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August 23, 2011
Creature is one of those horror films that had so much potential in being a great film. However the end result is a mediocre film that could have been much better. This film has hints of old school Roger Corman productions mixed with Syfy Channel made for TV B flicks. I think this is a film that we've seen many times before, and that's why it doesn't deliver what you'd hope for. Creature is predictable with poor acting, a poorly constructed script and it relies on a lot of traditional horror clichés to deliver its terror. The only problem is, is it's not scary. First time director Fred Andrews doesn't seem to know how to craft a good little horror yarn, so he uses a lot of sexy and drugs mixed with redneck inbreeders and a guy who wears a rubber monster suit killing off the characters to entertain the viewers. I found it amusing, but after a while, it grew tiresome and it was clear that Andrews didn't know how to craft a good monster film. Creature had so much potential to being a fine return to form to old school films of the 80's, but it failed because there were too many missing elements to really make this film work. I didn't hate this film, but I was disappointed with it because the trailer looked like this was going to be such a great film, but this one lacked due to a poor predictable clichéd script and a cast that simply was horrible (aside from Sid Haig). Even if this film is mediocre, it's a bit fun to watch, however don't expect anything great with this one as it fails to deliver anything truly memorable. If you want similar but far superior monster films of this style watch Swamp Thing and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Despite its poor plot, acting and predictability, Creature isn't as bad as what every critic has claimed it to be. But it's still not very good.
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½ October 7, 2011
So an alligator steals a louisiana man's fiance/sister and in a rage the man eats the alligator and his sister and it mutates him into an alligator man. 100 years later, the alligator man is worshipped as a god in his local community. Enter a carload of (apparently) ex-military teens and their horny girlfriends who immediately go about mockingthe hicks and their wacky customs. Obviously they're just begging for a visit from the CREATURE.

Movies this poorly made are generally reserved for the sci/fi network movie of the week. Things happen to characters (such as a vicious spider attack) that come out of nowhere and are immediately forgotten. The big "reveal" as to what the Creature is and why the kids are being victimized in the way they are is almost completely nonsensical. Yes, it's bad filmmaking, but somehow it does manage to be entertaining. Maybe I'm just a sucker for this kind of cheese, but the film had me lol-ing throughout. Despite the horrible acting, directing, and writing, there's something that's a lot of fun about "Creature". You may take it or leave it, but if you're inclined to this sort of thing, you might also enjoy it. Just don't go a-swimmin' in any louisiana bayous at night.
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January 11, 2012
If movies have taught me one thing it's that you don't wanna go travelling through rural Louisiana. If you have to get to New Orleans for Mardi Gras just stick to the freeway. The protagonists of "Creature" obviously don't watch too many horror movies as they go off the beaten track to investigate a legend about a half man half alligator.
When we finally see the manigator it looks pretty familiar, yes folks it's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! I'm a sucker for a good monster, and an even bigger sucker for a bad monster like this one.
Does "Creature" distinguish itself from the SyFy channel fare? After all this got a theatrical release stateside, though only six people paid to see it. Well it doesn't in quality but in sleaziness it sets itself apart. In this aspect it harkens back to the good old days of exploitation movies when a taboo was considered a selling point. This movie features full frontal nudity, bestiality, and even some sister on brother hand job action. Oh, and Sid Haig as a sinister gas store owner. You have to have a sinister gas store owner in these movies, and Haig is as good as you'd expect from a veteran of this sort of trash.
Despite having a lot going for it, "Creature" isn't half as much fun as this review probably makes it sound. If twenty minutes were shaved off and things paced a bit quicker in the opening act it could have been a decent beer and nachos time-killer. As it is it's more like a SyFy original made by a Dutch porn director. And no, that's not half as much fun as it sounds either.
Ryan M
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½ August 18, 2012
Half a star out of ****

I wasn't aware that filmmakers still stooped as low as Fred M. Andrews has with "Creature". The film, which is a catastrophe on its own right that should serve as a damn fine example of how to make an intentionally bad movie bad even for its kind, is terrible as it is, and it's not enough that one of the major themes is hillbilly stereotyping; better yet, Andrews makes it his mission to come off as an immature and emotionally unstable filmmaker by calling all who trashed his movie "bottom feeders". It wasn't going to take long before I became one of them. The project at least has good ambition to back it up, and I'm all for a film in this vein. But Andrews seems to believe his heart is in the right place, when it's not. And in that case, eh, I'd rather be with the bottom feeders.

