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½ December 3, 2008
Bronson against a mob of men. I feel like this is recurring theme in his films.
This film in particular has then going after him, still not too different.
This is a good movie though. Lee Marvin and his gang of local toughs and deputies and well fleshed out.
What's cool also about this film is that it's sort of in two parts. One where Bronson is protecting himself in his house, and the last part where he is running away from the group after him.
It's a solid action, with some great moments.
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January 17, 2008
Great face off film that I'm seeing on TV more and more nowadays. Awesome!
June 16, 2012
The movie DEATH HUNT turns history on its head, but in doing so it manages to deliver an entertaining movie that details the determination of two men in a manhunt across the Canadian tundra.
Directed by James Bond veteran Peter Hunt, who after working as an editor on the first few 007 pictures was promoted to director of the fan favorite ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE and went on to direct such classics as GOLD and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL.
The movie DEATH HUNT provides Hunt the opportunity to reteam with his SHOUT AT THE DEVIL star Lee Marvin. Marvin plays a world-weary Canadian Mountie who is obligated (I use that word because Marvin's character seems to feel some sympathy for his quarry) to bring in a trapper (played by a quiet brooding Charles Bronsan) who is being harassed by some local thugs.
The execution of this story is excellent, the acting first-rate and the shots of the Yukon breathtaking. Where this movie does falter is in purporting to tell history by tying in the story of the Mad Trapper of Rat River into the fabric of the story - and in doing so unraveling all the history books tell us about the real incident.
Just type in `Mad Trapper of Rat River" on an Internet search engine to learn all you want to know about the 1931 incident, but everything we know about the real incident tells us that Albert Johnson was the guilty party. But here Johnson is portrayed as an innocent man whose pursuers use the charge of his being the mad trapper as an excuse to mobolize the law enforcement resources of the Yukon to catch him.
Given that nobody to this day really knows the identity of Johnson, the filmmakers invent a rather fanciful past for him. The character Marvin plays - Millen - was also shot and killed by Johnson in a shootout midway through the chase, but in the movie DEATH HUNT Marvin's character is in the chase to the very end.
Still, taken as a piece of fiction the movie DEATH HUNT is resounding stuff. I saw it on television some years ago and was hoping it would one day be released on DVD. Hunt is an expert at building suspense and a master at drama - and DEATH HUNT have both those elements in plentiful supply.
In addition to Marvin and Bronsan the movie also features an impressive supporting cast with young heartthrob of the late 1970s/1980s Andrew Stevens as a young, eager Mountie and Carl Weathers (of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies fame) as another weary Mountie. Add to the mix Ed Lauter and Angie Dickinsoin and the pedigree of this feature is obvious.
So, the overall verdict? This is an entertaining action adventure with plenty of suspense and drama. Just don't expect an accurate history lesson.
½ June 8, 2011
This movie is an even better model for home defense than Straw Dogs. Another good, believable Western.
March 4, 2008
This is a movie that is better than most,and the scenery is fantastic.
Charles Bronson,Lee Marvin and Carl Weathers,that's a good solid cast.Based on a true story.
Worth seeing.
September 12, 2007
Just saw tis again today. What a phenomenal movie! The scenery, the lines of the actors, the pot, all were fantastic.
½ March 25, 2015
As someone who loves mountain men movies, the stand-off at the log cabin had me laughing like a little kid. So much fun. And as an animal lover I respect his motives. If you like this movie check out Challenge To be Free. It's another movie about the Mad Trapper. Bronson is the most badass Mad Trapper and the guy in Challenge To Be Free is the most crazy. So if you like Death Wish and the smell of animal fur you should definitely watch this one.
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May 7, 2009
This is the first time i saw this movie and i have never heard anything about it before. A cast with Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin and with a genre like this its a must see flick with no doubt. There are a few other good familar actors aswell so the perfomances will not let you down. The story takes places in the 1930's where Albert Johnson , a trapper in the winter mountains kills a man in self defense and will soon have a bunch of men after him for justice.. Quite simple plot and very exciting. I love these kind of movies with beautiful landscapes which im very familar to myself. The movie reminds me of First Blood in a way and Brosnan fits perfect in his role. Its not a superb classic but its a movie worth a closer look if you have totally missed it like i had.
July 31, 2007
Totally forgettable.
½ October 16, 2012
Death Hunt directed by Peter Hunt. A fictionalized account of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) manhunt of a man named Albert Johnson. Starring Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin. This is second film of two of Cinema's versatile actors who appeared together since The Dirty Dozen.

Albert Johnson (Charles Bronson) a trapper living in the Yukon in the 1930s. He rescues a badly injured white German Sheperd from dogfight from a dogfight after paying 200 bucks to its owner forcibly. He is reported to Sgt. Edgar Millen (Lee Marvin) after the owner receives bloodbath for retrieving back his dog. Finally Millen besieges Albert's cabin.

