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June 10, 2013
Indulging in a sense of self-stupidity, 'Con Air' comes across as a parody of action films; it has cheesy one liners, clichés and throws in an over the top explosion whenever given the chance. Luckily though the film acknowledges it's own implausibility and the perfectly cast characters are all played with tongue firmly in cheek. Due to it's outrageous nature, however, 'Con Air' suffers in the fauxthentic moments it tries to pretend it's something it's not, and scenes that are meant to be serious come off as out of place and pointless.

There's not really a lot to say, it's loud, dumb, and Nicholas Cage's long hair and terrible southern accent pass the realm of the bad and enter into a new world; a world so bad, it's good.
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June 4, 2013
Con Air is what I've come to expect of a standard Hollywood action flick, nothing more, nothing less. It's got plenty of action, big explosions, one-liners and pure entertainment value. The plot is pretty good, somewhat original, and fairly fast-paced. The acting is good, and the film has a surprisingly large amount of well-known good actors; Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Danny Trejo, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames and John Malkovich. They all give good performances, as do most of the supporting actors. The characters are well-written and credible. I found it interesting how most of the characters aren't all black or white in their actions and personalities; many of them have a shade of gray or two. The action is well-done, exciting and intense. The special effects(the few there are) are good enough. The ending may be a little extreme, but it's a good climax, and the good things in the film make up for the bad; granted, there are a few downright lame parts, but there are far more good parts than bad. All in all, everything you'd expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer action film, and nothing else. I recommend it to fans of standard action films. 4 Stars 6-1-13
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½ September 17, 2011
Con Air, for me is a decent action film that is fairly entertaining despite the flaws. The film is a mindless action film that is fun. The performance from the actors range from decent to good to bad. John Malkovitch was the best actor in this film. I felt that the film could have been much better, but it was a pretty decent action film nonetheless. This is an entertaining action that does have good action, but unfortunately the film does suffer from a few bad performances. Director Simon West isn't that great of a director, and at times, the film feels silly and the action is over the top. Steve Buscemi ruined the film for me. I thought that this was one of his worst roles yet, and he brought a more irritating vibe to the screen. The film could have been done better, but it still manages to be fun. Con Air is a mindless action film that does provide solid enough entertainment to not get bored. Like I said the best actor in this film is John Malkovitch. I felt that the film was better with Malkovitch on board. Con Air is an action packed thrill ride, and I'd say it's a guilty pleasure. The film is non stop thrills, but lacks a very intriguing plot. Sure the films plot is good, but it's nothing that great. If you're looking for a mindless action film, then Con Air is the one. The film is purely a popcorn flick and it shows on-screen. A decent film to watch, but nothing ever great.
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½ February 13, 2009
Buckle Up!

Very exciting action movie. The story was good and entertaining. Very nice cast, lots of crazy people. If you like action this is a movie you must see.