A group of six college-age kids - two couples, one brother and sister - go to New Orleans and take a rest stop somewhere in the swamp area at a shack owned by a guy named Chopper (Sid Haig) who tells them the story of a local myth, Lockjaw, while they're there. Lockjaw is apparently half man and half alligator; the man part coming from a guy who was once completely human, until his lover - of course, his sister - was taken for him by a ferocious gator, causing him to kill the beast and then consume its meat, which obviously turns you into a gator too.

Lockjaw is still lurking in the swamp, albeit concealed in the darkness (he feeds at night, most of the time, but he's a flexible fella). Do the obnoxious kids care? Nope. They're going to find Lockjaw's birthplace, which is a cabin out in the middle of the woods, and they're going to camp out nearby for a night of sex, drugs, and alcohol. But oh no, Lockjaw isn't about to let that happen. He's always close, ready to pounce; and from then on, let the alligator man's primitive race commence. Andrews tries making this at least somewhat interesting by allowing the swampland locals to show their true colors once Lockjaw has begun his spree, and there's also a twist at the end in which the black guy is the one to live.

But there's something fishy about that. To let the black guy live would entail that Andrews has done his homework in regards to the horror genre...yet none of that translates into how he made the movie itself. "Creature" feels like something even less than a student film; it's the unfortunate bastard product of a man who likes dirty jokes a bit too much and thinks that stereotyping is still acceptable in today's cinematic society. Yes, stereotyping can still be funny in certain cases; but only if it says something about human beings, which "Creature" does not. It makes the mistake of being a full-on horror farce; although it's neither funny nor scary.

Poorly shot, poorly acted, and just plain annoying and unbearable from start to finish; "Creature" is a shit film that only a select few will be able to enjoy as a minor guilty pleasure. Me, I saw no pleasure; only an hour and a half of sheer hell. The film pretends to have a whole lot of absurd up its sleeve, but I guess that's limited to sibling hand jobs and alligator men ripping off limbs. The gore is too tame, and while the boobage (AKA the other half of this cinematic equation) is not, you need both parts to work in order for the movie to. I like the rubber monster movies of the 50's and I tend to love B-movies, but this film does not capture them in spirit. It's bland an unimaginative; I literally have nothing to say for it. Andrews' views on backwoods hillbilly society is at a level I'd expect from a kid in High School, or maybe even someone at the age of one of his dumbass characters. I had no idea grown adults were this stupid, and I also had no idea that people would pay for crap like this to hit a few theatrical screens instead of being dumped straight-to-video. Whoever wanted this movie released clearly shared a similar mindset as our boy Andrews. Good thing people like this are so low on the human scale; they don't have the capacity to fuck up modern cinema for the rest of us. Thank fucking God.
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½ September 10, 2011
Everyone seems to be going on about the stereotyping in Creature. I lived in Louisiana for 4 years and, let me tell you, it's not stereotyping if it's true. I think it's a pretty accurate portrayal of those people.

It all starts with the grabber. The grabber is the first few minutes that sets the pace of a movie. It's very important for a horror movie. The grabber was a little boring, wasn't suspenseful and it didn't have anything to do with the rest of the movie. It unfortunately did set the pace for the rest of the movie. Slow, not scary, and confused.

The writers had the creepy part down. If they would have had a good movie, it would have been freaky.

The movie was slow. There was a part where they had a group of unfamiliar actors try to carry the movie. The set-up was most of Creature. Nothing happened. They tried to show the monster view for eeriness, but it wasn't effective. The sounds and monster snarl didn't do anything. The scary scenes weren't scary at all. Nothing really happened. It showed almost no interaction between the monster and the victims. Show the monster or play the lame sounds, show an alligator, someone's dead. No real gore, no creature popping up scares, no suspense. It was all ineffective.

