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September 9, 2007
I liked it when I was a kid. Seeing Connery so young is a little strange. The banshee in the movie was pretty scary when I was a kid and I think it still gives me a chill just thinking about it.
Jason Vargo
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April 29, 2012
Inconsequential Disney. Darby O'Gill doesn't come up in any list of Disney classics or fondly remembered films from the studio. Why? It's a little fantasy designed to cash in on a culture instead of telling a quality story. The biggest hurdle for the family audience is the thick accents of the main cast, while the somewhat plodding story tends to be an issue as well. It's not a badly made movie; it's just "meh." The forced perspective shots of the leprechauns, though, is a treat.
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September 7, 2006
Little known precious gem.
October 15, 2013
I used to watch all of the Disney stuff as a kid. From animated to live action I watched it all and was always more bored with the live action stuff. The gimmicks of the special effects may work but that's really it.
½ December 16, 2010
a great little pot o' gold from the depths of the Disney vaults. light-hearted, funny, clever, and just a really well-made film. impressive special effects and a wonderful cast of characters--the feisty Albert Sharpe, the beautifully charming Janet Munro, and a brogued and singing Sean Connery. for a movie featuring a character named King Brian of the Leprechauns, I can't believe I only recently discovered this movie. fun and enjoyable for the whole family.
June 22, 2010
Walt Disney, you were a scary man indeed. This quote from your movie proves it.

"My thanks to king Brian of Knocknasheega and his leprechauns." -- Walt Disney

First of all, what is the movie about exactly? I have no idea. I just finished gaping at it for 93 minutes and I'm more confused now than when I started. All I know for sure is that a twenty something Sean Connery is forced into a relationship he's not looking for by a trickster leprechaun with an ulterior motive. Then five seconds later everyone is kissing and gawking like it was meant to be. And, just when it looks like the good guys have lost, they haven't. Their savoir? Sheer stupidity. So what does that teach us exactly? Let me recant the tale to help you better understand my quandary.

Darby O'Gill, resident leprechaun expert, is the caretaker of property for some important dude. The important dude decides Darby is too damn old and bony to keep up with all the work so he hires the young, grinning Sean Connery to replace him. The important dude gives Darby two weeks notice before he and his daughter have to move out of their rent free housing and into ... rent free housing that Darby doesn't like as much. IT'S A CATASTROPHIC TRAGEDY! Darby decides that he won't tell his daughter a word of it until after he's figured out the perfect way to tell her. One night he's walking along the countryside for no reason when his horse Cleopatra wanders up Mt. Knocknasheega. That just so happens to be where the leprechauns live. You see, Darby had an unfortunate encounter with the leprechaun king before. He wished for health, a good crop of potatoes, and gobs of gold. Then, being an idiot he wished for a 4th wish and lost all of his previous wishes. This time though it would seem that he is at the mercy of the leprechaun king. The king tells him that he can never leave the subterranean dwelling of the leprechauns. Upon hearing this news he gets all indignant, like the district 5 hockey team, stating the numerous times he's stood up for the rights of the little people. Somehow this conversation turns into Darby playing a Stradivarius violin like a fiddle for 3 solid minutes. Only he doesn't just play, he plays faster and faster until the little dancing leprechauns can't keep up anymore. They hop on their tiny mounts and leave the cave. Darby manages to barely get out before the front door hits him in the backside.

Once home he gathers his effects and begins his rudimentary yet nefarious leprechaun subversion scheme. Success! With king Brian at his beck and call he can now contemplate his remaining two wishes. In the very next scene Sean Connery is singing away about his dear darl'n one and Katie brings him lunch. It MUST be love.

Then Darby goes and fetches a hand me down church bell which was extremely difficult for some reason? This makes him the talk of the town, that and his leprechaun bag. Later that evening Darby is tackled by a wily Connery in a UFC heavyweight bout, uh I mean ... Connery thought Darby was a poacher. It is then and there that Darby blows his second wish by wishing that Connery could see king Brian. FACEPALM! King Brian tricks Darby and only reveals himself to be a rabbit. DAG!

That same evening Darby says he won't wish his final wish until he can figure out how to make his girl happy. King Brian hatches a plan and pays a not so clandestine visit to a slumbering Sean Connery. He tries to talk Sean into marrying Darby's daughter Katie, seemingly without success.

Then Sean takes king Brian's advice and takes Katie to the top of Mt. Knocknasheega. They deny their feelings for a bit and then, EUREKA, she kisses him in true Disney fashion. Just as everything seems to be going so well disaster strikes. Katie finds out about Sean taking her pappy's jerb and she aint so pleased about it. She slaps him right in his soup cooler and storms off into the night. This of course leads to her falling and knocking herself unconscious. Darby goes after her but he has to face the wrath of the Banshee as well as the stormy night. He and Sean find her but she's out cold so they take her home.

