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½ November 21, 2015
Made with a shoestring budget but with outstanding results! this movie is a must!
November 1, 2015
Effective & atmospheric take on vampires that, while not perfect, demonstrated Del Toro's coming powers as a filmmaker. The cast is solid for the most part, with Ron Perlman especially effective as the boorish Angel. The one weak link is Tamara Shanath, who comes off rather expressionless as Gris's granddaughter, Aurora (even when she does some grisly stuff). Behind the camera, Del Toro makes great use on the vampire mythos, showing the horror of having both a thirst for blood & aversion to sunlight, and the eventual physical change is quite horrific. However, Gris's reasons for using the Cronos device is never completely spelled and the benefits of having it are never shown (it just seems like a bad deal for the outset). Overall, a solid Del Toro film and if you have a Hulu subscription, definitely worth checking out.
November 1, 2012
Guillermo Del Toro's directional debut is a cleverly touching horror film, that gives the vampire genre a unique view.
½ October 23, 2015
Guillermo del Toro creates a very unique and interesting take on the vampire tale. It's dark, brooding, and slowly paced but engaging enough to always keep the attention of the watcher. Pretty impressive first effort from Mr. del Toro. One of his better films overall imo.
½ September 25, 2015
Cronos is a polarizing experience. It is a great concept weakly executed. It is well made and well directed and it is such an original take on the tired genre with a very sophisticated script, but the dialogue is anything but and the film eventually succumbs to the usual horror trappings which was immensely disappointing. It is a solid directorial debut for Guillermo del Toro, but this is still far from his best work.
½ September 12, 2015
A dark and grim, but ultimately endearing fairy tale, this Guillermo del Toro represents a startling mix of originality and adoration to classical beautiful dark things that inhabit our imagination.
September 4, 2015
It's a movie. Super Straight forward plot about an old man becoming a vampire and some youngins trying to harsh his new found high. Also, Ron Pearlman wants a nose job and his rich dad won't pay for it except through inheritance.
½ July 10, 2013
A strange film which is hardly dark enough to be considered horror. I'm not sure if the multi-lingual mix really works here either, I don't really think it adds anything like it does in some films. You can see that Guillermo del Toro has imagination though and it's not surprising that he's ended up directing the Hobbit.
May 24, 2015
Guillermo del toro's debut Cronos is a scary yet thoughtful horror drama that succeeds at bringing the chills of a modern vampire flick and the necessary depth too.
½ May 23, 2015
Cronos is okay. But you kind of feel bad that this movie took 7 years to make for how simple it is.
½ April 5, 2015
Superb debut released as a total independent movie, which makes it even more impressive. Del Toro's pure vision of fantasy-fables always with a unique touch of the occult and mystic. Detailed to the teeth and a true beauty to watch.
½ March 31, 2015
A very unusual vampire movie.
½ March 14, 2015
Película bastante original con el sello distintivo de Del Toro pero que se le nota mucho el paso del tiempo.
January 14, 2015
A well made and well told horror type of film that showcases Del Toros interest in the bizzarre while not going to far or straying from the rules of great cinema. Most likely a cult classic amongst his followers and horror aficionados, Cronos feels secure about itself and the vampirism type of story it tells with its great and charming characters and moments that all feel perfectly paced and connected, giving the movie and overall great feeling of dread and mystery.
November 3, 2014
An elderly antique dealer in Mexico is harassed by thugs of a rich industrialist in search of an ancient mechanical device that seemingly grants eternal life. The old man accidentally activates the golden scarab granting him youth with unexpected consequences. Ron Perlman steals this movie playing the grumpy goon obsessed with rhinoplasty. Possibly the least sexual vampire movie made, the focus is more on eternal life and obsession with a dash of child-like wonder.
Set during Christmas in Mexico City, this film a wholly original and unfolds like a fairy tale with classical archetypes (elderly shopkeeper, evil rich man in dark tower) and gallows humor. There are enough layers of religiosity in the movie to call it a parable and enough heart, wit & charm to make it enjoyable on every level. Originally rated R but other than swearing in both English and Spanish this move is fine for ages 10 and up.
(Sidenote: the marketing randomly includes a hot blondes being attacked, which couldn't be further from the truth. Don't remember a single attractive woman on screen.)
August 10, 2014
Very nice and unusual vampire movie, a bit funnier than i expected
I watched it with my egyptian gold scarab
September 8, 2014
Another del Toro movie that left me feeling hollow. His films have good ideas and visuals and this one is no exception. It is a different take on vampires than the usual stuff you see. However, the characters are utterly lacking and the films have no real depth. I have given him many chances. This is the last of his films I will watch.
½ August 15, 2014
Without doubt the most spine tingling, skin crawling film I've seen in a long time. Possibly since Audition. I really wasn't expecting that level of horror, those little claws popping out the end of the devices legs and then the close up of them piercing his flesh had me squirming. Marvellously creepy in parts, it still had a very human heart to it, epitomising the film, the mechanical and the organic. The shot of Jesus on the bathroom floor licking the blood was a cold, beautiful, visceral, disgusting thrill.
Just a superb film, beautifully shot, expertly weighted, everything worked together perfectly. The only minor quibble I'd have with the film is that the reborn Jesus looked like a septugenarian Thriller extra. Nevertheless, my favourite Del Toro film
September 6, 2007
Well, Mr del Toro, sure we all make mistakes.
June 18, 2014
A unique take on the vampire horror subgenre that though it is odd, occasionally lacking, and just plain not scary, it is entertaining and interesting, partly due to Ron Pearlman.
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