At one point, they played romantic music. It really had me trying to figure out what was going on. You can show that a couple is close. Holding hands or some corny dialogue. But music to go with it? Not necessary. It was ineffective and irritating. In a horror movie. JUST KILL SOMEONE! The rest of the soundtrack was OK. I noticed at least a couple of songs in it were from O Brother Where Art Thou. It's not a big deal, but it kinda got me that Appalachian founded Blue Grass music was used in Louisiana. With the rich music history Louisiana has, the producers chose a genre of music that has nothing to do with Louisiana and less to do with French. They were just going for a hillbilly sound without fully committing to location.

Even though Fred Andrews failed in his directorial debut, his history as a production designer showed. The locations, set designs, and backdrops were amazing. It was kept a little bright, but it wasn't a big deal because of how spectacular it looked. Creature was done on approximately $3 million.

The cast wasn't easily recognizable, but they were experienced, and it showed. During the lulls, the actors did their part to keep the lame script and story going. It was fun seeing Sid Haig. He came back to acting in Rob Zombie movies and plays a great creepy character.

Creature was a disappointment and earned its low rating. There isn't much to like here. Anyone who gives Creature a positive rating will just appreciate the effort.
August 17, 2012
I would say this is about as good/bad as Hatchet. Enjoyed it for what it is...a campy B horror movie. Had all the right elements, all the silly stereotypes, all the gore, as well as great camera quality and ok acting. I think there may have been just a bit too much of seeing the creature. Maybe the suspense could have been built a little longer by not fully showing it so much.
½ August 2, 2012
I probably enjoyed Creature more than I should have. A backwoods Louisiana horror film complete with incest and an alligator-man monster (oh and Sig Haig!), Creature is about as stupid as horror cinema can be, but it is thoroughly entertaining nonetheless if you are a fan of craptastic horror cinema and perhaps especially if you are from Louisiana.
½ April 30, 2012
In the throwback style of the 70s creature features, six friends in the Bayou encounter an evil half-man, half-alligator creature along with a bunch of hillbilly rednecks out to protect it (led by horror movie icon Sid Haig). As they struggle to survive, dark secrets emerge among the group that threatens to splinter them from within, and without.

Not a bad movie overall, but nothing stellar either. I kept seeing the actors and I confused two of them the whole time. The redhead (Lauren Schneider) looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst, and the character Emily (Serinda Swan) looks a lot like Megan Fox. The acting wasn't anything to write home about, and even though I appreciate the fact that they didn't use CGI but went with the old school monster, it didn't look frightening (and you can see the actor's eyes and his regular skin around the eyes).
½ February 10, 2012
Decent acting but bad characters...i hated the plot and the movie just wasnt what i thought it was going to be.
½ September 18, 2011
WHat is Lockjaw? To People Who grew up in the mid to late 90's Lockjaw was a giant turtle on "Hey Arnold". In the Film "Creature" Lockjaw is a mutated person, half man ,half alligator. With a Familiar story and familar setting how can "Creature" be anything but a time killer? Well it kind is and isnt. The Characters are not all that undeveloped, The Acters are pretty good, which is usually the last thing on the list of things to do for low budget horror films like this. And that's another thing the film does has a very professional look to it.Now does the film have flaws? Yes it does all films do but sometimes the flaws in certain films stick out like a sore thumb,
"Creature" Has those kinds of flaws , my biggest one is the actually beast itself , from far away it looks pretty badass something straight out of a 80's horror film of the likes.But close ups make seem at if the beast is smiling at you, now i get the point it's supposed to look like a gator and the do sometimes look like smiling when mouths are agape but the creature could of used some couple more hours at the drawing board. Second biggest flaw is the ending, now i liked the whole beat em up fight at the end which reminded me of creature features of yester years. it ends in a way that dosent give you a all satisfied feeling. Being that said if think people should see Creature with little to think about, just turn your brain off for An Hour and 33 minutes and grabs crap load of popcorn , choice of beverage (Beer is recommended) and grab some friends and enjoy the swamps of LockJaw
September 12, 2011
Overdone, lukewarm attempt at a monster horror film. This is 2011, and boring horror movies are way too common. This was made on a $3 million budget, but looks as if I could have done something of the same caliber in my backyard for $50.