Later on the DEATH COACH comes for Katie. Darby, being of sound mind and judgement, decrees that his final wish is to die in place of his daughter. How noble. Too bad he forgot about the 4th wish thing again! So he's riding along in the death coach when king Brian cajoles him into wishing his fourth wish causing all of them go away. Darby is flung from the flying coach with notable velocity and falls to earth like a meat magnet.

The next day Darby is at the pub bragging about his DEATH COACH ride when Pony makes fun of him again. This time ol' Seanny boy is there to punch him right in the eye. This makes everyone laugh at Pony and Sean wins the affection of Katie. They ride off together singing the My Dear My Darl'n One song.

The end. Aww.

So what was the moral of that story I spoke of earlier? If you're dumb enough, long enough, eventually you win.

What are my favorite quotes from this movie?

Darby - "Watch out for poachers!" His advice to Sean Connery.

King Brian - "It was presented to me by the emperor of the Italian faries in 1700. It's a Stradivarius." This was spoken as he describes the "fiddle" he gave to Darby.

What are some interesting facts related to this movie?

1. Sean Connery can sing?
2. Albert Sharpe who plays Darby was born in EIGHTEEN EIGHTY FIVE!!! 1885! Imagine this, you're watching Back to the Future 3. You see the baby, William McFly. That is how old Albert Sharpe was. Is your mind blown yet?
3. It makes popular the fourth wish limitation. I never knew about that.
4. Banshees are harmless.
5. When you die a stage coach from hell comes to pick you up like Enterprise rent-a-car.
6. Leprechauns looks like rabbits to people who can't see them.
7. It's ok to charge the church money to pick up hand me down church bells.
8. Playing the fiddle can force leprechauns out of their home.
9. It's possible to have a tough reputation and be named "Pony."
10. Darby is an idiot.

This is not Disney's worst movie by far. Should you watch this movie? Sure, why not. You probably have seen it before at some point, it is 51 years old after all. If not give it a shot, what have you go to lose besides 93 minutes?
½ November 18, 2006
Connery's first flick - This is a delightful film made back in the day about an old man (not Connery) who wanted to capture and present a Leprachaun to his neighbors and prove that he wasn't insane. The plot thickens when Banshees try to steal his daughters life, and both this old man and Connery won't have it! - Great family fun!
½ February 1, 2010
Lavishly produced and it shows. Vivid art direction and cinematography, fine costumes, well edited and the special effects are terrific. Beautifully done. It is a bit slow on occasion, but overall the film is quite good.
January 16, 2010
A cute little film. Albert Sharpe is fantastic as Darby O'Gill, and Sean Connery and Janet Munro have great chemistry. Things get a little weird towards the end, and the film gets over-ambitious with some of the special effects, but it's an enjoyable story.
½ December 9, 2008
Great kids movie especially for irish american or irish people kids. Definately a st patty's day favorite to watch.
January 30, 2008
This film is one of the great loves of my childhood. It's absolutely terrible, in all the best, most magnificently silly ways. And it features Sean Connery in his only singing role. Ever. What's not to love?
½ November 17, 2007
It's one of my favorite little Irish movies. It combines the countries rich culture with wonderful colorization
½ August 13, 2007
Disney brought us this very fun Irish tale that I've been watching my whole life. Darby (Albert Sharp) is an aging caretaker who tells many tales of the little people. Michael McBride (Sean Connery) is his replacement who falls for Darby's daughter Katie (Janet Munro). Most people of the town don't quite believe Darby's tales he tells in the pub, but many humor him out of respect for Darby and the art of Irish storytelling. Though when he catches King Brian (Jimmy O'Dea), the head leprechaun, no one believes him. I really enjoy everything about this movie. It has some nice songs, including a bit by a young Sean Connery and "The Wishin' Song". The special affects are pretty good, especially mixing the little people with the big people. As fun as it is, it does have a couple dark parts that could be scary for really young children, but I was able to appreciate it them, even as a wee lad me self. Though this is an American film, it definitely evokes the Irish spirit in my blood.
July 18, 2007
good movie a little boring with the little people but i love the song irish girl. i love katie's singing voice!
½ July 17, 2007
I think this is a wonderful movie. Warm memories from when I was a child. I remember the guy was so cute. I just realized that it was Sean Connery. Of course he was cute.
½ June 26, 2007
One of Sean Connery's oldest movies, it's a great Disney film. Who doesn't love to watch King Brian of the Leprechauns and see Connery's character McBride fall in love with Katie?? Eveyone should watch this movie!!!
May 27, 2007
Yea.......Sean Connery in a movie about leprechauns. He's SCOTTISH, you fools! Still, a modestly enjoyable......thing.
½ March 23, 2007
Oh my goodness! I remember this movie as being absolutely hilarious. I may have to go out and rent it again. The title alone makes me crack up. A am now realizing that one of the main characters was Sean Connery. He is one of the only people I can truly say looks better with age.
March 21, 2007
Great special effects for its day. Brings back memories. Actually those little people scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.
½ March 19, 2007
Where else can you hear Sean Connery singing?? And such lovely dimples. Movie is a fun family movie...
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