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September 16, 2015
Its one of those ensemble movies that had so many funny people they just canceled eachother out. I didnt laugh when I was a little kid, and I didn't laugh now.
½ June 23, 2015
I have always enjoyed the underrated CONEHEADS, and like it far better than its poor ratings. I watch it frequently and still enjoy it.
½ December 12, 2012
When you cast is full of top SNL players you would expect something a little better than this. That said however I still cant help but watch this when ever I see it on tv.
½ February 4, 2009
Coneheads holds up remarkably well as an offbeat comedy, despite the hit or miss nature of SNL full-length films. Much of this is due to Aykroyd and McKean, who can make the stalest of material hilarious with nothing more than a look. Somehow, the running joke of nobody noticing the ridiculousness of the aliens' physiology never becomes old, and while this makes for uncomplicated humor (fish out of water in wacky situations!), I couldn't help but smile at the predicaments the Coneheads kept getting into.
April 8, 2015
Hated this skit on SNL and I hated this crappy movie.
½ April 11, 2014
...............this is simply put, the worst movie, I have ever seen.
½ October 30, 2007
If the movie still manages to be funny in moments, it's totally due to the colorful gallery of performers. The problem with Coneheads is that it's basically a one-joke movie stretched to the limit with numerous mutations and reverberations. Coneheads falls flat about as often as it turns funny, and displays more amiability than style. The movie is a nutball jamboree of sight gags, verbal gags, and pure helium daffiness. The story is without purpose; there's nothing for us to care about, even in a comedic way. All very odd, and well-acted, as Aykroyd and Curtin talk like voice synthesizers and walk like robots. Not all sketches are destined for feature length; "Coneheads" has essentially taken nine minutes of material and multiplied the running time by 10 while adding nothing to the inspiration. The movie starts out okay, but it's hard to keep a story this thin going for long, and by the half-hour point (around the time that Connie Conehead is born), it becomes obvious that the decision to create a full-length feature out of this subject material was a colossal mistake.

VERDICT: "Not So Hot" - [Negative Reaction] These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone. (Films that are rated 1.5 or 2 stars)
June 16, 2014
"Coneheads" is exactly what you expect it to be. While it isn't the highest quality film, it is perfect for a few braindead Sunday afternoon laughs. The best part of the film is the endless string of comedian cameos: David Spade, Chris Farley, Sinbad, Michael Richards, Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, Drew Carey, Ellen, Dave Thomas, John Lovitz, and more! Even the fact that nobody ever questions the shape of these aliens' heads is a hilarious social commentary on how political correctness has taken over the world. While it is good for a few laughs, "Coneheads" is still dumb. The acting is about as good as you would expect from robotic-speaking aliens and there isn't really any character development. The story takes an interesting turn as we actually get to see the planet of Remulak, but it's all very predictable. I probably wouldn't watch "Coneheads" again, but it was worth seeing once.
½ May 30, 2014
Coneheads is yet another nostalgic childhood film of mine which for the most part still holds up. Brimming with an all-star cast of comedic celebrities, Coneheads is a purposely ridiculous, often hilarious but occasionally flawed comedy. At times the humor is a little too ridiculous and fails to land, but thankfully in return this gripe is compensated with genuinely hilarious moments as well. Boasting memorable parts like the Subway sandwich scene and more, Coneheads is a unique and thoroughly entertaining watch.
April 22, 2014
One of the greatest things to come from SNL.
October 30, 2006
A clever concept and it has its funny moments, but generally a little too silly to be taken seriously.
½ April 17, 2014
The worst,most ridiculous movie ever made. Dan aykroyd have several good comedies but he crossed the line with this trash of cinema,
½ April 12, 2014
Couldn't even watch a half hour of this trash. SNL's great, but this was so stupid and dumb, I couldn't stand it.
Basically the plot's centering on an alien family with cone shaped heads based on an old SNL sketch who pose as an all-American family, despite their odd cravings and behavior.
This may or may not be an unfair review, I got as far as the daughter, Connie, doing teen stuff and hanging around with Chris Farley, but the characters' annoying alien monotone voices are incredibly unbearable and it's odd and completely unfunny to watch. I can't name one part I laughed at. Awful movie.
½ April 8, 2014
"Coneheads" is the best of what I call the stretch-a-sketch ideas that somehow dredged up sufficient material for a movie. More than a few funny moments disguise what's pretty much too much of a good thing. Most of what pretends to be funny is sophomoric at best, so be forewarned. Worth a look for SNL fans old and new, but definitely proof you can't go home again and again and again and again.
April 6, 2014
Gets really annoying half through which makes it hard to actually pay attention to the movie as a whole.
January 13, 2014
oh ofcourse this movie bombed!
½ January 1, 2014
Very underrated SNL Comedy. Its inventive, its silly, its unpractical. What more could you really need?
February 14, 2010
There are some funny moments, but this movie also kind of disturbs me. (First and only full viewing - Late teen years)
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