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Dark Reel Reviews

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ken j

Super Reviewer

March 5, 2009
Dark Reel follows the story of a crew trying to shoot a low budget movie during filming one of the cast is killed and everyone could be a suspect includeing a fan that won a contest to have a small part in the movie as everyone is trying to figure out who the killer might be more of the cast start dropping like flies untill someone figures out that these killings lead back to a unsolved murder in the 40's of a little known hollywood actress. This movie was pretty bad from the start and kinda got worse from there the story could have been good maybe given a better cast and more budget but it looks like this was shot for nothing and to top it off you get to see a badly aged very bloated Edward Furlong as one of the leads two stars for very few of the scenes but overall it might be a waste to alot of peoples time.
Anthony V

Super Reviewer

March 16, 2009
Fun cast can't save a poorly scripted mess with lackluster direction.
May 20, 2014
Featuring a myriad of B-movie actors, Dark Reel is a reasonably entertaining supernatural slasher film that never does anything truly original or scary but manages to be a reasonably engaging homage to B-level horror movies.
April 10, 2010
w/ Eddie Furlong, who once a cute ?kid? now just creepy. But then again prob. At the drugs too. Plays Adam Waltz a Fan that wins a contest to play a role in a b-grade like movie. I think the blonde girl in this played the ditzy Vampire in Angel/Buffy, ah I?m good It is here. Mercedes McNab who was also in Supernatural, playing what else a vampire. As well as Lance Henriksen playing Connor Pritchett the financer (?) in the 50s an actress is slaughtered in the dailies one of the actors or 2 starts to see the dead actresses spirit. People in the production are being killed off, by some masked ?avenger? Definitely NOT original. However I did like the ?Shakespearean ?dude? for some reason he just amused me, but what was up w/ his onion feasts? Eddie Furlong stunk but just imagining that, is really how things go on set.. Ugh! Esp. that director guy OMG! I?d F?n punch him (either that or make sure I?ve had A LOT of carmelized garlic the night before & REALLY show what I think of the movie.. SKUNKY D
June 4, 2009
I know it's a good try but the cast was horrilble.I like Eddie Furlong but come on.This Horror fan was dissapointed.
May 14, 2009
A few cliche characters make the movie funny, like Rhett, the onion chef, and the sound guy. The black and white beginning is probably the best part of the movie though.
February 18, 2012
Nothing from the banal title would suggest that "Dark Reel" would be worth your time, but this is a surprisingly skillful and well written horror film. There's a great cast and a smart script that is quirky and funny, and the central story is a strong one that continually keeps you guessing.
It centers on a low-budget film studio, and the behind the scenes stuff is a lot of fun. Lance Henriksen gives his best performance in years as a Roger Corman-like studio head. It's a part that refreshes his career and hopefully will awaken him from his B-movie funk. Also very good is Edward Furlong who also resurrects his career with a likable performance as a movie geek. His relationship with smart and sexy Tiffany Shepis is a treat, as it's fun watching the fan fall in love with his screen idol. They form a special bond that is the center of the picture, and it's a most unexpected pleasure.
The film is focused on the story, which is solid and well told, but this is a horror film and it doesn't spare the blood and gore. A few of the murders are pleasantly memorable. There is maybe one too many twists near the end, including one that hints at Furlong being the killer, and I was glad to see the film not go that route. I liked him and his character too much. He's a down to earth guy who is not unlike myself.
Unfortunately, it does go on a little long, especially in the finale, and it has trouble maintaining its pacing. The set-up, however, is a lot of fun mostly because of Henriksen's wonderfully offbeat performance and the uncommonly good script.
"Dark Reel" is a film unjustly robbed of a theatrical release as it was better than a lot of the horror films I paid to see this year. It deserves to be seen.
Dave J
February 10, 2011
Thursday, February 10, 2011

(2008) Dark Reel

Edward Furlong stars in this low budget, straight-to-rental horrror film about with slasher killings abrubting while filming! As if we hadn't seen this before!

1/2 out of 4
Jim R.
April 25, 2010
Dark Reel is part horror, part thriller, part comedy and an all around enjoyable experience. In this Giallo-esque film, Ed Furlong of T2 fame plays a down on his luck loser who wins a walk on role alongside the movie star of his dreams played by the amazing Tiffany Shepis. What he doesn't know is that there is a murderer on set who seems to be obsessed with an unsolved 1950's murder case. The Black Dahlia-esque murder of starlet Scarlett May.
Every character in this film is distinct and quirky and a whole lot of fun to watch. As much as it is a suspense film it also spoofs the b-horror industry and the ruthlessness of Hollywood. This film is classier than many low budget horror films as exemplified by scenes such as the one where Tony Todd's detective character questions Lance Henriksen in an amazing verbal sword fight.
If you are looking for a straight out gore fest with no story or unique characters then this is not your film even though there are some very brutal death scenes.
But if you are looking for a great, fun filled ride of a film that never takes itself too seriously then this is for you.
Shirahz L.
April 24, 2010
My girls and I rented this, the overall assessment, terrible!
Megan says: God, it was a waste of time and i want my hours back. Why did it take so long for people to die, it really pissed me off! The acting was horrible, they all sucked.
Issy: The script was unimaginative and boring and the plot confusing (was there a plot?!). I lost interest in the first 3 minutes, hoped for the best, but it got worse. It is just slightly better than 'Kiler Drag Queens on Dope.' Laughed at the scary scenes and it looked like they were using cranberry sauce for blood and brains.
Me: To echo my girls' sentiments, WAS there a plot? I would like my time back, please. Geez
kiersten l.
November 9, 2009
matthew k.
April 8, 2009
the worst movie i have ever sat through... the acting and script were horrible, i've seen porn stars act with more talent. my rating for this dribble is absolutely rotten. consider yourself warned.
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