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The Consequences of Love (Le Conseguenze dell'amore) Reviews

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March 2, 2014
Molto bello e intrigante
February 24, 2014
Bello nel suo genere. Molto bella la fotografia. Per me no.

Super Reviewer

October 22, 2013
Made at a time when everybody was not an open book due to the internet, the ever unpredictable "The Consequences of Love" recreates the pleasure of getting to know somebody for the first time. Even if that is the dour faced and middle-aged Titta di Girolamo(Toni Servillo) who has been staying at the same Swiss hotel for the past eight years. Since he cannot sleep, he eavesdrops on his neighbors Isabella(Angela Goodwin) and Carlo(Raffaele Pisu) who used to own the hotel.

I have heard that insomnia occurs to people who stay in hotels, probably due to a routine being broken or just sleeping in a strange bed, but have never had a problem sleeping in one myself. For the record, Titta has a routine of always using heroin every Wednesday at 10:00 am. As much as he admits that other people would frown at this habit, the movie in its own unique way shows the perils of breaking up a routine, starting with a suitcase being noisily dragged across a rumble strip that ends the opening credits.
March 18, 2013
a masterful piece of cinema.
chilling. intense. contemplative.
i have a feeling this one will linger with me for quite some time...
January 15, 2013
The film equivalent of the exponential function: Its pace is really slow at first, but increases... increasingly. Sorrentino's distinctive directing style is a personal favorite since I saw the magnificent 'il Divo' and he didn't disappoint me here either. Toni Servillo also did an excellent job, don't be fooled that for the most partit comprised of expressing absolutely nothing, because his voiceovers are haunting.
September 9, 2012
This film felt a lot smarter than me. By that I mean, whilst I was entertained, it was the lingering emotional impact the film has that has the greatest effect. All the relationships are intriguing and somehow meaningful but I'll have to play with the ideas for a while in my mind before deciding exactly how and why they are meaningful.
May 4, 2012
its like hypnotism.... watching this flick is like a person is hypnotizing you slowly and after a while you don't even realize what is happening around you. impeccable performances from top to bottom.
sahil b.
May 1, 2012
its like hypnotism.... watching this flick is like a person is hypnotizing you slowly and after a while you don't even realize what is happening around you. impeccable performances from top to bottom.
March 26, 2012
turn out to be good one ... loved it :)
February 10, 2012
This is a deep, Italian gem.

This film won't appeal to the mass, but I must have been in the right mood as I thought it was excellent. It is understated, deep, intelligent and arguably a suspenseful insight into an odd character's world. It's qualities were that it was so different, complex, well-paced, intriguing and well put together on many levels.

The film features a look into a mature, shy, reserved man. He is a safe-cracker, a father, a mob hand, and he also possesses a few other secrets too (not wanting to spoil the plot). The story involves this man falling for a hotel bar waitress, and how this and another event lead up to a finale demise.

The film is purposefully slow, exploiting silences and building tense situations before diving into a final deep end of momentous gangsterism.

If you like world cinema or can tolerate subtitled foreign films then this little unknown classic will hopefully please you.
January 22, 2012
We saw this film last night. Although it is set in Switzerland it is very much an Italian film, about a strange man who drifts around in a hotel. What is he doing there? Why does he engage in such odd activities? Why is he so shut off and aloof? As the film progresses there is a slow and tragic revelation, which depicts the consequences of getting mixed up in Mafia business and of course the consequences of love. Highly recommended.
January 19, 2012
The director succeeds in keeping you in suspense from the start of the movie till the very end. Toni Sevillo is convincing in the lead role. Don't miss it.
December 12, 2011
Fantastico, stiloso e con una colonna sonora eccezionale.
August 23, 2011
Brilliant psychological crime thriller.
Aditya Gokhale
Aditya Gokhale

Super Reviewer

April 4, 2011
Imagine you take a quick shot of some really hard drink and after a few moments experience a somewhat sudden kick that will make you experience a momentary aloofness from the rest of the world. That is exactly the kind of mood the film-makers try to capture with this Italian gem. Think 'calm', 'sedate', or even 'bovine'......that is the kind of feeling that will automatically engulf you as the film opens with its loooooooong tracking shot of a man carrying a suitcase on a ground escalator conveyor belt in an empty corridor of some place throughout the title credits. He reaches the end of this belt and quickly walks away as the credits end.

