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Death Wish 2 Reviews

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Super Reviewer

August 9, 2012
First sequel to the classic revenge action drama Death Wish is a step up in violence and action. Although not as great as the first, this film still manages to be thrilling from start to finish. After the events of the first film, Paul Kersey has moved to Los Angeles to restart a new life. Unfortunately he has to deal with the same situation again when hooligans break into his home rape his housekeeper and kidnap his daughter. He decides to clean up the streets again, and hunt down the hooligans who broke into his home. As a sequel, this film definitely is very good. It's definitely darker than the first film, more violent. Charles Bronson definitely shines here, and the film has plenty of action packed moments to keep you interested. The cast do a fine job in their performances, and as a whole, I personally feel that this is a fine sequel to a great film. Although it's not as memorable as the first film, this is still a must see and is good entertainment for action fans. I think as far as sequels are concerned, this among the better entries in the series, and is my personal favorite in this series. The plot is almost the same as the first, but who cares, Death Wish 2 is good fun from start to finish and if you're looking for a good action film to watch, then look no further than this film. Fans of the first will most likely enjoy this one as well, and it has something to appeal to every action buff. If you love Charles Bronson, you'll most likely love this film. A very well crafted follow-up to the first Death Wish, this one may be a bit more violent, but that shouldn't discourage fans of the first film.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

March 9, 2010
An unnecessary sequel, almost a carbon copy of the first. I'm a big fan of exploitation movies but this is just a little too gratuitous, and after the superior first, utterly pointless. I'll still watch the entire series though cos I'm like that!

Super Reviewer

March 2, 2008
Weak entry in the series, still has plenty of good deaths.
Brian D

Super Reviewer

June 3, 2009
More brutal than the first one and the violent crank up a notch.But at times plays very cartoonsh with action sences.Micheal winner make los angeles of the early 80s a scary place to live in.I would say forget the third and other sequals and just keep to the first one and this.Chrarles Bronson is alway a pleasure to watchon screen and some of his best stuff was from the 70's and early 80's.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

January 28, 2008
Be grateful for Michael Winner's sledgehammer sensitivity because it produced this classic.

None of Paul Kersey's (Charles Bronson) remaining family and friends get off lightly in this twisted nightmare of domestic violence, anal rape, vigilante justice and simplistic politics.

For fans of rough justice, the rape of Bronson's Mexican housemaid is truly amazing and eroticized like crazy by Winner's leering direction.

Thomas F. Duffy as Nirvana, the film's lead thug, is really horrible and a joy to behold (in a perverse way).

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page provides a rock score that scorches the L.A. imagery and Vincent Gardenia returns as the cop who prefers to look the other way.

A Cannon-backed sleazefest that brings home the groceries if you like eating trash.

Screw GONE WITH THE WIND. This is much more entertaining.

Super Reviewer

July 3, 2007
Some spoilers here*********************************

Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson, after a brief stay in Chicago has transfered his architecture firm to L.A and is planing to marry radio KABC personality and news writer Geri Nichols, Jill Ireland, and start a new life. After his old one was destroyed by a group of vicious muggers back in "The Big Apple".

Everything is going fine for Paul as not only that the police have stopped looking to arrested him, he was giving a free pass and ticket out of town courtesy of the the NYPD, his daughter Carol, Robin Sherwood, is recovering from the trauma of being raped and seeing her mother murdered back in NYC.

One afternoon at a local amusement park a group of thugs pick-pocket Paul's wallet and with the information in it go to his home. In a home invasion the thugs brutally raped and murder Pauls live-in maid Rosaria,Silvana Gallardo. Later when Paul and Carol come home for dinner, that Roseria was to prepare for them, he's knocked out and Carol kidnapped and taken to an old deserted factory by those filthy lowlife swines who murdered Roseria. Sexually abused by the drug crazed cretins Carol makes a run for it as they try to gang-rape her and jumps out of a third floor window and falls to her death; you don't have to think real hard to guess as what's to happen next when Paul finds out what these mugger/murder/rapists scum did to Carol & Rosaria.

Unlike the first "Death Wish" movie in this second installment Paul Kersey does track down and finish off the gang who did this dastardly act to him and those that he loved and cared for. With the body-count raising as Paul guns down the killers of his daughter and maid, Paul also puts away a number of other criminals as well, the LAPD gets in touch with NYPD Det. Frank Ochoa, Vicent Gradenia, who handled the the case of "The New York Vigliante Killings" some five years ago. At first trying to arrest Kersey, Ochoa knows that Kersey is the L.A Vigilante, he later saves his life by alerting Paul when he's about to be ambushed at a local park by the mugger gang, who were in the middle of doing a drug deal, at the coast of his own life.