Cameron Poe is an Army Ranger who was going to go home to his pregnant wife when he got into a fight with three men. He would kill one of them and the other two ran away with the knife they had and because of that he would be convicted of manslaughter. After eight years he would be paroled. He would be part of a group that's being transferred to another prison and flown in a special plane. While in flight a fight breaks out and two of the most dangerous criminals, Diamond Dog and Cyrus the Virus Grissom, would break out from their restraints and take over the plane. When the plane makes it's first stop Poe and friend who's a diabetic and who wasn't given his shot, and all the syringes were destroyed, try to get off but Grissom wouldn't let them. He then tries to alert the authorities but got away. Now the government is considering shooting the plane down but U.S. Marshall Vince Larkin thinks that it's a little hasty and believes that Poe is an ally. When Grissom leads them on a wild goose chase, Poe alerts them to where they are going.
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½ July 29, 2010
This film's reaction and criticism seem to be based purely on taste. Let's look at the nitty gritty: we have a stellar cast, great use of explosions, and Nicolas Cage with a hillbilly haircut and an offputting Alabama accent. In review, yeah, these things can make for the most horrifying of action blockbusters, and yet it still was really enjoyable, and kept me hooked. Malkovich, leaving his comfort zone to play a psychotic killer, with facial hair to boot, is the perfect criminal villain, in that he doesn't overwhelm the plot, keeping the focus on other characters. Standouts include Danny Trejo as a serial rapist, John Cusack as the US Marshal hunting down the plane while no one will listen to him (i.e. Quincy ME) and Steve Buscemi as the obviously creepy mass murderer. Through some of the more unnecessary sequences of fire and violence, there is also the great character of Cameron Poe (Cage) who quips with killers, ninja fights a gang of Colombians, and tries to save his diabetic best friend, and a female guard, all the time trying to see his daughter for the first time. Good storyline for the genre, and decent acting by all those involved.
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November 19, 2009
You definitely can't watch it straight forward, then it would make no sense. However, when you think of all the outrageous and nonsensical action movies out there, Con Air comes to the top of the list. The dialogue is priceless, delivered by the masters of bizarre performances, Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich. Seeing a plane crash land on the Las Vegas strip is something I don't think anyone will ever attempt to do again. I love the choices of music, slow motion and costuming. It makes the movie the classic that it is.
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½ April 25, 2010
It is entertaining, but in the end, besides the cool storyline and self-containing action, I was left dissapointed!
The Gandiman
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January 7, 2010
Loud and bombastic, this trip will fatigue you.
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November 11, 2009
Those prisoners look really badass. I'm not a fan of Nicholas Cage...but it's a good movie. And it looks really expensive
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½ September 26, 2008
Nicholas cage with a horrible fake southern accent.
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August 1, 2009
power ballads galore. steve buscemi is this films saviour, albeit a saviour with too little screen time
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April 19, 2009
Mama says stupid is as Con Air does... and boy, does this movie do some stupid...
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½ June 11, 2008
Another great popcorn flick with a superb cast. Everyone does their job here really well, including cage and his hair. The action is so over the top its brilliant. The villains are an awesome line up of maniacs and killers with great
nicknames......Pinball, Virus, Swamp Thing, Diamond Dog etc...excellent haha
The cast really is the best line up of action men and character actors since Predator or any 80's showdown. You have Trejo, Buscemi, Rhames, Malkovich, Mc Gainley and from 80's actioners Ticotin. All you need is Carl Weathers and Sonny Landham and this would be the bollocks lol
The first half is the best, the criminal role call, on the plane, Cusack and his plane tantrums, then we get a brilliant desert setup and gun battle, people dropping like flies one at a time but the ending is abit too stupid, luckily it never matters really, well not too much.
some of it is predictable some isnt (buscemi's ending),but a great surprise that came outta nowhere on release.
love the logo too.
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½ September 9, 2007
this isnt a bad movie i quite enjoyed it really worth a watch. its a really good action thriller movie where there always has to be a good guy within the prison even though theey are all cons really worth aa watch!
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April 12, 2007
Whenever the name Jerry Bruckheimer pops up in the credits, you know you're in for some high quality action. The movies he produce aren't always the most well-written, but there are times, like in this case, where his distinguishable style of action and humor works in harmony with the plot. What really serves as the bulk of this film though, is the great interplay between the actors and their characters. Nicolas Cage may stand in the spotlight as far as the main plotline is concerned, but it's the supporting cast that truly make this movie. They're fun, witty, insane and out of control. So what if they're not entirely believable? I prefer action films that have some fun with the material and doesn't take itself too seriously, so this happens to be right up my alley. That being said, I'd feel like a criminal myself to rate this with any less than four stars. Because this is one of those rare movies that gets better and better for each time I see it.
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February 2, 2007
Probably Simon West's only good movie. A decent actioner.
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July 6, 2007
Great storyline. Really dangerous criminals hijack a plane, but Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) is the typical American action hero who has to save his friend. John Malkovich is brilliant. I love the soundtrack.
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