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The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

The Creature Walks Among Us




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This is the final installment in Universal's uneven "Gill Man trilogy," which began with Creature From the Black Lagoon and was followed by Revenge of the Creature, is the least interesting of the bunch. The story finds the prehistoric amphibian far from his Amazon home, kept under close scientific scrutiny in a special facility in Florida. After a laboratory fire severely damages the creature's gills, the head of the research team (Jeff Morrow) initiates an operation that will allow their subject to breathe through a set of latent lungs. After some attempts are made to acclimate the creature to life among human beings, Morrow's plans are destroyed by his own pettiness when one of his colleagues (Gregg Palmer) makes romantic overtures toward his wife, leading to a violent confrontation that leaves the creature badly injured. Alone in alien territory, the Gill Man resolutely shuffles off into the sea -- presumably to commit suicide, since he no longer possesses the ability to breathe underwater. This disappointing conclusion to the series makes little use of the 3-D thrills that enlivened the original and forsakes the opportunity to present a literal fish-out-of-water story in favor of hackneyed melodrama. Champion diver Ricou Browning again portrays the creature in the underwater sequences, with Don Megowan donning the gill-less Gill Man suit on land.more
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Horror, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By: Arthur A. Ross
In Theaters:
On DVD: Sep 1, 1993
Universal Pictures


Rex Reason
as Dr. Thomas Morgan
Jeff Morrow
as Dr. William Barton
Leigh Snowden
as Marcia Barton
Gregg Palmer
as Jed Grant
James Rawley
as Dr. Johnson
David McMahon
as Capt. Stanley
Paul Fierro
as Morteno
Lillian Molieri
as Mrs. Morteno
Larry Hudson
as State Trooper
Frank Chase
as Steward
Don Megowan
as Creature
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Full Review… | March 25, 2006
New York Times
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Full Review… | February 9, 2006
Time Out
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Full Review… | October 16, 2001
Chicago Reader
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A terrible horror flick that I liked anyway. Scientists speed up evolution to turn the gill monster human. The manfish is almost likable. Ultimately, the film is not.

Full Review… | October 26, 2014
Movie Chambers

Among the most underrated entries in Universal's diverse monster catalog.

Full Review… | October 16, 2011

Third in trilogy of Creature movies is best as monster is captured, experimented upon to be turned human.

March 8, 2008

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Third entry in Universal's Monster series Creature of the Black Lagoon series still has the power of the first two classics, but this one lacks substance. Where the first two succeeded in creating something wonderful, frightening and above all classic, this third effort is a good conclusion, but it lacks in parts. I enjoyed this film very much, and I did think that it was a perfect conclusion, but of the three films, this is the weaker ones. The concept was a good one, but unlike the other two, this one lacked any real thrill, suspense and it was pretty slow in some parts. The acting on the other hand, is wonderful, and makes up for the slight lack of substance to the overall story. However as far sequels are concerned, The Creature Walks Among Us is a pretty good conclusion despite its flaws. Fans of the first film will most likely enjoy this third and final entry in the series. The special effects are wonderful and like all the others in the series, it's one of the high points of the film. The film is entertaining for what it is, and it does have the elements that made the first two memorable, but the films feels a bit less inspired this time around. I felt like the plot was not as elaborate, and the concept, though good, could have been very much improved. For what it is, The Creature Walks Among Us is a good final entry to a classic franchise. Even though it's less strong than the firs two, this sequel is still very much entertaining and a must see for classic horror movie fans.

Alex roy

Super Reviewer


The synopsis says that this was the third Creature from the black lagoon movie, but I thought it was the second, oh well. This movie is a lot like the first, but slightly worse.

Aj V

Super Reviewer


In the third and final installment of the "Creature" trilogy, it is clearer than ever that the real monsters are the scientists themselves, with their constant prodding and poking of nature. The Creature is bestial, but no more evil than a wolf or a lion, when you come down to it. He is a natural part of his landscape. But Man is not content to leave him there.

In the first movie, the scientists didn't really know there was a living Creature. That story was one of survival...kill or be killed. In the second film, Man is not content to let the Creature live his isolated existence, so he is captured, brought to civilization and displayed like a sideshow freak. In "Creature Walks Among Us", science now thinks it can "improve" the Creature. As one might expect, the results are tragic.

Millionaire scientist Bill Barton is obsessed with capturing the Creature and "tweaking" him. Barton himself is a seriously unbalanced man...abusive to his beautiful "trophy" wife and insanely jealous when she is in the company of other men. Barton is the ultimate control freak and as his hold over his wife weakens, he increases his control over the Creature, capturing him. When the Creature is severely burnt by a fire, Barton and his team of scientists convert him into a hulking, ungainly land beast that even wears clothes.

The "land" Creature is a pathetic sight and evokes tremendous sympathy. Despite the constant babbling of the egg-heads to the contrary,the Creature is not meant to be a land dweller. Graceful and natural in the water, he is a stumbling, confused brute in the air. Yet his instinct always guides him back to the water where he belongs.

As Barton's marital and mental condition deteriorates, it is also clear that humans are more purely hateful, grasping and neurotic than animals. Finally, both the Creature and Barton erupt into violent conflict.

The movie has its slow spots but is extremely well-directed, almost like a film noir. The scene where the Creature catches fire is breath-taking, but it's the haunting last scene of the movie that will stay with you. At the end, there is nothing "monstrous" about the Creature anymore. He is a victim, pure and simple. Recommended.

David Ladd

Super Reviewer

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