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April 19, 2008
Think Greg Kihn's "Our Love's In Jeopardy" video @ 200 mph. Fuck I dated myself.
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July 1, 2006
Who would have thought that Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson started his career off by making campy, gory horror schlock films like this? This film, despite the copious and over the top amounts of blood and gore, is actually quite hilarious and enjoyable.

The plot follows a village dweeb who tries to have a budding romance, while also trying to conceal the fact that his overbearing mother is a flesh-eating zombie.

The tone of the film is deliriously cartoonish and over the top.I think that's what makes it surprising considering that it's also probably the goriest film I've ever seen, if not the goriest of all time. Seriously. I can't believe how gruesome and messy this film gets, and I actually feel even more twisted for finding it all so friggin' amusing. The effects are very well done, and really make you appreciate the effort that goes into this sort of thing.

The acting is also surprisingly really good, and there's some good lines, too.
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August 1, 2012
"Dead Alive" is a weird, gory, disgusting movie. It's also pretty funny. As far as zombie films go this is one of my favorites. Peter Jackson pre-LOTR era. It's some brutal stuff.
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February 10, 2012
There is funny, there is scary, there is disgusting, and there is gore. This film is the tip of the iceberg in every category. Peter Jackson directs one of the most disgusting films in history, about an animal discovered on Skull island, later used in his "King Kong" film. The animal is very rare and needs to be transported back into society, where they decide to display it at a zoo. It is some kind of skeleton monkey, and we find out that it is in fact dead. It bites Timothy's mother and she turns into a zombie. This sparks the rest of the film and eventually leads into a much larger infestation. This film knows how to make fun of the genre, but it also knows how to take away your appetite. I highly recommend staying away from this film if you have a weak stomach. "Dead Alive" is one of the best horror films out there, even if it is one of the cheesiest. It feels real at times and the transformations are terrifying and disturbing. I have no problem saying that this has a perfect blend of almost every cinema genre. After the film finished, I was able to look past the gross-out portions and come to the conclusion that this is truly a fantastic picture!
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November 17, 2007
By far one of the most absurd yet hilarious films I have seen concerning a stumbling, bumbling momma's boy (Timothy Balme) who does his best to keep his infected mother (Elizabeth Moody) who later turns into a zombie, under control, despite her constant infection of those around her, which results in a chaotic bloodbath. It is hard to believe this is the same Peter Jackson that crafted one of the richest film trilogies ever in "The Lord of the Rings", but alas, everyone has a starting point, and this is a fine one indeed. It is one of those films that is impossible to recommend, being that this movie is celebrated as the goriest film ever made. Instead of trying to keep it safe and going for obvious humor, Jackson goes ridiculous and plays it slapstick and side-splitting, you really have to give him a lot of credit for his camera work and his balls-out approach to this subject matter. Again, because it is so gross and hard to watch, this probably devalues its rewatchability and overall strength of a solid "recommendation" to others. But I personally really enjoyed this film, and was laughing throughout the whole thing. The lawnmower zombie scene is possibly the best horror sequence ever. I'm being serious.
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August 28, 2011
Peter Jackson's 3rd film before he directed the LOTR trilogy may be one the most legendary films ever made (well, at least in horror film or cult film circles). And there's a reason why. It is sick. No, really, it's more insane in the gore department than anything I have ever seen. It is literally the goriest film ever made (with the most fake blood ever used for a single film, with one of the final scenes using over 80 gallons of the stuff). But what makes me give this film 5 stars is how freaking funny it is. THIS is horror comedy prime, so excessively violent that the viewer cringes while laughing. Or vomits while laughing (when you rent this film in Denmark, the customer receives 4 complimentary barf bags). The effects look fake, but in a good way, with some truly inventive effects shots (the coolest involving a set of internal organs that attacks someone while checking itself out in the mirror). I really wish that Peter Jackson would make a big budget gore fest nowadays, because with the advances in visual effects, he could do even crazier things. But that probably will never happen. Which is too bad. Because this is kind of an awesome movie.
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½ September 24, 2011
The story line is ridiculous, the special effects terrible and the dialogue abominable but this movie is BRILLIANT. Not the best "horror" movie but for a gross out gore fest where you literally never know what is round the corner, Jackson delivers what I missed in Bad Taste and gives a magically macabre, genuinely hilarious and diabolically digusting piece of film that any fan of the genre would be happy to have on their shelf, as indeed this fan is and always will be. A classic for the people who don't say "well that didn't look real". Don't watch this movie with someone like that!
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July 26, 2011
I saw it, I survived it, and I never want to see it again.
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½ March 14, 2011
Dead Alive is easily the best zombie film ever made. This film oozes with originality and the amount of gore is simply unimaginable. You have never watched a zombie film until you have watched Dead Alive.
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March 14, 2011
I love Peter Jackson, I think he's one of the most original directors we've seen in a long time. This 1992 that he directed remains famous due in part to the lawnmower scene, which is the best part and high point of the film. I saw this film a while back and did enjoy it, but man was it weird. I've seen Jackson's previous work with Bad Taste and I knew about this splatter classic from my uncle who happens to be a diehard fan of this film. In fact, I think Brain Dead is his favorite film. So I watched it, and man I enjoyed it. the gore was so over the top, it would probably make Fulci nauseous. Brain dead is a fine splatter film that will appeal to gore hounds and Peter Jackson fans everywhere. But to be honest, I couldn't believe that this was made by the same guy that made The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. What we have in Braindead is one of the goriest, most repulsive films ever made, and the blood and guts fly everywhere. Jackson has crafted a humourous film with this, and Brain Dead definitely remains a classic of horror. But personally I much preferred Bad Taste to this film. Those with weak stomachs should pass on this one, but those who enjoy gore, this is not to miss. Peter Jackson has had a reputation before Lord Of The Rings where he made the best and goriest films, well he is one of the best splatter directors, but for me he's second to Fulci. Brain Dead is a very messed up film thats equally funny as it is disgusting, if you want a gross gore fest, look no further than Brain Dead, you will most likely not be disappointed with the gore content and the Lawn Mower scene is definitely the best thing about the film, and by horror standards, it's also one of the goriest. A definite must see for gore fans. Not a perfect film, but well worth watching.
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½ January 4, 2011
Dead Alive, the first major studio film from Peter Jackson is one of the strangest, most over-the-top horror comedies I have seen. A cult film in the highest regard, this film has tons and tons of gore, horny zombies, a kung fu fighting priest, a zombie baby, and a tarot card prophecy that leads to a wonderful romance. If this doesn't sound like your kind of movie, don't bother, you will only be disgusted. If it does, then it was made just for you!
What's most interesting about this movie is the effects. This is one of Peter Jackson's jump start films, and in it, you see a real auteur at work. The director's passion for new ideas and innovative effect techniques are brilliantly displayed, especially for a film that is budgeted at only 3 million.
So zombie lovers, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy. Squeamish people, avoid this one like the plague.
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½ December 12, 2007
A mama's boy finds his budding romantic entanglement with a local Latina shopkeeper complicated when mom turns into a zombie who he keeps tranquilized in his basement. Campy and often hilarious horror comedy; the last half-hour is a bloody extravaganza that will never be outdone in terms of absurd comic gore.
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½ September 15, 2009
And you thought flymos are just for cutting grass! This is Peter Jackson's masterpiece, not Lord of the sodding rings!
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January 22, 2007
If this doesn't get you to like Peter Jackson, then nothing will, and you are a bad person for it. Were I not so desensitized, this would probably be the most gruesomely, horrifyingly hilarious thing I'd ever seen, but I can safely just call it hilarious. And so fucking creative, too! Some of the carnage on display here is absolutely mindblowing. The man knows his way around a set-piece and a low budget; is it any wonder that, with millions of dollars under his belt, he can produce a multiple Oscar winner?