The "first kill" in horror movies is often the attention-getting devices that set the mood for the rest of the film and give us information about the plot and setting. All I got was that some naked hippie chick got her legs cut off while bathing in a lake that could have been in any state.

We also get a romantic conversation and then a scene of two drunk girls making out crosses over another scene of a snake sliding through grass. And what is with the guy taking pictures of the couple having sex? Nothing was explained and it seemed like a cheap attempt at sexualizing for no reason.

There was a nice twist but it really didn't live up to expectations.

The film was slow, the deaths were boring, and there was nothing memorable in the least about Creature. It wasn't even bad enough to stick in my memory.
½ October 4, 2014
Plagued by terrible acting, illogical plot points, and no self-interest to be a good film that tries, Creature is a horrendous abortion, a deformed swine that exists in the darkest corners of cinema
April 16, 2014
One line summary: Lots of cliches, very little new; throwback SFX.


The opening sequence with Ophelia's swim in the swamp marks this movie as an exploitation effort: full nudity followed by gore and death.

The scene then jump shifts to three upscale city couples traveling in an expensive SUV to the backwoods swamps in Louisiana. The six rich kids stop at a general store. They show their general disrespect for local traditions and people. The four men at the general store are depicted as inbred, uneducated, violent, and unsanitary.

The good old boys tell a story of the Boutine family, which was dying out some decades ago. The story culminates with the almost wedding of brother and sister (Grimley and Caroline Boutine), who are the last possible breeders in the clan. The ceremony is interrupted by a legendary gator, Lockjaw, who eats the bride. The groom is discouraged by this. He kills the gator, then eats it, including parts of his almost bride. Following one of the cliches of cannibalism, Grimley absorbs some of the strengths of Lockjaw, becoming a man/monster.

Let's have a moment of silence for that massive 'jump the shark' incident.

The local good old boys warn the six city folk to respect the tradition, which is not explained in any detail. The city folk don't show respect, of course, and the locals attempt to force the tradition on them.

Do any of the city youngsters survive this elimination derby and get home?


Cinematography: 6/10 Looked professional at least part of the time.

Sound: 7/10 Not too bad.

Acting: 4/10 Mehcad Brooks seemed way too old for the part; on the other hand, he was the best actor in the film by far. That in itself was another problem: why would such a level-headed young man get into this mess? Most of the other actors played caricatures, particularly Sid Haig. All of the actors playing swamp folk gave terrible performances.

Screenplay: 3/10 The dialog the actors were given was mostly poor. The exposition of motivation left a lot to be desired: why did anyone do any of the things they did in this movie? The worst for me was during the Niles-Lockjaw fight. There is no way that Niles could survive even one hit from the monster, much less 15 or so. Ridiculous.

SFX: 3/10 The creature effects were modestly convincing; they were reminiscent of the Creature in the Black Lagoon (1954). The gore effects were not convincing at all.
August 23, 2011
I liked it! It was everything it was supposed to be. The casting was great and the location was lush and creepy.
½ December 5, 2013
Low budget, ultra gory mishmash. Even the monster looks fake.
September 29, 2013
Not good, but not as bad as I was expecting. It's not a GREAT monster movie, but it gives you as much guy in a rubber suit type monster as you could possibly want. It also tries to pull some story twists out.
April 21, 2013
i thought Creature was really good, the acting were all great. Creature reminds me why i love horror films like this. reminded me some what of the film Alligator, Crocodile or Lake Placid.
½ February 4, 2013
Occasionally above average, mostly below it, Creature manages to at least mildly entertain at a few points before crumpling into a largely unsatisfying finale. Sid Haig, obnoxious as ever and playing the only character he knows, is even worse than this film deserves.
May 22, 2012
Why would you go into rural Louisiana? Your going to die. This movie is really idiotic and makes me feel as if I just wasted 93 minutes of my life that I will never get back.
December 3, 2012
I like the movie but probably not watch again.
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