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The Delta Force Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

December 9, 2013
There's a major hostage crisis going down, a small team of Arabian terrorists have taken control of a US airliner packed with innocent civilians. They wanna hurt the US of A, they will stop at nothing...what are you gonna do??. There's only one thing you can do, only one man you can call, not him, try again,! god damn it! Chuck! Chuck Norris! remember him? the bloke who never swears, the one with the stubble thing going on.

'sleep tight, sucker'

Now you'd think this was a stupid one man army type flick with hordes of bad guys getting mown down by the all American hero...and you'd be right. No seriously its actually a lot deeper than that believe it or not. There are many aspects of this film which have been based around real events which does give the film a serious biopic vibe, even though it is just an action flick.

The start of the film is set at the end of US Operation Eagle Claw as the Americans are evacuating Iran. But the main crux of the films plot is clearly based on the hostage crisis in 1985 of TWA flight 847. In fact the plot here is virtually an exact recreation of what happened, so it could almost be seen as a proper historical account, almost.

As for the actual rescue by Norris and his team, that is of course all make believe and where the film does enter the action man genre. To be honest everything up to that area is pretty intense really, the hijacking by a young tanned and impressive Robert Forster is really good and pretty authentic looking (can Forster really speak Lebanese?). You do actually feel uncomfortable watching the terrorists at work, you feel for the passengers and it does make you think about what you'd do in a similar situation. The scene where the bad guys start to single out all the Jews is admittedly an emotional moment, things get nasty and all you can think is where the hell is Chuck Norris.

Once you get past the airliner sections the film does loose that intensity, all the male/Jewish passengers have been locked away in a Beirut dungeon and its up to Delta Force to kick ass. This is where we get into Rambo territory as I'm sure you can guess. Its been slow coming but eventually you do get what you paid for if you paid for it that is, America's finest going head to head with errr...Robert Forster and his henchmen.

Sounds good right? well...meh. Yeah its OK but its not as awesome as I kinda expected, there are quite a lot of Delta Force soldiers so you don't really feel like you're watching an elite ops team, more like a platoon. The danger aspect is kinda lessened because there are so many of them. They are all driving through the town en route to the evil terrorists lair, no one sees or hears them apparently, despite them being a small armada. Then once the action does kick off we don't really see much of them, it all focuses on Norris running amok and taking everyone out just by growling at them (but not swearing! no swearing ever!!).

Can't deny its fun to watch the hairy one do his thing with that mullet whipping in the Middle Eastern wind but it does get hokey. The whole thing with him on the motorbike felt way too much like a kids superhero flick, plus do Delta Force use motorbikes with rocket launchers fixed on them?. The stunts are as you would expect from an 80's action flick...obvious. Obvious in the sense that you can seen the ramps vehicles go over, they explode for no reason, chases are clearly going at a snails pace and frequently hit stalls loaded with fruit and veg. Then there's my favourite, when about three or four bad guys appear and the good guy merely waves his gun randomly in the air at them and they all go down flailing like mad, classic stuff.

I love the films dated stereotypical approach to the Arabian bad guys though. All sweaty dirty looking with thick facial hair, wearing camouflaged army fatigues and head bands. Especially at the start of the film in the airport where one of the terrorists is trying to board, boy he doesn't look too suspicious with his mop of hair, scruffy beard and dripping in sweat!. Oh and the soundtrack is classic too, plays all the time, usually completely out of place and its entirely the wrong tone for film.

Its a bit of a Norris classic no doubt but the films vibe changes dramatically throughout. At first its quite a serious and strong drama based on reality, then things slowly change and we get the obligatory action man stuff but with silly 'A-Team-esque' vehicle jiggery pokery. Overall it did feel a bit like a TV movie at times to me, the lack of blood and hard violence lets it down if you ask me. Not that violence, blood and swearing makes a film better but there are times in films like this when you just need it to get you going, up the anti.

Not the best special ops action flick I've seen mainly because you only get special ops action at the end and even then you only get to know about three of this large squad, and one of them is Norris. I guess it doesn't feel like a special ops film to me, just a rescue film.

Super Reviewer

February 15, 2013
This was my least favorite Norris movie so far. It's more of a disaster and war movie, and I don't really care for either, let alone a combination of the two. This is too boring and too long.

