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RT on DVD: Crank 2, The Office, Creepshow, And More

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This week in home video, we've gone out of our way to provide you with a nice variety of selections, as we always try to do. Of course, there are the newest of the new releases (Crank 2 and Dance Flick, both of which opened earlier this year), as well as a couple of classics getting the hi-def treatment (Friday and Creepshow). We've got one of the hottest comedies on television (The Office), and we've got a strange little half animated, half live-action gem from the Disney archives (Bedknobs and Broomsticks). If arthouse is your thing, we've got an entry on the week's Criterion Collection releases and a visually sumptuous Terrence Malick film (The New World). And to top it off, there's a documentary on a fashion legend (Valentino: The Last Emperor) and a film starring some familiar names before they made it big (Set It Off). So grab your popcorn and fire up them video machines, because it's time for some DVD action.Back to Article