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May 30, 2015
Shamelessly manipulative melodrama won Bette Davis an Oscar. It is still quite entertaining, but it actually just a professionally made tearjerker typical of the era.
January 18, 2015
Dramón a la justa medida de Bette Davis.
½ May 6, 2014
Seeing this for the first time last night, I couldn't believe both what a fine film and great performance from Bette Davis. No wonder she's still considered one of the greatest actresses that ever lived. Very few today could hold a candle to her talent, and to the beauty she had in her heyday.
½ August 9, 2014
The ultimate in weepy, sentimental chick flicks!
May 28, 2014
Bette Davis was mesmerizing in this movie. I just love her in it.
March 3, 2014
Dark Victory is an incredible film. It is about a young socialite is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, and must decide whether she'll meet her final days with dignity. Bette Davis and George Brent excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Edmund Goulding did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Dark Victory is a must see.
½ December 25, 2007
Bette Davis abolishes the latter hideous image of "Baby Jane" in my mind by portraying Judith Traherne, a wealthy, optimistic woman who confronts incurable cancer in her late months. Davis is pitiful but exhilarating enough here. The scene she becomes blind saddens my mind deeply! Another notable fact that Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan are having cameo appearances makes it more worthwhile to watch.
February 4, 2014
An odd melange of melodrama, camp and pathos punctuated by Bette Davis's signature tack-spitting line readings. Brain cancer never looked so "prognosis positive."
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½ October 10, 2013
A woman discovers that she has a brain tumor and falls in love with her doctor.
When viewed vis a vis Ikiru, Akira Kurosawa's brilliant film, Dark Victory has a lot to learn. The film posits that a patient's knowledge of his/her condition is detrimental, but Kurosawa is wiser, and the ruminations on mortality and life's usefulness are more poignant and inspiring. Though its embrasure of love, marriage, and romance feel petty against its betters, Dark Victory is a good film in and of itself, propelled by a great Bette Davis performance and George Brent's soulful gazes. Davis is delightful, and the film is saccharine in all the right places.
Overall, you should watch this if you can't get a hold of Ikiru.
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½ July 23, 2013
A four hanky tearjerker...well if you are overly sensitive and weep when little children lose their balls down sewer drains. Make no mistake that Bette Davis is great. She always is but the viewer feels too manipulated.
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February 17, 2013
Its a pretty silly melodrama that even Bette Davis' absurd acting choices can't save. On a side note, this film also features a terrible supporting performance by Ronald Reagan.
½ February 15, 2013
Great performance by Davis and Bogart chips in well. Interesting to see Reagan but he was awful. The story excellent and although melodramatic in parts it was never corny.
January 23, 2013
Unapologetically soapy and stagebound, what keeps it from being another weak weepie is Bette Davis. Her facing down mortality could have been trite, but her unique screen presence illuminates and fleshes out her dying heiress, giving her both a feisty fight for life and a growing calm in the face of death - and in return, the film gets a surprisingly potent intelligence and depth. They really don't make 'em like they used to. (Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for Bogie!)
½ November 25, 2012
I pretty much knew how this movie had to end. Still, Bette Davis's journey to acceptance was amazing to watch.
October 12, 2012
Bette Davis regarded this as her favorite film role, and it is easily among her all-time best films. Bette Davis could carry the entire film by herself, but her fellow cast members are no slackers either, with each one of them churning out sublime performances. This film is also a very emotional film, especially the end which Bette Davis plays beautifully. Dark Victory is a superb drama and needs to be seen by any fan of Bette Davis.
October 6, 2012
Not quite classic Bette Davis - I prefer her being a bitch! However, this is a great Hollywood weepie and yet again Ms Davis shows why she's so highly rated as a character actress.
½ September 23, 2012
"I'll have a large order of...PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE!"
Davis was never more vulnerable or got to show off all of her gifts, and her ending scene is weepie heaven.
September 20, 2012
I want to say that this film started the whole "terminal disease = Oscar nominee" trope, considering it's age. And yet, it almost seems formulaic in that respect. Predictable, but still pretty good.
And with a very young Humphrey Bogart (and Ronald Reagan!) to boot!
August 13, 2011
I generally don't go for this type of movie but Bette Davis' performance is absolutely captivating. As a result, I see it quite often.
½ June 17, 2012
"dark victory" is a perfect example of how something depressing can be beautiful, led by a stellar performance from leading lady, bette davis.
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