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May 12, 2015
I didn't really expect this movie to be all that good, but I was great! its very stylish and there's a lot of atmosphere and the acting's good, also awesome fight scenes! but only one thing wrong about it is, how did he come back to life!? like they don't even explain it!! but still a great movie check it out!
May 11, 2015
Darkly energetic, thourghly romantic expressed in the darkest ways possible, and a titular character powerfully acted by the late Brandon Lee, The Crow stands as one of the best movies of all time
August 20, 2012
For me, The Crow has all the makings of a classic action film, but with its own uniquely dark style, it stands out as very dark, gloomy, artistic and soulful revenge thriller. The story is very well-constructed, with dark edge and nuances of Tim Burton's Batman seamlessly mixed with the fast-paced action of Terminator 2, but better than both of them. For me, the biggest strength of the story is that it really makes you feel for the main character early on, as you go through his memories, gaining an understanding of his personality. The characters were all played to a rare kind of perfection, in that I was not expecting the entire cast of the film to have equally engaging performances. Of course, the late Brandon Lee's performance steals the spotlight completely, but every character emanates a very strong human touch. The film sports a uniquely dark sense of style, blending gothic visuals with an overall gritty tone that actually works. Coupled with the frankly awesome music, this makes for an unforgettable atmosphere, providing the perfect mood for the film's crown jewels - the violent and highly satisfying action scenes that help make the main character the kind of hero that can't be overshadowed. For me, this is the original dark action thriller. It would spawn many imitators, but none could really match the raw power and appeal of this classic film.
March 25, 2015
I love this movie. I discovered it a few years after it was released. I was a young teenager at the time and I listened to industrial music. I bought the soundtrack first because it was produced by Trent Reznor, then saw the movie shortly after. I was blown away. The style is incredible. Dark, gritty, ghostly and topped off with a comic book flare. I love how everything is inky black and rain soaked. I love how the apartment buildings seem empty and vague, like the city is a graveyard and the buildings are the tombstones. What makes it more incredible is the tragic death of Brandon Lee in a film that so exemplifies death.

Brandon Lee's performance is very haunting. He's like a sane version of Heath Ledger's Joker. It's not his acting that's great, it's him. He really taps into his charisma and he lets it flow in this movie. It's a beautiful and graceful performance.

And the story is perfect. It's criticized for being too thin, but I think it works. The movie relies heavily on atmosphere and meditative pacing to give the movie its dream-like quality. It's an evenly balanced film. You got all that style, the fantastic original rock music, the iconic character -- there's so much going on already a more complicated plot would distract from the minimalist experience. The sequels went with a more eventful plot and they failed horribly. This movie needed a simple plot. It's like how when you hear so-called real ghost stories, it's not like Poltergeist; instead it's just very small occurrences, like a door slowly closing on its own. The Crow is just a ghost passing through a room before disappearing into the hereafter. It's a ghost story first, an action movie second.
April 19, 2015
Morbid as it sounds,the death of Lee only adds to this grittydark vision of a thriller....this is where a good concept meets with fine execution to produce a major piece of art.
Super Reviewer
½ June 12, 2011
In the vein of films like The Punisher and Mad Max, The Crow first hit my screen only four years ago, way back when my DVD collection consisted of only about 40 films, (now it is around 500). I had $10 to my name but I was intent on expanding the thing, a girl I'd met only that day, suggested I buy it from Sanity, when there used to be one in Civic. Since that day, when I was well and truly blown away by it, we've always intended to make our tradition of "Crow and Coffee" (wherein you watch The Crow and drink several litres of Ice Coffee & Bailey's) a repeated thing.

I feel as if this one should have been known to me for far longer than it has. It's quite a point of shame in the Goth community to have none been raised on the shit. And I can tell why. The film blends some of the most incredible bands out (The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Violent Femmes, Pantera), is filled with great actors, it's based on one of the best comics I've ever had the good fortune of reading, and it's overshadowed by the death of the actor playing lead protagonist Eric Draven, Brandon Lee, son of martial arts master Bruce Lee.