During the shoot-out with the muggers Paul puts away all of them except Charles Wilson, who shot and killed Let. Ochoa, who was arrested high on PCP's the next day.Paul impersonating a doctor goes to the prison hospital where Wilson is a prisoner/patient. Wilson isn't fooled by Pauls disguise and after a bloody and vicious slug-fest, where Wilson almost killed Paul, Pal cures his uncivilized behavior with a strong and friendly jolt of electricity.

The L.A Police Department in the movie "Death Wish II" is as clumsy and ineffective as the NYPD was in "Death Wish". Always the last ones on the scene of a crime and the first ones to try to stop decent and fed up citizens, like Paul Kersey, from trying to do the work that their not doing. Paul in this movie did get help from those you would not have expected him to get assistance from: Det. Ochoa and Donald Kay, Charles Cyphers, an attendant at the prison/hospital. Kay let Paul escape after he did in his daughter's and Rosaria's rapist and murderer the violent and despicable and giggling Charles Wilson.

This is soild sequel to the original. Not as good of course but it is entertaining. The action is turned up a notch and the bad guys are very bad (always a plus in a action movie) A quick word of warning, this film has a very ugly rape scene that is still very disturbing even by todays standards.

Super Reviewer

May 25, 2007
The original was a brutal but decent revenge thriller, but the sequels are more Seven Seagal than Dirt Harry and they get worse as they go along. As such, this is the best of a bad bunch.
James K

Super Reviewer

December 1, 2008
This had the same gritty hard boiled feel as the original, but wasn't quite as dark.

Super Reviewer

June 27, 2008
The DW franchise opens up shop in the 80s...plenty of violence and action continues...Bronson is cool and collected and a joy to watch...
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

December 9, 2007
Bronson goes to LA to take care of some punks... and I don't mean babysit them! I mean kill them (in case you were wondering). Pretty good vigilante film, I like the angle that Kersey is hiding that he's a vigilante from his fiance. Not yet as cheesy as it becomes, the only part that screams cheese is when the punks (including Lawrence Fishburne III) hang out in the park doing a homo-erotic dance routine before buying guns in another part of the city entirely. I can totally see why Bronson feels the need to rid the world of them after watching them dance. Goodbye.
Anthony V

Super Reviewer

May 2, 2007
What a step down from the original!
March 4, 2012
Really stupid. I mean, it's still pretty entertaining, but it's just so dumb. I mean, implausibly dumb. But then again, how much can you really expect out a film from a series called Death Wish?
November 19, 2011
After getting a free pass for the killings in New York City, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) settles down in Los Angeles where he is subjected to another attack where his female cook and daughter are raped and brutally murdered by the hands of street thugs. Once again, the formula is simple and straight-forward, but with the scenes being a bit more graphic in nature. Somehow director Michael Winner thought these particular scenes would equal the same film as the previous, but unfortunately it doesn't. We're seeing more bodies being stacked up, but there's no feeling behind Kersey's motive to kill, even though the acts were more violent. He's become more like a zombie, enjoying the hunt more than the revenge part. Bronson's character is no one you would want to meet down a dark alley, but it would have been nice to get a little more feeling to his actions. Like I said in the review for Death Wish, the acting is a bit too wooden and here it hasn't changed much. At least in this film, he actually catches up to the thugs that committed these atrocities to him and his family.
August 11, 2009
Bronson continues his string of bad luck as his loved ones fall victim to yet another roving gang that steals his wallet, then targets his home for attack, claiming his daughter and housekeeper. He dons his gloves and toboggan hat combo to go into vigilante mode, easily killing all of the criminals involved, generally right beneath the noses of the law enforcement officers involved.

Fun for the tough guy storyline, but also amazingly unrealistic all the way through.

Worth a look as a rental.
June 10, 2009
Death Wish 2, carrying on the tradition of torturing Paul Kearsey. Paul is now living in LA and dating a british reporter that resembles Ashlee Simpson at 40 pre-nose job. His daughter is in a mental clinic, learning to come back to the real world.

