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½ April 14, 2011
"The Comfort of Strangers" is hardly groundbreaking. In fact most of the film is so insignificant that without the intriguing ending the film would have simply floated away. Thankfully the acting is top notch (Natasha Richardson, Rupert Everett, Christopher Walken and Helen Mirren) are all well suited to the material. They are skilled actors who do well with Harold Pinter's dialogue. In fact, "The Comfort of Strangers" would make a good companion piece to Pinter's older screenplay "The Servant." This picture is rather easy to read, simply put it's about the death of beauty but it's competently made and has an interesting ending making it worth at least one viewing.
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March 23, 2007
The synopsis of this film makes it sound much more interesting than it actually is. A bizarre story that just never seems to lift into anything remotely exciting, instead a slow, dull watch hoping for a glimpse of excitement, which never appears
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½ June 1, 2007
Venice is the perfect back drop for this movie about lust and obssession and love?Helen Mirren and Christopher Walken are amazing.
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½ July 16, 2008
A study of how a director can control performances, tone, editing and cinematography to create an overwhelming mood of menace.
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½ May 27, 2007
Good Walkin performance and a good film in the "Don't Look Now" vein.
October 3, 2007
I don't really understand the inconsistency of Paul Schrader - this one left me scratching my head again. Walken was menacing and the themes are intriguing, but the production just felt dull.
½ June 7, 2014
Sounded thrilling - promised great performances from Everett,Walken and Mirren. Venice street scenes unconvincing and struggled to see it through.
November 10, 2013
A story about a couple who are trying to assess what is the extent of their love and its eventual destruction by outsiders. I felt Rupert Everett sleep walked in this film but the rest of the cast is superb. A film like this would have been a goldmine under David Lynch.
November 7, 2011
Awesome film, one of my favorite Mirren, rupert, walken, films on the planet. Its quite a freaky little film, I think this was the first time I saw her, I had no idea how amazing she would turn out and how she would blow my mind.
½ November 11, 2007
Well, I'm shocked. I didn't expect this. I went to the video store last night, and rented a film by Paul Shrader. I thought, this is strange. Can't remember anyone mentioning this film. So I took it home, and left it for my sunday breakfast. And now I've been staring at the image for two hours without moving. Not only is it a Paul Shrader film. The script is by Harold Pinter! And the music is by Badalamenti! After an Ian McEwan story! I don't get it. How can I have missed it? I love it when this happens.

Apparently, people have mixed feelings about this film, and not everyone finds it good. Frankly, I don't care. I thought it was extraordinary, and it got me thinking about "Don't Look Now". Aren't there many similarities here? Although I find the latter better I mean. Still, both in the story and the mise-en-scène Shrader must have been inspired by Roeg.

Christopher Walken is such a mean motherfucker, and so terribly beautiful. I think I heard about this film the other day on a program about homosexuals in Hollywood - talking about how people don't take Rupert Everett seriously playing a heterosexual man anymore. I don't see why they shouldn't. I don't know if the film was made before or after he came out of the closet, but myself I don't see the problem. Me he convinces anyway. He's a very good actor, and also one of the most beautiful men on the planet. And Natasha Richardson. Cannot remember having seen her before. Don't remember her from Nell. Or the Parent Trap, which I think I have seen. She's lovely. Maybe I just think I have seen her before. She looks so much like her mother. And apparently she's the daughter of Tony Richardson! Well I've learned a bunch of stuff today, haven't I!!

Anyway, this film really startled me. I keep thinking about Ian McEwan. God! Where does this guy come up with these things? I haven't been this excited since I read Atonement. I'm reading his latest novel Chesil Beach right now, but I don't like it that much. Cannot wait to see Atonement though. I really hope I won't be disappointed. Also, it really pisses me off that I cannot see it before next year. How come the distributors are so fucking slow??? It had it's premiere in Venice - not long ago. And I'm sure it's already playing in England and France. Annoying.

Anyway, I have to work. Im translating a text from French to Norwegian. Really difficult legal document. Will take me hours to finish....

Shrader. Pinter. McEwan. Badalamenti. Walken. Mirren. Everett. Richardson. How can it NOT be good?

Love it when this happens.
October 21, 2005
This beautiful picture filmed in Venice, Italy, has alot of intelligent dialogue and no action whatsoever. However, there is some spice provided by some sex scenes and a shocking ending.
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