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Dead Man Reviews

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Pablo Eterovic
April 8, 2014
Este western experimental de Jim Jarmusch nos trae a un joven Johnny Depp, quien interpreta a William Blake, un contador de Cleveland que había perdido recientemente a sus padres, que viaja al remoto pueblo de Machine en base a una oferta de empleo que había recibido. Su largo y viaje bizarro termina en un pueblo en el que nadie querría vivir. Al acudir a la las empresas Dickinson, el dueño le informa que el puesto había sido utilizado un mes antes. Desde entonces comenzará una serie de infortunios que llevaran a Blake a interactuar con pieles rojas, encontrarse consigo mismo, y descubrir facetas que temía. Un excelente thriller bastante sicológico también. Absolutamente recomendable, en especial por la banda sonora de Neil Young.
March 28, 2014
a straightforward artistic representation of the Western American world at that time, (and the southern American world at this time.) Jarmusch did a good job of setting the stage, but the content came off as bland, with only sprinkles of depth.
barone r.
March 3, 2014
The initial train sequence alone is worth the ticket.
Great movie, with perfect actors, picture, soundtrack, everything.
Cannot say more: I have to go buy some tobacco!
April 3, 2013
Fucking hell, man. Talk about tightrope grace.
Chris B

Super Reviewer

June 9, 2011
Another black and white film by Jim Jarmusch that is an original character study involving the stories protagonist William Blake played by Johnny Depp. In the beginning of the film we see his character, who is wearing a suit and spectacles, arrives too late to a potential job and thus losses it to another fellow. He befriends a local prostitute whom after only a few words he sleeps with and that sets into motion the film, the event that would define his life. A distraught ex-lover of the woman enters the room and after some harsh words between the two, the man shoots his ex while she is diving in front of Blake, still dumbfounded next to her on the bed. William Blake (Depp) then in return shoots at, and after several misses, hits the ex-lover and kills him. The father of the now deceased man puts a bounty out on Blake, saying that he is responsible for killing both his son and his fiancée. Going forward and while being on the run, Blake has been mortally wounded in the previous shootout between the ex-lover and himself and ultimately passes out from the pain of the wound out in the woods. He awakens to meet an Indian named simply "Nobody" who mistake him for the English poet of the same name, deciding to be his guide to the Spirit World. Meanwhile the three men hired to pursue Blake are on there trail, each deadlier than the last.
I rather enjoyed the film as Jarmusch films are anything but unoriginal and the black and white photography is rich and sets a sobering mood to fit the story into. There is plenty of shootouts and action despite primarily being a character study and adding many dimensions to each in the film. Dead Man certainly isn't for everyone and there is some very adult content within. This being said it is also an original, well shot, and excels at being a fun and adventurous character study and seeing Depp's character go from ordinary man to a cold-blooded killer.
January 16, 2014
This is a dreamy vision of a man awaiting his death while on the run. It's incredibly poetic & hypnotic, the music is incredibly good, Johnny Depp is fantastic in this distorted western black & white movie. One of the best film of the year 1995.
June 30, 2011
Dead Man feels like a western directed by David Lynch in his early period, complete with stark black and white cinematography, surreal happenings, and some very interesting characters to keep us engaged n the story. Jarmusch's trademark off beat humor works to the films benefit as we become increasingly more and more accustomed to the ever likeable main characters. Johnny Depp as the accountant turned killer has a fascinating journey to follow, but by far the best character in the film is Gary Farmer as Nobody, arguably one of the most layered characters in recent western cinema. An of these elements alone would've made the film good, but what really elevates the material is the highly poetic, postmodernist take upon such a familiar genre that makes it a must see film for those who believe they have seen it all when it comes to the American genre. A strange little film that must be seen to be believed.
A M.
January 8, 2014
Amazing symbolist picture, an iniciatic journey, a masterpiece, including the music. Reminds me of Juan Rulfo's Pedro Páramo. There's always more than meets the eye.
January 8, 2014
A film largely based on metaphors and religious subtext, Dead Man offers a different type of coming-of-age story about a well-endowed realist named William Blake (coincidentally named after the famous poet) who, after running from the law, goes through a life-changing experience with the help of a Native American fellow who teaches him about the importance of romanticism and different world perspectives. Though this film does leave the viewer confused in its allegory and cliffhanger-like ending, it also leaves the viewer wondering about their own path, and is open to much interpretation.
December 14, 2013
My favorite film. Hey, everyone has to have one and this one is mine. The black and white film is great to see and has good contrast between light and shadow. The story is interesting but even more so, the characters are a joy to see. The music, the settings, the old west feel, and it really does feel like it is happening in the old west and that the viewer has a window seat... a very close view.
July 26, 2007
"'Dead Man' is a strange, slow, unrewarding movie." Even as a Depp fan, I didn't get into this overlong, colorless trip. "The direction, by Jim Jarmusch, calls attention to itself more often than it should...the experience seems more like an exercise in filmmaking rather than a movie." "The black and white cinematography by Robby Mueller, however, is quite striking and evocative of older westerns." "For sleepwalkers and dreamers" is code for "having absolutely nothing happening on the screen for long periods of time, fading to black, and then coming back with still more nothing."
December 3, 2013
Jarmusch's take on the western genre might not be for everyone, but it's deliciously poetic and an everlasting classic.
April 5, 2012
Jim Jarmusch is my homie. The film is like some dark, poetic dream. Oh, and it has a cross-dressing Iggy Pop in it. That was another dream I had too.
October 26, 2013
The cool thing about this movie is the fact that William Blake the "artist" is full on phoney and all of those thinking the man to convey true understanding are full of shit as a an Xmas goose (Blake being a nobody and those who THINK he was someone are also nobodies) So is the disenfranchised Indian named Nobody also completely full of crap. Like the overwhelming majority of humankind that Depp's character William Blake represents, he is swept along totally clueless by way of deception, lies, ignorance. And so like the masses represented who also are lacking vision and also having no desire for true understanding are just swept along by spiritually blind guides into meaningless death, the whole time imagining that they REALLY had understanding. The punchline is all the folks that found truth beyond this.
October 14, 2013
A problem with allot of Jim Jarmusch's films is that the narrative and characters end up going nowhere. We get treated to some excellent photography, some great editing and a handful of good scene's, but overall the story arch never really goes anywhere and all of Jarmusch's trippy directorial style and the absurdest humour doesn't quite make up for the fact that the narrative just feels aimless. Jarmusch has made some movie's that I have really liked such as "Down By Law", but this movie personifies allot of the problems I have with his use of narrative structure. However, while the film has it shortcomings, it's unique directorial style and some of Jarmusch's madcap humour at least make the film mostly entertaining and not boring.
October 5, 2013
Saw a midnight showing of this at the Music Box in Chicago presented by Nick Offerman. He hyped it up a lot beforehand. Wasn't blown away. Very trippy. Reminded me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (another Depp film)
September 18, 2009
Long story at first it was boring but sooner it makes sense. Johnny Depp played as a William Blake he's cute and young there. He is helluva talented. The cinematography was entirely shot in black and white that makes it dull and empty. to sum up its all about the journey of Mr. bloke he finds a job in the west and unfortunately the job he applied to have already been taken then he start wandering in the western civilization... the director really did a great job in capturing the loneliness emotion of the viewers. So I suggest to watch it when you're in empty mood. Greatness
September 22, 2013
Dead Man is a great film, and a great western. I don't know why it's not rated higher than crap like Maverick. It should be up there with the Searchers and Red River.
February 15, 2009
Un bon western avec un putain de casting.
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