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November 29, 2006
This third Darkman series is not great than the second one with Arnold Vosloo who returns again as the title role.
Vosloo seems alternatively bored and exuberant from scene to scene, to be honest, he still does okay, and Jeff Fahey, while a joy to watch as an over-the-top villain, just doesn't quite fit in with the series.
The use of OTT visuals and nightmare vision scenes is retained and very like Sam Raimi's style - in fact some of the shot almost mirror the first film. While Westlake lacks some of the craziness that he had in the first film he is still a tortured soul - it's just a shame that this is mixed with the image of him as a sort of Batman figure.
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August 15, 2009
ok but not as good as the first two
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½ January 16, 2009
This should have been named Go Away Darkman and please don't comeback, its about as good as Rocky 56 would have been, Its been over 10 years so I guess we will not see anymore of Darkman. Not with this crew of actors anyway. Now that I have seen all 3 Darkman films I like the 1st one best. Liam Neeson made the best Darkman, when making the sequels they should have either waited for Liam or offered him more money and maybe this Trilogy would have taken off. Larry Drake Made the best bad guy in this series and it also sky rocked him in the bad guy roll. But again he didn?t return for Darkman III after all how could he arise from the dead a second time. At the end of Darkman 3 you can see where there is the possibility of a Darkman 4 but it never happen, Thank the Stars. I wouldn?t put Darkman in the class of Indiana Jones , Nightmare on Elm Street, or Die Hard when it comes to Movie Collections, If you get the trilogy as I did for under $10 go for it, if not I wouldn't pay for a copy of this nor would I rent it.
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October 19, 2010
This time around, the disfigured anti-hero Peyton Westlake (portrayed by "Mummy" actor Arnold Vosloo) continues to live in the City's sewer system, hiding his horridly scarred face and working on his synthetic skin. He locks horns with evil crime-lord Peter Rooker (played in a brilliantly over-the-top performance by Jeff Fahey), but when he finds himself double crossed by a doctor whom he assumed was going to help him out on his skin regeneration formula, he seeks revenge the only way he knows how, using his synthetic skin to impersonate Rooker's henchmen and changing his voice to sound like theirs. Darkman 3 gives us a new villain in the form of Jeff Fahey who's into marketing steroids. He is also a lousy husband and father and soon Westlake who believed he lost the ability to love, begins to have sympathetic feelings for Rooker's wife and daughter who he feels sorry for since they are treated by dirt.
September 5, 2011
And I thought the second movie was bad..."Darkman III" is really bad, even though I want to like Jeff Fahey, I really don't. The movie is just hard to get through, and you are just counting down until the nonsense is all over. It is a shame this series couldn't sustain itself without Raimi.
½ April 19, 2014
It felt like a really long television episode, with meager effects and reused footage from the previous film. The plot is still pretty thin, but it's climatic and thrilling enough to sit through. The final scene is a bit lackluster though, and the entire film still doesn't compare well with the first.
½ August 20, 2012
Rami need to do more than produce this crap, he needed to be back in the chair and bring back some original people, not these pathetic excuses.
August 13, 2011
My least favorite of the trilogy, yet I still got about the same level of enjoyment out of this third entry as I did the second. Once again its a stupid film loaded with cheesy action scenes, a cheesy storyline, and dumb dialogue, but what can I say? I love awesomely bad films.
May 14, 2010
None of the Darkman movies paid any homage to the comic books...They could have stopped at movie number one"
½ April 15, 2010
(**): Thumbs Down

This movie is actually quite bad but I sort of enjoyed Fahey's over the top villain. Unintentionally hilarious throughout so that made it somewhat tolerable (but not nearly enough for me to recommend it!).
½ February 20, 2008
Lifting WAY to many scenes directly from Darkman II, probably as cost cutting. It sucked.

and the story was dumb.

The only good thing was seeing Jeff Fahey, recently known as Frank from LOST, as a bad guy. Made me laugh super imposing Frank over Peter, character wise.
½ July 4, 2008
Bad acting, bad story, bad writing. It felt much longer than 87 minutes. Didn't have that same sense of fun that part 2 had.
March 31, 2008
Maybe a shade or so less campy that the first DTV sequel, but-trust me-that's still plenty cheesy. Of course, I say that with much love. At least this one doesn't completely rehash the plot of the original. I give it three stars for the title alone.
½ January 22, 2008
[b]Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die[/b]

Released: October 1996 / December 28, 1998 / August 7, 2007
Director: Bradford May

Look at the title. Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die, what a joke. This title is such a joke, I've joked about it so many times and it still have the same funny feeling. Why would you name a movie like this? Yeah the bad guys want Darkman to die but really was it necessary to have a title like this? Right off the bat this should give you a good feeling on how this movie is.

