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March 27, 2009
I've never really understood why some men can't let go of failed relationships. They call, they stalk, they cry, they hire someone to throw acid in your face, etc., etc., etc... After watching Crazy Love I understand it even less.
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½ January 30, 2010
Crazy Love is a documentary that recounts the story of Linda Riss and her psychotic stalker, Burt Pugach. In the late 1950s, Burt was a wealthy lawyer with his own private jet, and an egotistical personality (he was deeply insecure about his nerdish appearance, and used sex as a means of boosting his self-worth). When he met the young and beautiful Linda, he became obsessed, insisting to his friends that he "had to have her" (note the possessive quality of his desire, rather than having to "meet her" he had to "have her" or own her). But Burt was a married man, and when Linda found out, she wanted nothing more to do with him. She moved on and got engaged to someone else. Burt was enraged. At first, he was going to shoot them both, but got cold feet. Then, he hired some goons to throw acid in her face, so that "no man would ever want her". This, unfortunately, succeeded, and Linda wound up being blinded (at first partially, and then later, fully). Burt was sent to prison, where he used his attorney skills to get several murderers and rapists out of jail on technicalities (by his own admission) before his eventual parole. Once out of jail (actually while he was still in jail as well), he continued to pursue Linda, and Linda, feeling that no one would ever love her with her disability, decided to be with Burt afterall. They remain married to this day. What's so horrific about this story is not that Linda wound up marrying her attacker/stalker, the real horror is simply listening to the man himself. Burt Pugach and his friends consider women as objects to possess, but human life in general is of little value to them. He's one of the worst real-life villains in cinema history, and the fact that people are willing to dismiss this story or in some way diminish his accountability just makes his vileness all the worse. There's a sense the filmmakers tried to edit this film in a way to give Burt some plausible sympathy, and I can't think of a more wrong-headed direction for them to go. Regardless of whether Linda Pugach forgave her attacker and made him her husband or married him just as some sort of personal revenge, I can't get past the fact that Burt is the lowest form of scum; I just wanted someone to shoot him in the back of the head, as people like him don't deserve to live. My personal feelings aside, the documentary itself (and the sad subject matter) is captivating.
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December 31, 2009
I just watched this movie yesterday, but i'll be damned if I remember much about it. Its entertaining enough, just incredibly ... forgettable. I really liked the style of the footage and photography and stuff. The 50's glamour has always interesting me though. So, I guess i would say its good, it certainly wasn't bad anyway. Its just not that memorible. =\
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January 15, 2009
the most disturbing thing to me is the light hearted tone of the film as it unravels the tale of two so obviously sick and desperately codependent individuals. definitely crazy; dunno about love
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April 19, 2008
truth is definitely stranger than fiction
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January 13, 2008
It's great to see that you can have rich white trash.
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August 26, 2007
These people are nuts.
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½ December 18, 2007
O_O wow. these mofos ARE crazy
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July 2, 2007
Need proof that truth can be stranger than fiction?
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April 26, 2007
What a couple of nut jobs.
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½ February 23, 2008
One of the oddest and intriguing stories of obsessive love I've ever seen.
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January 22, 2008
just because you don't like them, doesn't mean you aren't entertained...
April 6, 2015
a pretty insane story, i had never heard of any of these people before, but now i cant believe that i hadnt, it starts out as a traditional romance between 2 young people, but then theres 2 major events that occur in the documentary, and both were equally shocking, so much so that i doubt it could ever work in a fiction film cuz it would be too crazy, its not a long documentary, but id recommend it for anyone with netflix
½ January 9, 2012
The second half made it worth the watch. The story is pretty unbelievable. It was interesting. The one thing I didn't like was that half of the people who talk in this film are scary looking, lol. I think too much smoking had something to do with how they looked. A lot of old people who did not age well. Other than the old and ugly people the story was very bizarre and that made it worth watching.
May 29, 2011
This is a great biography doc that is done with style and editing and benefitted greatly that so many people made themselves available to be interviewed, and that most of them look absurd and appear partially crazy.

This is such a unique story that it should be fodder for gossip columns. And it was. As a slightly dated movie, it doesn't lose a beat. It has a good flare for the storytelling and what seems to be endless amounts of photos. This is a great doc that will make you feel better about yourself.
June 11, 2009
Really dull - I barely got through 3/4s of it. My family is crazier than this guy. Big deal. I'll finish it tomorrow.

OK, well, it picks up after its 3/4s mark. (Upped one half-star.) I'll just say this is a casual documentary about a weirdo and his obsessive disorder. That's it. No angles of the story were "like, sooo insane" because there've been far worse cases involving a crazed lover. And old people: brush your teeth for Christ's sake!
October 20, 2008
Just goes to show there's someone for everyone. What a bizarre story. The movie itself is not paced well (I got bored in the middle) but overall I thought it was okay.
½ August 26, 2008
Lets see:
man meets girl but man is still married but girl does not know, man and girl have a tumultous relationship, girl breaks it off, man hires goons to throw lye in her face blinding girl. WOW!

But girl eventually takes man back...
This could be the most fucked up 'love story" I have heard of. My college sophomore level pyschology is that girl did NOT want the man back but she felt like she could not do any better. It was heartbresking to watch. the girl has a gumption and a sass in her old age and the man came across as pure evil...he is a bastard.
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