On an outing, Paul decides to wait in line for ice cream while his daughter and girlfriend look at glass figurines. Some punks who are really just caricatures if anything else- with names like Stomper, Punkut, Nirvana, and Jiver (and I don't think they were ever called that in the movie itself!) to describe them visually I would call them Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds, a punk from Harold & Kumar that managed to time travel (a mullet like that will do that to you), and Laurence Fishburne. Yes, Laurence is sporting the fashion of the times, a Capone style gangter hat and hot pink shades that can only be dubbed as "futuristic from the 80s point of view." God, can you imagine if those visions of future fashions really did come true? :::shudder::

Oh wait, I went on a tangent. The hoodlums see Kersey as a mark (after he counts a wad of cash in public) and bump into him in line, harrass him, and he realizes they steal his wallet out of his pocket so he chases after them. He goes after one and beats the snot out of him in an alley but the guy does not have his wallet and Kersey walks back, claiming he forgot his wallet to his lady friend and daughter.

Cut to the home scene where the housekeeper is watching soap operas while making dinner. The punks bust in and we're reliving Death WIsh 1s pivotal scene- a graphic gang rape scene. I don't care who you are, even if the punks are almost cartoon-esque, this scene is uncomfortable and cringe worthy. Kersey drops off his girl friend and comes home with his daughter, the hoodlooms are waiting and beat him up. The housekeeper runs up with a phone and one of the guys smacks in the head with a crow bar, killing her. They panic and kidnap the daughter because "she's seen us! she can finger us all!" (forget the double entendre, it was the 80s).

The punks hole up in a warehouse and sit around like caged animals, eyeing the daughter up and down. When they get restless and go in for more rape, she panics, flees, jumps out a window and impales herself on a fence. You know, I really can't blame her- I would start going Kerrigan at that point (why?! why?) if that happened twice in my life.

This understandably stirs old emotions back up in Kersey, only in this movie he gets the people who actually did the harm (which is a good thing because I want closure, dammit!). First to go down is our mullet time traveler, right in the middle of a drug deal. The second is the jerk Kersey beat up in the alley previously (who gets wounded in the middle of ANOTHER attempted rape in a parking garage). The police at this point start suspecting off the start "It's a vigilante! New York had one! Get them on the line and see how they dealt with it!."

NY sends the old detective back to LA for damage control, they bureaucrats don't want anyone to find out that they only asked Kersey to stop, they didn't actually stop him. So the detective flies out, only this time, it's personal... (ok, bad joke). The detective squeals to Kersey's g/f (did I mention she's pro criminal rehabilitation)?

Long story short, cop gets shot as Kersey is stalking Laurence Fishburne to an arms deal. A pimp ride gets blown up. Kersey attacks "Ogre" in a mental ward, his girlfriend turned fiancee dumps him, and his daughter is still dead.

I still like it, especially if you pay attention to the background scenes (Kersey walking the streets at night and a random pimp shaking a lady in the camera foreground) but the Death Wish series continues as a display of human psychology in extreme retaliation to wrongs, as well as the collective human spirit towards eye for an eye justice.

So far Deathwish is establishing 'rapist' as a springboard career move, if you take into account Jeff Goldblum from DW1 and Laurence Fishburne in this one.

In summary, as a testament towards the one quote that represents this movie in my eye, the man who was saved by Kersey alongside his almost raped wife in the parking garage said it best when telling the cops to F-off the vigilante hunt, "Funny, from where I was standing he was a black guy with a red beard."
February 15, 2009
PCP is a helluva drug.

Still taking itself somewhat seriously as a conservative angry white male manifesto, it falls apart by making the wanton criminal youth vascillate between vandalism, theft, murder, nazi symbolism, and anal rape.
September 17, 2008
Paul Kersey shoots, kills, and blows up bad guys. Because that is what he does best. His relationship with his girlfriend is hilarious too because there is absolutely no chemistry between them. I don't think he ever even calls her by her name, then randomly proposes to her in a scene. The funniest part is that it is his wife in real life.
July 26, 2008
Liked this one even better than the first. It's cool watching Bronson blow away Laurence Fishburn (sorry Cowboy Curtis!)
June 27, 2007
Bronson is back for more in Death Wish the avenging angel and this time he's in LA, and I really love the music by this film by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page!. . .
May 23, 2007
Good to watch if you're tired of all those crime movies with whiney liberal lawyers who let scum go on technicalities. Bronson kills them outside the courthouse.
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