Exclusive: Sneak Peek at Coraline! (Video #5)

The animated collaboration between Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman!

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Nick Park's working on a new Wallace & Gromit. Wes Anderson is creating a hand-animated adaptation of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. But it's director Henry Selick's latest project that announces stop-motion is back en vogue. Selick's last feature-length project (James & the Giant Peach) was over a decade ago, while it's been 15 years since he revolutionized the medium for modern audiences with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Selick's return to the movie fold comes in the form of Coraline, a marriage of his knack for dark whimsy and novelist Neil Gaiman's gently twisted sense of humor. The plot details a young girl named Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning) and her descent into a fantastical alternate reality that will require all her brains and resources to escape out of and back into our world.

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Coraline will be out in theaters February 2009.