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October 29, 2007
A dumb and poorly made exploitation movie from the 60s. And an excuse to look at boobs and butts. Somewhat entertaining for the first 20 minutes or so in that sleazy way, but overall just generally bad and tries to be a Meyer flick in the worst way.
February 8, 2011
Somewhat tame by modern standards, this still has a convincing amount of cruelty and sleaze to it and was my first introduction to the 'roughies' that I've always heard Something Weird Video specializes in.

I think this sort of thing is worth a look as a time capsule curiosity, but to think anyone was ever aroused by this stuff is a bit puzzling.

Worth a rental if you know what you're getting into.
½ June 29, 2013
Distasteful junk about two sickos looking for "kicks."
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