The Crow is filled with the dark and ominous. Towards the end, Draven fights using a martial arts move that was performed in honour of Brandon Lee's father, Bruce Lee, when he used an identical style in Enter the Dragon, the last film his father ever starred in, before his untimely death. In another scene, Draven can be seen filling a gun-barrel up with metal, and shooting them out into a pawn shop, Brandon Lee was killed on set during filming, when a metal casing became lodged in a gun that was then expelled by a blank, fatally wounding Lee in the torso. Behind the scenes, on the first day of shooting a carpenter suffered sever burns on set after his crane hit power lines. Later, a grip truck caught fire, an angry sculpting employee crashed his car through the set's plaster shop and another member of the crew accidentally impaled his own hand with a screwdriver. According to the biography of Bruce Lee, Brandon's death was predicted by his father after awakening from a coma, he foresaw Brandon's death long before he had even considered taking up acting, supposedly.

By no accounts is The Crow unpredictable, it's rather the opposite, but it makes up for this in so many ways! It notches up some of the best quotes in film history, as well as being badass, and yet so utterly convincingly emotional. There is essentially no demographic I can think of that wouldn't enjoy (at least a little) this dark film's gothic atmosphere, gritty hopelessness, world-changing special effects, riveting action, and well-deserved cult status.


½ April 14, 2015
This movie is one of those Iconic films in the 90's which is very close to my heart. I'm also watching the last moments of Brandon Lee, such a tragic and sad moment in the Hollywood industry. Such a huge loss. Brandon Lee's performance in this film is just top notch, he is just amazing to watch. Uttering those poetic and meaningful words, I mean he is awesome. This is one of those films which, you started to care about the protagonist's past and his story. It is dark, Gothic, and very gruesome world to live in. The whole movie was shot almost in the dark. This a film based on a comic so obviously, I see the references. This is also one of my favorite revenge flicks, which is until now, the scenes are still very gripping and brutal to me. And I like how Draven makes his appearance as The Crow, perfect role for Brandon Lee. With great physique and I love his performance. I thought he is really passionate for the character. And the grunge music in the background, I mean I love grunge rock. It really fits the movie well. I like the dialogue, I thought, the script was great. I like how poetic Draven could be. I love his quotes in this film with very memorable words. I thought the whole film is not just entertaining, but a very memorable one with very memorable protagonist. Easily a must watch film. I love the story and a perfect main character. 4.5/5
½ September 4, 2014
With a sharp script and fine pacing, The Crow is a moody, action-packed revenge flick that's also well shot and boasts a killer soundtrack.
March 14, 2015
Best movie of all time!
½ February 13, 2015
This fascinating film really has its moment, and Bradon Lee did a great job as Eric Draven. All in all there is a lot of weak moments, keeping it from being to notch. The esthetics are brilliant, especially for the main character with the leather pants and corpse paint, alongside the fitting music knocks the whole up one level. RIP
February 6, 2015
Beautiful story about love and revenge. Good action, decent acting, and the sweetest ending I've probably ever seen.
January 29, 2015
Incredibly dark and beautifully made, The Crow is the punk little brother of the superhero genre. Full review later.
January 28, 2015
Such a rad movie, but knowing what actually happens to Brandon Lee, I'm not sure I can ever watch it again.
January 21, 2015
Meh. A little too dark, literally.
January 13, 2015
"Can't rain all the time". The Crow is a cult-classic, a gothic masterpiece and has a brilliant performance from late Brandon Lee.
December 13, 2014
A lurid, gritty, incredibly entertaining exercise in style over substance, The Crow might be just another action B movie, were it not for its dark, creative visuals, authentically gothic atmosphere and a passionate, emotionally-charged performance from the late Brandon Lee.
November 14, 2014
Cant wait for the remake with Luke Evans as Eric! <3
November 2, 2007
You NEED to see this IF you haven't and even if you have watch again!
½ November 2, 2014
This is truly a classic. It has held up well in 20 years and will continue to do so. Great story paired with outstanding acting. Truly tragic that the sequels were so terrible.
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