The mood set by the opening sequence reflects the mood of our central character, Titta Di Girolamo (Toni Servillo), an equally calm, restrained and (apparently) indifferent, lonesome individual who talks about the frivolity of the people around him but insists (through his voice-over narrative) that his existence is not frivolous even if it seems so. He has been staying at a plush hotel somewhere in Switzerland for at least the last (gasp!) 8 years! He pays his lodging and boarding regularly and punctually, spends most of his time in the coffee shop/bar downstairs, observing the people around him but pretending to be oblivious. There's a beautiful girl by the name of Sofia (Olivia Magnani) working at the bar. He seems to fancy her but pretends he doesn't. He even refuses to acknowledge her existence, even as she greets him without fail all of the last couple of years she has been working there.

Once a week he delivers a big suitcase somewhere in his car. On other occasions he whiles away his time playing Grabber with an elderly couple, a pair of has-beens who are now forced to stay in a room in the hotel they used to own!

All these characters are introduced to us and we keep wondering ...what ? Why? as the camera pans and scans and tracks the hotel corridors, the coffee shop, the streets at a sluggish pace for most of the first half of the film. And as Titta sleepwalks as he moves in every scene, we wonder......what is this man up to really? Why is he there and what is his purpose? Why is he the cold snob he comes across as? All these questions are soon answered as the story proceeds and things start to happen almost suddenly and take you by surprise.

What struck me as unusual about this picture, among other things, is its editing and camerawork. I mean I've seen some films which focus on slow, concentrated camerawork and others that take the other extreme and resort to quick cuts. "The Consequences of Love", then stands out, because it employs both these techniques, with the long tracking shots being a dominant feature. Some of the scenes are even inventively shot and quite extraordinary, worth adding to lists of "Greatest film scenes of all time". Cinematographer Luca Bigazzi deserves applause for his work. Also commendable is the stupendous music of the film. The soundtrack is mostly composed of post-rock and electronica (Mogwai, Terranova, to name a couple of artistes) which has been used to a great effect in the film. The original score by Pasquale Catalano is also worth a million bucks.

As far as the performances are concerned, Toni Servillo deserves maximum praise for his splendidly restrained performance in the lead role. What an amazing display of super-coolness fused with a subtly expressive that is capable of putting some of the more popular acting brigade to shame. I wish there was more of the beautiful Olivia Magnani though.. (Where the hell was she all this while anyway!) She seems to have talent but gets very little scope in this. Adriano Giannini appears for a short while but doesn't have much to do, except throw some more light on the kind of person Titta is.

Paolo Sorrentino, the writer-director has talent. There is no question about it. He writes an unusual script laced with bittersweet sprinkles of humour, romance and tragedy. What's more, he directs with finesse and infuses the right kind of icy cool atmosphere that is essential for a story revolving around a perpetually chilled out character! Titta's character develops gradually and Sorrentino successfully manages to paint him gray, leaving us suspended as to whether to root for this guy or hate him for his cold attitude.

Check out also the slight nod to "The Godfather" that is evident in one of the scenes further in the film.

There are only a couple slight problems with the script in the manner in which some situations and actions seem forced in order to push the narrative to the culmination where we come face to face with the so-called "Consequences" that the title mentions.

Minor glitches notwithstanding, "The Consequences of Love" (Le Conseguenze Dell'Amore) is a fine offering from Italian Cinema that surely deserves a wider audience.
March 1, 2011
Haunting! I was seriously impressed, and that is very rare.
February 18, 2011
My absolute favorite Italian movie...hilarious and tragic all at once, modern and backward with the good old Mafia twist. Progetti per il futuro: non sottovalutare le conseguenze dell'amore. = Never under estimate the consequences of love.
June 7, 2010
Effective cinematography and very skilful camera work, but ultimately lacking much potency in the plot. A minimalistic script can be fine, but when the strength of the film is its character interactions (both subtle and powerful when needed), why neglect that strength to instead focus on a weak mafia storyline just to throw in a bit of violence and quirkiness?
March 11, 2010
With his second direction, Sorrentino erases the little imperfections of his first work and realizes an incredibly deep travel in a soul of a man who is scared by life and from everything is not in his mysterious, quite and pragmatical routine.
A magnetic Servillo makes this mixture even better.
January 10, 2010
Be patient and wait the end!
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