There is a grand opening-scene, one that sends chills across your body. Being a great fan of movies set in iced-lands, I was excited whole time, just to think about the two great men together on the screen. I have always praised and respected Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin. I was simply speechless much of the time to figure, who should I weigh in for, but unfortunately it was never decided and I was lucky to get a marvelous ending. Still a better movie!
September 28, 2012
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½ April 25, 2012
Death Hunt caught my eye tonight. I hadn't seen it in years and thought I'd give it another hit. The film was made in 1981 but it feels much older. Its got all the qualities of a classic western, despite it not really being one. It's set in the Yukon Territory in the 1930s. Charles Bronson plays a reclusive trapper who lives high in the mountains. During a venture to town for supplies he interrupts a dog fighting tournament, rescues a dying dog and upsets a lot of men in the process. They seek retribution and one of them end up at the wrong end of Bronson's rifle. Lee Marvin plays the senior mounty who leads a hunting party into the wilderness to hunt & kill Bronson. It's a strange movie... its has that classic 50s sensibility in it's style but its packed with graphic violence, course language and crude dialogue. It's good though and the dvd I watched had a gritty video transfer quality (still in widescreen) but that added to the effect. It's sort of a forgotten movie and if you like Bronson or Marvin then it won't disappoint. There's also a heap of familiar faces in support roles including Carl Weathers, Ed Neumeister and Andrew Stevens.
May 16, 2011
That look on your face will turn good whiskey into sour piss

In the year 1931, the Yukon is occupied by a trader named Albert Johnson. While wandering the countryside he comes upon a group of dog fighters and decides to purchase the losing dog off the owner. The owner of the dog feels underpaid in the exchange and chases Albert in hopes of extorting more money; unfortunately, during their Rendez-vous, a man is killed by Johnson. The dog seller decides to get the local sheriff involved. Can Albert escape the pursuit of the unsavory dog seller and the noble sheriff?

"What are you going to do, Edgar?"
"I'm going to close my eyes and pray you disappear."

Peter Hunt, director of Shout at the Devil, Wild Geese II, Assassination, and Eyes of a Whiteness, delivers Death Hunt. The storyline for this movie is fairly interesting, primarily due to the time period and settings. The action scenes are also fairly good and the cast delivers their performances well. The cast includes Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Carl Weathers, Angie Dickinson, and Andrew Stevens.

"Where's headquarters?"
"Wherever I'm standing."

Charles Bronson has become an actor my wife and I DVR on a regular basis. His films are a bit inconsistent but interesting for the most part. This particular film was quite enjoyable and a bit unpredictable. The action scenes were solid and Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson portrayed their characters perfectly. I recommend seeing this film if you are a fan of 70s/80s action pictures.

"Look who just got uncivilized."

Grade: B (7.5)
September 23, 2010
There is no surprise that I love tough old bastards, and Bronson and Marvin are two of the toughest. Unfortunately, in this film, they are two of the oldest (at least 10-15 years past making this an interesting picture). Here's the film in a nutshell: a trapper (Bronson) upsets the locals, but not the law (Marvin). So, the yokels surround Bronson's cabin and, well, shoot the shit out of it. End of film right? NEVER! Brons actually clips a guy in the process AND NOW the law HAS TO get involved, although it doesn't want to because it admires Bronson. Repeat scene 1, but this time Marvin is present and the cabin is dynamited!! Film over? NEVER! Now ensues a chase... in the Canadian Rockies... covered in snow... with men all wearing dark clothes. If any of the inbreds could shoot straight, the credits would have rolled (Marvin of course doesn't aim to kill--out of respect or something). Each man eyes each other with a wink-wink "I respect you (the older generation)" and that's all she wrote. Seriously, I fawking love these guys, but even 90 minutes was too much. Also, note to.... anyone: if you are forced to set a film in Canada, just choose a fictional location (even if you're working with non-fiction). First, seeing the Mountie outfit took all the balls out of this film. It felt like a made-for-TV movie. Second, the word Mountie ('nuff said). Third, how much cooler is 'sheriff'?? Anyway, watch for nostalgia only (says I).
August 28, 2010
(** 1/2): Thumbs Down

This is a tough one to rate because the film is a truly bad film, with bad dialogue and not the greatest acting efforts from the cast. But, this is one entertaining and fun film that I probably would see again. Still, I just can't quite give a "Thumbs Up" because it did irk me with some of its ridiculous moments.
½ May 9, 2010
Terrific action picture. Overlooked during the time of its' release ( opened a week before Raiders of the Lost Ark ), this is the true tale of early 20th century trapper ( Bronson ) wrongly accused of a crime, escapes to the Canadian mountains, with Lee Marvin assigned to track him and kill him. Their back and forth battles across the icy wilderness, causes each of them to have a new found respect for each other. Directed by Bond veteran, Peter Hunt, he expertly stages bloody action, high fall stunts and superb aerial photography. The movie's best sequence : Bronson knows Marvin's posse is coming, and we're shown the process he goes to fortify his cabin, and modify his weapons, ( shotguns and rifles ) to prepare for war. Marvin with his team ( including Carl Weathers, and Andrew Stevens ) surround the cabin, then a hellacious firefight ensues. Marvin's team soon realize they have underestimated bad ass Bronson, and with the use of dynamite, all hell breaks loose, with Bronson at his shotgun blasting best. Awesome.
January 21, 2009
This is a great movie based on a true story. also has some great subtle humor in it
January 18, 2008
Bronson and Marvin re-connect after their teamwork in "the Dirty Dozen".
This formulaic kill-by-the-numbers hunt is spiced up with a biplane attack that goes drastically wrong.
It's always a treat watching the dour Broson deal out justice via the squeeze of a trigger.
Lee Marvin is both judge and enforcer, and finally, liberator.
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