Total Recall: Jeff Bridges' Best Movies


Not even a family tree full of dramatic DNA automatically adds up to the kind of talent Jeff Bridges has displayed over the course of his nearly 40-year career. Bridges has gone on to score five Oscar nods -- his most recent nomination, for Crazy Heart, was awarded just this week -- all while assembling one of the more interesting, and critically successful, filmographies in the business. So successful, in fact, that Bridges' top six films all boast Tomatometers above 90 percent -- which is a roundabout way of saying that you can't have a Jeff Bridges Top 10 without leaving out plenty of good stuff -- in the interest of getting the chorus of groans out of the way up front, you won't find The Big Lebowski, Tron, or The Contender here. So what does that leave? Let's spin the dials on the Tomatometer and find out! Back to Article


Pete C.

Pete Clay

I'd say Fearless should have been on the list, also Wild Bill.

Feb 5 - 04:10 PM


Christopher Beckham

Not the best movie, but I thought he was effectively creepy in The Vanishing

Feb 5 - 06:41 PM

L N.

L Nic

Starman ... maybe you had to be there, but it was sweet
(50ish fan)

Feb 5 - 07:33 PM

Julia N.

Julia Nichols

They already acknowledge that the Big Lebowski is one of his greatest films in the title paragraph...
I think the whole world can agree it's one of his best. Nuff said.

Feb 6 - 12:56 AM

Robert B.

Robert Boyd

The Big Lebowski should be on this list. What a crock.

Feb 6 - 03:55 AM

Robert B.

Robert Boyd

The Big Lebowski should be on this list. What a crock.

Feb 6 - 03:57 AM

Jimi G.

James Gingerich

This list is fraudulant. Complete bull****. The Big Lebowski isn't even on here. That is beyond bull****. What role do you think Bridges will be remembered for the most? The dude, thats who.

Feb 6 - 06:23 AM

Ricardo B.

Ricardo Blayer

Where is "The squid and the whale"?

Feb 6 - 08:19 AM

Don of the Dead

D Dark

That was Jeff Daniels, not Jeff Bridges.

Feb 6 - 03:15 PM

Just M.

Just Me

I'm really surprised The Big Lebowski didn't make the list, nor did The Contender, one of his best performances. Arlington Road was another good performance. I can see Tron not making the list, because the acting in the movie as a whole was sub-par (I blame the direction), but I still love Tron, and of the bad performances, Bridges is the better of the other actors in that film. I look forward to the sequel.

Feb 6 - 10:05 AM


Jeremiah Brewer

Oh come on!! No "Contender?" What the hell!

In The Contender he plays a Democratic President the likes of which has not been seen since Lyndon Johnson or Franklin Roosevelt. He plays a Democratic President with a mysterious and strange adjective.... tough. Full disclosure, I'm a hardcore Democrat who loves President Obama. But I too await for the mythic (as ancient political texts have foretold) of the return of a "Tough" Democratic President.

Feb 6 - 12:32 PM

David G.

David Greider

"The Big Lebowski" isn't here eh? Hmmm... Well... I like King Kong and Starman too so... I have crappy taste in movie sometimes... but no "The Big Lebowski"? This list is broken or somthing...

Feb 6 - 02:55 PM

Don of the Dead

D Dark

That was Jeff Daniels, not Jeff Bridges.

Feb 6 - 03:15 PM

Zeiram D.

Zeiram Depadon

Where the hell is The Big Lebowski? Starman for crying out loud? (yeah, that one; the one he was nominated for Best Actor for!). What about the Contender? (Yeah, the other one he was nominated for a gold statue for). Fearless. K-Pax. Also, a little revolutionary movie called Tron comes to mind. This guy has some obscure westerns and thrillers on the list and didn't even have the nerve to include Bridges' worst films like Blown Away (if that's what the guy composing the list was going for to begin with). He put that overrated hooey that is The Last Picture show on the list. Yeah, nice going guy. (O.k., I admit; that was a pretty good movie). Still, leaving out Big Lebowski is unforgivable.

Feb 6 - 07:35 PM


Andrew Cretella

It's gotta be Starman... a truly unique flick... a great performance.
And let's not forget that Bridges was a lot of fun in Seabiscuit.

Feb 6 - 08:03 PM

Jack M.

Jack McGinty

What about "Hearts of the West" or "Starman" they really show his range.

Feb 7 - 11:39 AM

Kasey S.

Kasey Sheffler

The BIG LEBOWSKI was one of the worse movies ever made.

Feb 7 - 12:22 PM


Glen Ratso

Thats Blasphemy!

Dec 14 - 01:31 PM


Mike PArker

Tron and Starman suck.

Lebowski is my second favorite film of his...but no surprise the critics don't agree...

Feb 7 - 01:03 PM


Why Isn't This Private

Much more notable thing about this list..... the #10 spot? It's an 86 tomatometer rating. 86. Jeff Bridges has apparently made a great many well-reviewed movies.

And *that* is why all your "favorites" aren't here. Not because they're "bad". Or not well reviewed. But because you'd need a "top 20" list to fit them all in.

(Compared to some of these Total Recall lists, where the lists start at #10 with much lower tomatometer ratings.)

Feb 7 - 02:06 PM


Anders KM

I gotta agree, no top-bridges list without The Dude - its a cult movie, and probably the one he's most famous for among movie lovers. Sorry dude, I love your articles but it sucks that you cant make a Total Recall list without taking in the judgement of RT users.


Feb 7 - 10:28 PM

Steve P.

Steve Persall

You just entered a world of pain, Smokey, for not including The Big Lebowski. A world of pain.

Feb 8 - 05:03 AM

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