in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this friend ends up getting murdered. I would describe the rest of the plot, but I just can't. Why? Two reasons: Firstly we would be here all day. What doesn't happen in this movie? Car chases, lovemaking, dual identities, general insanity and some more lovemaking. Secondly, I don't think even the movie itself knows what it wants to do and what it wants to be. There are times when the whole Murder Mystery thing is completely forgotten because the film got caught up with something else. I would say the film shows signs of multiple personality Disorder.

The acting and Dialogue in Color of Night is the main highlight. Anything that is said by Detective Martinez usually gets a laugh. Lesley Ann Warren is wonderfully over the top and of course Jane March as a young man is hilariously bad. However, Bruce Willis offers nothing to this movie at all. He really doesn't want to have campy fun with his role and because of that resistance he fails the hardest here. But I will say this: he knows how to have sex on camera. Seriously, his sex scenes with Jane March (as a woman of course) are just a treat to watch. The only time I believe these two have any connection as a couple is when they're butt naked doing it like Rabbits. I might sound like a Perv saying that but it's really true.

I really wish this movie had more laughs and more focus though. There are a long stretches of boring and unneeded things. This movie doesn't know just how incompetent it is Therefore, it tries it's hand at character development mostly with the crew of psychotics Willis is in charge of. With the exception of Lesley Ann Warren, I find none of these insane people that interesting. Yeah, Brad Dourif is kind of funny but his character is still dry as hell. Maybe if the screenwriters had more fun the audience would.

Here is my "Final Analysis" (wink) on Color of Night. It has a mixture of both Bipolar Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia. It's an insane and unintentionally hilarious piece of S*it. Let me put it this way, as a Mystery/Drama it fails. As a Comedy, it rules!
½ February 14, 2009
To contrived, with acting to tedious & a script to forced, to be taken seriously. And not that I particularly want to defend this movie but, the worst thing about it wasn't the acting, script or anything else that actually has to do with this film directly; the worst thing was the outrage over that stupid nude scene where Bruce's limp junk pops into the camera frame for a quick hello...

When, seriously, the worst thing about this movie, directly, is probably the script!

What a seriously stupid, & in a way...kinda funny, pathetic joke.
½ February 6, 2014
Can't complain about Bruce Willis doing softcore porn with a pretty hot chic. Some very memorable sex scenes but an extremely dumb plot.
January 11, 2013
how can a erotic thriller movie like this can get green lighting it, can have all of stuff like predictable thriller, over the top acting, and a messy plot. Its can be comedy into it self.
January 3, 2013
Bruce Willis had a plethora of bad movies in the 90's and his career went to freefall, Bruce must have thought, Let's do an erotic thriller and show my peen to my adoring public, this nude scene was to rival Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct and up the sex factor as well, the audience(what little of them were there for this film)laughed, because this movie is so ridiculously awful and goes over the top in many ways that its not suspenseful, sexy or exciting, its 2 1/2 hours of a silly premise, hokey dialogue and actors who should have known better(Lesley Anne Warren is given a terrible fright wig, lets not start on Willis' bad rug.)Here, Willis is a shrink who goes to see an old college buddy on in Los Angeles after a patient of Willis commits suicide. Willis stays at his BFF's bachelor pad. Well, his buddy is killed, he takes up his patients and stays at his home rent free. While trying to solve his friends murder and not get killed himself in the process. Jane March is the sexy, yet mysterious girl who may know something. The director shows great camera angles and movements but does what he can with such a lousy script. Seriously, you can do better than this slow moving film.
½ July 4, 2012
A painfully predictable, boring and badly written this soft-core porn thriller is a major flop, both intellectually and action-wise.
April 14, 2012
definately not one of Willis's best. Music was awful, acting just as bad. And with the cast that was listed, it seemed like it would have some potential.
½ August 18, 2011
Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
September 24, 2009
Comes off as a wanna-be Basic Instinct. Lot of shots of Bruce Willis' naked body if that's your thing.
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