Darkman is once again in a huge mess but this time with a drug lord. In the second movie Darkman stole money from a drug deal, but in that process he killed a few guys. This scene lasted a few minutes in Darkman 2 and all it did was show how Westlake funds his projects, he steals money from the bad and keeps it. That scene sets up Darkman 3. Did they run out of ideas? I hope people can remember this happening because in the now ten minute flashback scene we are not reminded of it. We do see the same flashback scenes from the second movie but with a few things from Darkman 2. Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die is already shorter, the shortest out of the trilogy, so adding an even longer flashback scene makes no logical sense at all. Why did they even bother with this movie?

Everything in this movie is rushed. After the ten minute flashback sequence we are treated to the same footage from Darkman 2, literally. Either they filmed the same thing again or they re-used it. They did manage to throw in one difference but I will leave that up to you guys to point it out. Darkman 3 so far doesn't offer anything new, that is until some doctor from the first movie, whom we never met, finds Darkman's secret lair. She tells him about a cure that could help him but she needs to test it. Since Westlake wants to be normal again he trusts her, first mistake. From this point forward Darkman 3 offers little of anything.

We are introduced to the drug lord, Peter Rooker, played by Jeff Fahey. I hate this actor, he has a fake appearance about him, from his voice to the way he walks, I hate him. The guy wants Darkman for one reason, he needs his powerful strength and stamina to make the ultimate drug. Wait time out, powerful stamina? This was not mentioned in the other two Darkman movies, now we are introduced to the stamina factor? Jesus Christ what the hell is going on here?

Any way, getting back to the movie, Rooker wants to get his DNA and make the ultimate drug. When they get this from Darkman we see the same thing from the past movies, Darkman uses other peoples faces and does naughty things. In this process though he falls in love with Rooker's wife and we are constantly reminded how he has always told himself that he would never fall in love with other people. I don't remember him ever saying this but I will let this one slide. Well after awhile of this, and no time as Darkman we come to the end of the movie.

The ending of the movie is where we mainly see Darkman. Here and there in the movie we did see him, but again it was mainly Westlake, a lot of Westlake. This really shouldn't have had the Darkman name on it, actual screen time with Darkman was slim. I want to see Darkman, not that stupid actor that plays Westlake/Darkman. Horrible and the end, Darkman has to fight people with the same strength and stamina as him, is so un-climatic.

[b]Final Verdict
[/b]Out of the entire Darkman Trilogy this one is the worst. Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die fails hard within the first ten minutes. The flashback sequence lasts way too long, ten minutes is uncalled for when a movie isn't even an hour and a half long. Not only that a lot of scenes from the second movie are re-used here, this is usually done with the worst movies ever created. Does that make Darkman 3 the worst movie? No, it does offer a few good things but I really can't remember them right now, the bad weighs the good down.

[/b]1 out of 10
September 30, 2007
Another good sequel. Vosloo gets screwed out of top billing once more by the man himself, Jeff Fahey. I could've sworn they used some footage from Darkman II in this. If so, it just adds to that direct to video feel that I love. So Darkman perfects his skin but only synthesizes a small amount because he's screwed over by Edward Furlong's mom from Pet Sematary 2. Fahey has his villain voice on for the entire film & spouts off some funny one liners...& is a great piano player. When he's hopped up on the Darkman strength formula, he adds a fun little maniacialness to his plate. And the title is a nice little nod to some of the old monster movies. Also hearing the Back to the Future theme was a plus. The subplot of Darkman posing as Jeff Fahey was a glimpse into what he could've been if Durant & his boys didn't cause the explosion in the first flick. Darkman saves the day once more & could save his face but uses the skin to help Jeff Fahey's daughter, who got a faceful of natural gas from a steaming pipe. What a selfless hero. Darkman's ending monologue was shorter than the second one but it was still cool. Vosloo has an awesome voice. Good stuff.
September 28, 2007
I know there is a 4th book out there of the series. An in that one he does invent s skin that does last forever. At the end of the 3rd they show you he has it. he used it on the girl to save her face....
July 22, 2006
I admit, I saw this. Though I haven't seen any of the others. Perhaps that's why I didn't really enjoy it.
February 15, 2016
What about that tattoo on your chest? Doesn't it say Die Darkman Die?

No, that's German...for The Darkman, The.
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