RT Takes a Peek at Halloween and The Mist at Comic-Con

Dimension debuts scenes for two horror flicks.

Dimension Films debuted scenes from Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween and the Stephen King adaptation, The Mist. The panel started off with a bang as Rob Zombie made a stirring entrance to his classic, "Dragula."

Audience members stood up to pay homage to the legendary rocker/director as he introduced Halloween cast members Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Sheri Moon. Before starting their panel, they showed an exclusive clip from Halloween to the crowd. Unsurprisingly, the scene is set in a dark room lit only by the moon through the windows. Michael Myers (Mane) is dragging a dead body across the floor as the camera cuts to a hidden corner of the room where Laurie (Taylor-Compton) is seen crying and covering her mouth in fear of making any noise. As Michael is seen leaving the room, Laurie rushes to the dead body to retrieve a gun when all of a sudden (cue scary music) Michael is behind them. With gun in hand, Laurie runs to the attic and tries to hide from Michael yet again. Instead of chasing her, Michael proceeds to grab 2x4s of wood and repeatedly smash them through the ceiling. After four tries, the ceiling collapses and Laurie falls through as we cut to black and the Halloween title yet again.

During the Q&A session, Zombie said that although he wanted to retain classic elements from the 1978 original, keeping it too similar would be pointless. An aspiring filmmaker asked for advice, to which Zombie replied, "If you don't mind people telling you you suck all the time, then this is the business for you." A reference to the 15 percent Tomatometer for House of 1000 Corpses, and the 53 percent for The Devil's Rejects?

Also premiering was Stephen King's The Mist, presented by director Frank Darabont himself. The clip starts off with a group of guys peering under a slightly-raised garage door. Mist is flowing out from the darkened garage, and Chris Owen (The Shermanator from American Pie) eventually calls out with a chuckle, "Any boogeymen?" A tentacle springs from inside and grabs on to his, pull him inside. Party leader Thomas Jane clamps onto Owen, and a tense tug-of-war ensues.

Darabont is no stranger to King's work, having previously directed The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. However, neither of these films relied on creatures or monsters as antagonists. With a November 2007 release, we'll have to wait a few months to see if Darabont can make The Mist his third Certified Fresh Stephen King adaptation.



Mike Merritt

Sounds good, cant wait for Halloween!

Jul 30 - 02:33 PM


Nick Danczyk

Wait wait wait... House of 1000 Corpses is at 15%?

Jul 30 - 04:32 PM


Jimmy Moorer

I can't wait.

Jul 30 - 06:28 PM


sam m

I saw a pre-screen of Halloween a month or so back. That scene was not in it at all, it seems like they really did a lot with the re shoots. I doubt it's going to be any better though.

Jul 30 - 09:12 PM

yodas gooch

Hugh Jass

The Mist is one of my all time fave KIng short stories...with Darabont on board, this is 99 per cent sure to kick massive amounts of a ss.

Jul 31 - 01:38 AM

yodas gooch

Hugh Jass

oh yeah, another thing, I hope The Mist takes a massive dump on Indy 4 at the box office...that would be sweet karma for Darabont

Jul 31 - 01:40 AM


Eldorado shwankers

Ummm... The Mist comes out this November, while Indy 4 comes out next year, May I believe.. how you expect them to compete at the box office I'm confused

Jul 31 - 11:08 AM


Gimy Moo

oh...my...god...the sherminator has another gig? let me guess...he plays a Croatian body builder who has 10 beautiful women every night??? i always feel bad when i see him on screen because he's such a dorky guy, and SUCH a loser. but eh, he's in movies so...guess he can't complain...

i'm half xcited to see Halloween. the trailers actually look decent but the fact that its SCARED of the Saw movie and won't be released on...you know, halloween...still worries me. if zombie fails though...he really DOES suck. VERY simple concept, slow RIDICULOUSLY strong insane guy...kills a bunch of people. you already have a set audience, set story...you already KNOW the villian. there's no creativity REALLY needed, cept for death scenes. if it sucks(Black Christmas and Saw movies kind of sucks), he shouldn't be allowed to do movies anymore.

Jul 31 - 05:54 AM


Josh Quarles

The Mist is also my all time favorite King short. I've been excited ever since I heard they were going to adapt it. It's something I've hoped they would do for a long time, and it's even better that they got a good director for it.

Jul 31 - 05:56 AM


Dan Mills

Why would anyone be looking forward to Halloween after the lukewarm trailers? Why would anyone be looking forward to another Stephen King horror flick after his crappy track record? You people are nuts.

Jul 31 - 08:52 AM


Pas the point Vicens

I like nuts.

Jul 31 - 09:21 AM

H Tht Hs N Vwls

Robin Smith

I wouldn't say King's movie adaptations are all bad. But then again for every The Shining you get a Sleepwalkers.

Jul 31 - 09:45 AM


Eldorado shwankers

Ummm... The Mist comes out this November, while Indy 4 comes out next year, May I believe.. how you expect them to compete at the box office I'm confused

Jul 31 - 11:08 AM


Christian Diaz

"A reference to the 15 percent Tomatometer for House of 1000 Corpses, and the 53 percent for The Devil's Rejects?"

Please. Critics are for the most part, full of ****. I do take their opinions into account, personally, but always with a huge portion of salt. I'm 100% sure Zombie was referring to all the die-hard halloweenies that have condemned the film before even seeing it.

Everybody online talks as if they're the ultimate authority on film making.

Sigh. This is more of a personal rant, really. I just get the feeling that a majority of people are delusional *******s.

Jul 31 - 02:50 PM

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