Super Reviewer

November 28, 2006
What an explosive '80 action-thriller film to see the crack team of commandos including super-soldiers Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin can rescue the innocent people hostage taken from political extremists in this astounding mix of fact, fantasy and heavy-duty adventure. This is 130 non-stop minutes of explosive, wall-to-wall action!
Of course, you get plenty of ass-kicking fight scenes thanks to Norris who has never seemed tougher in a film. Marvin is also perfect in his role. The action gets even better when Norris rides out on his motorcycle shooting missiles out the front and back!
The cast is very good as well including Martin Balsam, Joey Bishop, Robert Forster, Lainie Kazan, George Kennedy, Hanna Schygulla, Susan Strasberg, Bo Svenson, Robert Vaughn and Shelley Winters. Marvin and Norris also have great chemistry together on the screen and among the most convincing tough guys in Hollywood.

Super Reviewer

June 7, 2010
Ok, for an action flick, this is really, really long. As far as I'm concerned, over half an hour could have been hacked out of this movie to give it the pace that it needs. I'm not quite sure what to make of it really, but found it to be extremely mediocre due to the slowness of it. There are some great scenes with the terrorists and the hostages that do have a bit of an emotional tug, but everything surrounding that is just bland and, well not very good. The action isn't even really that great. It's Chuck Norris, so you expect to see him kicking some ass, but to tell you the truth, he kicks very little ass and isn't a very big part of the film. That would be fine, but this has always been remembered as far back as I can remember as a 'Chuck Norris action classic', and it really isn't. I'm not quite sure what they were going for, but I wish they had spent more time in the editing room and trimmed out a lot of the fat.

Super Reviewer

January 24, 2007
chuck norris kicks people in the face!

Super Reviewer

June 24, 2006
Classic! Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin kick some terrorist ass!!
March 11, 2011
Israeli wet dream of a movie with lots of good, old-fashioned Arab killing. Plus, Alan Silvestri's non-stop disco score!
August 28, 2009
Good old fashioned *0's action flick loosley based on real events.
Although why Lee Marvin is in it is beyind me..all he does is stand around and growl alot.
July 28, 2008
Delta Force is basically GI Joe live, done in 1986 with director Menahem Golan. Chuck Norris helps in a crack commando team sent in to stop TWA hijackers. Maybe it's not terrible accurate to SEAL or special forces, but it's entertaining.
July 21, 2008
Crap. This movie was great when I was a kid, but if I were to see it today, well, who knows what might happen. My head might explode see his almighty Norris pulling off a roundhouse kick.
January 28, 2008
Probably the only movie with below four stars to make it to this list. Only cuz Chuck said I'd pay if I didn't
November 17, 2007
What a great flick where the elite force in the military saves hostages during the middle east cisis of the 80s
May 18, 2007
Terrorists hijack a plane, Delta Force kills them.
Chuck shoots a terrorist who had been hiding under a bed and says, "Sleep tight, sucker."
April 14, 2007
Take a look at that cover. Not one, but two RPGs. And that's awesome.

There is also an explosion going on in the background. And Lee Marvin has a stocking cap on. That stocking cap means "I don't take shit and I'm a man of the people."

Me too Lee. Me too.

You're so fucking cool.

And Chuck? He's not letting any of these thugs mess with Everyman and Everywoman. We all deserve a little corner of the world to call our own, to make toast in, to read the paper, maybe share a domestic beer with a friend. Chuck knows that. And he fights for it. He fights for US.

These guys fight them so we don't have to. I loved this movie.

I knew who to root for and I rooted for them. If you don't want to blow up the bad guys, who do you want to blow up?
March 25, 2007
This is like a 1980's Exceutive Decision.....this one is a lot better though. Chuck kicks ass and blows crap up.....the best is when he fires a rocket out of the motocross bike! Classic!
September 14, 2006
A fairly good action movie with a great cast. I watched it again not too long ago and it holds up pretty well.
July 15, 2014
While the film is not paced particularly well or the script well written, I still had a fun time with this film. Definitely only for fans of 80's action movies though.
December 14, 2011
Being known as one of Chuck Norris' most defining action features, I could not miss The Delta Force.

