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½ March 27, 2010
For the most part, it was original. It had many touching parts, which are welcome in any movie. Although the dialogue was a little silly, the film overall, was very fun and enjoyable.
August 16, 2009
A nice idea to use Emily Osment as a character OUTSIDE of her character on Hannah Montana, but it didn't really seem like it at all in the film. She still plays this sarcastic, confused girl, but I don't know if that's due to the story and dialogue or to her. I give her the benefit of the doubt, because I think she can do better. And Jason Earles = same situation. I liked David Henrie, who showed a different side of himself, but he didn't get to show much of his acting chops in the limited screen time. The plot is thin and eclectic, doesn't work
½ July 7, 2009
It's funny, but also a bit too lame. David Henrie and Jonathan Keltz are hot! LOL, but anyway... it's pretty fun to watch.
½ July 3, 2009
It seemed stupid how the dad was really childish but it was cool how the dad and his daughter got closer and how she was the hero in the end.
February 22, 2009
One of my new favorite Disney Channel movies. I loved how pretty much the whole cast has been on Disney Channel before so you got to see some familiar faces. I loved how a lot of the story was about the book series. It kept me interested and made me laugh along the way. Really liked it, and would watch it again anyday.
February 22, 2009
It was a great movie i luv the way emily and david acts.I was a very funny movie.But it got stupid sometimes.Like when the kids kidnapped melissa dad and then the two mens took him too.But it was still a good movie
March 21, 2009
There is nothing but a dull storyline, tired antics, and basically another formulaic attempt to boast filler in the teenage mind.
December 9, 2012
This movie..... was awful.
August 25, 2012
Just another average disney movie.
July 24, 2012
Allie and Katie really enjoyed it.
July 5, 2011
dadnapped is one of the shittiest movies EVER
January 2, 2011
This film is cheesy but not that bad actually. A fairly decent disney film although the villains were weak! Other than that an alright film.
½ October 14, 2010
This film was cheesy, but that is what makes this film work. The villain's motive was unbelievable and not realistic, but you can't have everything. If the villain's had been better written, this film could've been much better.
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