Spock to be Played by Both Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto

Spock found; Looking for Kirk

Director JJ Abrams has announced at the Comic-Con Paramount panel that Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto will both be playing the role of Spock in his Star Trek prequel. Since the latest in this long-running franchise will center on a young James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, either a flashback (flash forward?) or time travel must be involved. He also told the attendants that he's still looking of his Kirk. More reports from our team on the ground are forthcoming.

Tentatively titled Star Trek XI, the movie will begin filming sometime this fall for a theatrical release on Christmas Day 2008.

More Comic-Con coverage here.


Scarborough Fair

Kyle Beaudette

I hate Zachary Quinto In "Heroes". He's such an overactor.

He's like Jason Schwartzman's uglier twin. That overacts.

Jul 26 - 06:32 PM


Matthew Sanderson

He looks like a Spock, though. Good enough, so long as he can also underact. (Not to diminish Leonard Nimoy's excellent performances, of course.)

Jul 26 - 07:28 PM


sputnik 99

Think Spock will see himself face-to-face, young-to-old? That would look weird.

Jul 26 - 07:34 PM

Scarborough Fair

Kyle Beaudette

I hope he does what I would do if I ran into a younger/older version of myself due to time travel. That of course, is super-fancy masturbation.
I don't think that makes me gay.

Jul 26 - 07:39 PM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

I wonder if there's any truth to the rumour of Antonio Banderas playing a young Khan?

Jul 26 - 07:51 PM


M. K.

*Snicker* Just as long as he brings the Corinthian leather vest back...

Jul 28 - 05:34 PM


Daniel Klooster

It's great that we see Nimoy as Spock again, but let's hope that the reasoning for his appearance fits and doesn't appear to be a convoluted twist just to get Nimoy in the movie.

Jul 26 - 08:30 PM


Aaron Bryant

I just hope they do a large search for the Kirk role. At a few open casting calls, to find a new face to fill that role.

Jul 26 - 08:40 PM


Dawn HAvard

I thought they had killed off Kirk in #7 (although it seems that Picard was "channeling him" in 9 and 10)!

Alas! Everything old isn't necessarily good!

Jul 27 - 06:40 AM


Ken Dragon

Wow... he really does look like spock thought doesnt he.... interesting

Jul 27 - 06:57 AM


Edmundo Ruiz

Flashbacks? Flashforwards? Sound a lot like another JJ Abrams production...

The enterprise crashes on a deserted planet, or so it seems, and the crew that survived find out that they are not alone.



Jul 27 - 12:15 PM


joe tigano

i think they should remake star trek with all black people then maybe star wars too and the lord of the rings and gone with the wind,those movies haven't been ruined yet like the honeymooners tv show was. what if they remake the wizard of oz with gangsta rappers and gilbert goddfried as well.

Jul 27 - 12:51 PM


M. K.

*Snicker* Just as long as he brings the Corinthian leather vest back...

Jul 28 - 05:34 PM


idle one kenobi

SULU, what about Daniel Dae Kim, the guy that plays JIN from LOST ???? That was also abrams too. could be good choice?

UHURA, beyonce ?

SCOTTY, James McEvoy, ??? Last king of scotland.

not sure who i would choose for kirk and bones yet. still thinking.


Aug 8 - 02:40 PM

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