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Josh Ralske
All Movie Guide
July 11, 2004
In 2004, watching downtown skyscrapers collapse...should cause more queasiness than the filmmakers intend, even if the buildings are located in Los Angeles.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/10
Wesley Lovell
Cinema Sight
July 11, 2004
Even the names of the characters are weak and unoriginal.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
David Keyes
July 3, 2004
...the visual highlights are unable to stand on their own; they get buried behind a screen of shoddy characterizations, useless subplots and cheesy ploys for tension.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/4
Ryan Cracknell
Movie Views
June 30, 2004
It's the end of the world and it looks just fine.
Nick Davis
Nick's Flick Picks
June 26, 2004
It's like Deep Impact as made by Michael Moore, and that's a good thing, or a good enough thing.
Full Review | Original Score: B-
Jeffrey M. Anderson
Combustible Celluloid
June 18, 2004
Funnier than anything since Battlefield Earth.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
June 16, 2004
Each set piece is good, clean apocalyptic fun, and that's what I paid to see.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
Mark Palermo
Coast (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
June 16, 2004
The movie settles into a generic soap opera broken up with enough fancy effects shots to cut a nifty trailer.
Dan Marcucci and Nancy Serougi
Broomfield Enterprise
June 11, 2004
The Bush and Cheney look-a-likes took a pretty good beating for being the heads of the evil administration that brought on all the trouble.
Mike Sage
Peterborough This Week
June 10, 2004
amazing imagery, moody score, ludicrous science, mentally challenged dialogue and eyeball-scratching acting
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5
Donald Munro
Fresno Bee
June 10, 2004
Let's put it this way: They won't be giving Roland Emmerich an honorary doctorate in meteorology.
| Original Score: B
Tony Toscano
Talking Pictures (U.S.)
June 9, 2004
...the film's stars seem to be slightly out of phase with the action.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
Thomas Delapa
Boulder Weekly
June 9, 2004
If Emmerich's science doesn't compute, his blizzard of special effects should at least get you fired up.
Stephen Himes
Flak Magazine
June 9, 2004
This is why Liberals are losing the environment debate
Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
Mark R. Leeper
June 7, 2004
The story is compelling and plausible enough for non-experts. Much like a Jerry Bruckheimer disaster film: lots of CGI to create its images of colossal destruction.
Full Review | Original Score: 6/10
Top Critic
Richard Roeper
Ebert & Roeper
June 7, 2004
... the situations are just so ludicrous that it really detracts from the quality of the special effects ...
Jules Brenner
Cinema Signals
June 5, 2004
Puts me in mind of a great truism: "Instant gratification isn't fast enough." For Emmerich, neither is nature.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
Andy Klein
Los Angeles CityBeat
June 5, 2004
...there's not enough diversion to keep one's mind from fixating on some of the stupider plot points.
Michael W. Phillips, Jr.
Goatdog's Movies
June 5, 2004
Colossal, cheesy, and meaningless.
Full Review | Original Score: 1/5
Jake Euker
F5 (Wichita, KS)
June 4, 2004
"The Day after Tomorrow is junk, but it's not a rip-off. Emmerich sincerely wants to entertain you, which is more than you can say for most of his Hollywood peers."
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
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