I was surprised at the quality of The Delta Force, because frankly it is one of the greatest action films I have ever seen and one of my personally favourite films.
The Delta Force is clearly a B-movie because it is not the most original action film, and it works to simply succeeds as what it is, which is an action film for Chuck Norris aficionados or simply fans of great action cinema. That being said, writer-director Menahem Golan does make an effort to make it an original film by incorporating some humane drama into the story. The first part of the film is dedicated to setting up a story by incorporating in the theme of a plane hijacking in which the Jewish passengers are separated from the others in a situation where a hesitant German stewardess is forced to get involved. The story in The Delta Force isn't a groundbreaking concept, but it allows a lot of area for great action scenes which is precisely what it delivers, and that is simply all you can expect.
The thing that makes The Delta Force awesome is the fact that you can never tell when it is going to end unless you are looking directly at the running time of the film. Every time that I thought the film might have been over, there was another action scene after it. But unlike Black Hawk Down, The Delta Force was not overwhelmed with action scenes but found the perfect amount in its high quantity. The action scenes are very versatile as they include fast paced car chase scenes, hand to hand combat, tactical kills and plenty of explosions. The Delta Force is defining of Chuck Norris cinema because it is so over the top as an action B-movie and proud of it, delivering all the flying bullets and explosions necessary to entertain. The quality of the action scenes is great because they are all filmed well with firm cinematography which captures the large scale of the action scenes and the effect of the events on the exterior world and characters. Essentially, the action scenes are just spot in with entertainment value and are of a great quality fused with a high quantity so that they are successful in many areas. There is more than enough action sequences placed out over the course of The Delta Force's 130 minute running time which means that it is able to justify its length, and it is loaded with enough stunts and big name cast members to succeed as being a campy disaster film as well.
Frankly, The Delta Force is so immensely entertaining simply because of the fact that it is so much fun. It is campy and cheesy but also well paced and entertaining in a serious way with all the action scenes you could ask for. Rarely is a film of this calibre actually as fun as The Delta Force is, and its entertainment value should definitely please fans of 1980's action films. I mean, one of the most defining elements of the film is the fact that Chuck Norris has a motorbike that shoots missiles. That should tell you more than enough about what makes The Delta Force great.
And from a technical standpoint, it is a very convincing film because the scenery of the film is grand and convincing in attempting to make the story seem genuine as well as capturing the dry and gritty landscape of its setting.
But the most impressive technical aspect of The Delta Force is Alan Silvestri's musical score. The electronic score in The Delta Force has tunes to it which emphasise the optimistic heroism of The Delta Force themselves and gives the film more patriotic edge to it. The main theme in The Delta Force has a really catchy and energetic beat to it which gives it the necessary edge to feel genuinely heroic and awesome which is exactly what it harnesses.
And when it comes down to the cast, The Delta Force manages to prove have the most viable actors on board to ensure the success of it.
Chuck Norris is a perfect lead in The Delta Force. Capitalising on his natural action hero status, Chuck Norris tackles a large scale of action cinema for The Delta Force as its hero Major Scott McCoy. He gives The Delta Force the patriotic edge that it needs, and he works as a symbol of everything that America stands for which emphasises the heroism of the situation. And delivering his lines with a gritty edge as well as walking tall with brooding strength gives him the appropriate sense of mind. The Delta Force is Chuck Norris' best film, and anybody who has heard or told a Chuck Norris Fact in their life needs to see it to realise that every one of them is true. The sight of Chuck Norris fighting off a calvary of terrorists with a motorbike that shoots missiles is one of the most iconic images of him, and it reinforces just who badass The Delta Force really is. Chuck Norris doesn't say too much in The Delta Force, but considering that he puts up such an awesome fight the entire time it is really hard to stay mad.
Lee Marvin also gives it his all in his final screen performance. Making use of his naturally heroic charisma, Lee Marvin gives a fearless if familiar effort in The Delta Force where he pulls off the persona of a thoroughly convincing action hero who defies his age and his odds to lead America to victory. Lee Marvin gives it a lot of strength in The Delta Force and he teams up with Chuck Norris to make a great on screen duo.
Robert Vaughn, Robert Forster, Martin Balsam and George Kennedy also give strong dramatic supporting performances.

So never scared to be a B-movie, The Delta Force is an action packed masterpiece of 1980's nostalgia with Chuck Norris in one of his most defining roles, more than enough versatile action scenes and a memorable musical score.
March 30, 2014
The reason I think this is Chuck Norris' best performance is because he doesn't have the center role like he does in his other movies. Plus, Lee Marvin did an okay job for a final performance.
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