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Contract Killer Reviews

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Lady D

Super Reviewer

July 22, 2007
Despite not having too many creative fight scenes, it was a very easy watching film.

I liked the comic sidekick in this film the most.

Super Reviewer

May 24, 2007
Pleasant balance of action, both standard issue and martial arts, and a fair amount of humour make this import worth a look.

Super Reviewer

August 31, 2007
An atypical Jet Li movie, but backed up well by veterans Eric Tsang, noted for his comedy and Simon Yam, veteran action star who I believe is one of the underrated stars in the HK film industry.

Well, its a Jet Li action flick, excpect plenty of kick ass, and Jet Li is an okay actor, this still wasnt one of his best films, but still watchable. Its interesting enough, plot wise and better than most other action movies. Then again, noone watched HK action movies for the plot. XD

If you're a Jet Li fan, watch it.
Fascade F

Super Reviewer

June 7, 2011
Totally raw with a hint of humor. A highly protected elderly and ruthless businessman plots a ransom on the head of his masked assassin. A down and out "wannabe" hitman goes through changes with a conman to take on the assignment. In their adventure, not only do they find out who the hitman is, they eventually acquire the assistance of the police department, because the grandson of the ruthless businessman has an agenda of his own. Incredible fight scenes, (lousy stab at hip-hop soundtrack...LOL!...) good story line, for a martial arts epic..
Steven V

Super Reviewer

October 4, 2008
This is great fun all the way, with fantastic fight scenes, a cool story and a wonderful final. All the characters are great, and i thought Keiji Sato was quite menacing as the main villain, plus Jet Li is simply amazing in this. The fight choreography is excellent, and the character development is quite good as well, plus Jet Li and Eric Tsang had great chemistry together. The plot is very well done and the ending is great. Simon Yam absolutely great in his role, had that great look of intensity on his face at all times, and was especially awesome in the final.
July 10, 2007
Jet Li in an...action...comedy? Buh? Parts of it are funny and good though. It's enjoyable and I liked it. There's some gags and comments on HK action films I thought were good. =D
December 30, 2010
This is Jet Li's last good Action Movie before leaving to Hollywood. Jet's as well as Eric Tsang's and Simon Yam's Characters are really sympathic and multifaceted. The plot is well constructed and offers a few nice twists that add drama before resolving into the great showdown. Although the Movie is from 1998 it feels more like mid-nineties. This largely shows in how humor and action scenes are handled. Here Jet Li still feels like Jet Li. He's not always getting everything that's going on, but at the same time his character is quietly maintaining the aura of undefeatable superiority. Though this aura is consistent throughout the movie, from beginning to end, it doesn't lead to predictable scenes or make him boring. It also doesn't mean that he is not getting into trouble. This is definitely his "goodbye HK" movie. If you liked Bodyguard from Bejing and My Father is a Hero don't miss it.
August 1, 2013
A decent Jet Li movie.
March 13, 2013
Great Acting, Funny Scenes and a Fun Time.
March 10, 2012
Wouldn't say its the best of Jet Li's movies but Hitman is a good primer to his Hong Kong years. However its American re-edit Contract Killer is a horrible piece of crap. Jet Li is dubbed by a guy who makes him sound like an imbecile. And the hip hop soundtrack is bad, now the Black Mask Re-edit was a good re-edit because it featured some scenes that the HK version didn't and I could tolerate the soundtrack. Contract killer has none of that the soundtrack is bad the dubbing is bad, scenes are removed and nothing is special about it, it doesn't even have any actual extra scenes compared to the HK version. Now, its not the absolutely shitty treatment that Once upon a time in China got, which went from 2hrs and 14 minutes to and 1hr and 40mins. That is alot of f**king editing, what do studios think you can't sit through a 2 hr kung fu flick.
May 27, 2010
May 27, 2010
Yet another movie. I just don't know when to quit.

The guys over on the Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Other Asian Films Group won't be pleased. I'm just not gushing all over the place about this movie. The only reason I don't give it a splat is for the kick-ass martial arts by our man Jet.

The rest is typical Hong Kong action comedy. Jet is a poor guy, a good guy at heart. Somehow though, he's hooked up with a bunch of wannabe hoods who think they can be contract killers.

He eventually is teamed up with a "manager", really just a short, chubby comic relief guy and they are on the trail of the "King of Killers" who assassinated a Japanese mob boss. They are up against other contract killers, including the mob boss' grandson, for a share of the "revenge reward" for killing the assassin. The grandson is a piece of work. He eats grandad's ashes to show how tough he is.

The comic relief guy has a daughter who's tossed in for romantic interest.

All the dull melodrama between the action really dragged this movie down. But it was still fun to watch, partially because it was dubbed in English, with everyone speaking in really chipper, Midwestern tones. It was like the movie was filmed in Lincoln, Nebraska or Champaign, Illinois - not Hong Kong. A rap soundtrack added to the Americanization of this movie - clearly a move to sell it to the Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave crowd. Even that got annoying though, so I was left to watch the kick-ass action.
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