The ending is so bombastic that the movie actually overdoses on it; I was ready for it to end in the last ten minutes, personally. But the rest of this is sheer gold. Absolutely a must-watch for any horror fan.
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June 9, 2006
Lionel Cosgrove: They're not dead exactly, they're just... sort of rotting.

Before Peter Jackson got very famous and much acclaim for those hobbit movies, he was known as a cult horror movie director. He made some very strange films. This is one of them.

This film IS the Goriest Movie Ever, no joke, take that how you want. What makes it even more fun is how ridiculously over the top this movie goes, while keeping the core of this movie centered on a romantic comedy between the two adorable leads.

Zoo Keeper: Story goes, these great big rats come scuttling off the slave ships and raped all the little tree monkeys

It starts out the way a ridiculous movie should. A Sumatran Rat Monkey is brought over from Skull Island to the local zoo in New Zealand. Meanwhile we meet the local shop girl, Paquita, the nervous young man, Lionel, and his dominating mum. Soon Paquita and Lionel go on a date, much to mum's despair. She follows them to the zoo only to get bitten by the rat monkey. Oh I hate it when that happens.

This little bite leads to bad times for everyone involved, but it also gives Lionel the kind of shift in his life that he needs.

Uncle Les: Is that the one with the donkey and the chambermaid?

While this is a romantic comedy at heart, make no mistake, once this movie gets going on the crazy, it doesn't stop. All kinds of fluids come from everywhere in extremely inventive ways. Jackson is firing on all cylinders here and despite the gore factor he has made a very good film, with characters that embrace how ridiculous the situations become and stick with it. In particular, Timothy Balme as Lionel proves to be New Zealand's Bruce Cambell, as he must balance physical comedy with romantic lead and hero zombie killer.

This is an outrageous, over-the-top gore fest, that is very funny and pure entertainment at its bloody best.

Paquita Maria Sanchez: Your mother ate my dog!
Lionel Cosgrove: Not all of it.
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½ February 2, 2008
"So Fucked Up" highlight: Momma's face begins falling into the soup
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June 20, 2008
This baby starts out five-star, gangbusters clever and funny, but drops dead after 30 minutes or so. A typical Peter Jacksonian . . . bummer . . .
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March 24, 2008
cheesy over the top zombie fun; better than shaun of the dead! bloody hilarious!
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January 24, 2007
Gore, Gore, Gore!! Love it!!
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