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Suffers in comparison to the tension, subtlety, and top-drawer acting in Infernal Affairs.

November 5, 2006 Full Review | Comments (28)
Spirituality and Practice



nurten iyigor

shut up!

Dec 24 - 08:29 PM


imageplanet46 Harris

I like your intelligent rebuttal.

Sep 18 - 12:17 AM


Katie Miller

yeah, SHUT UP!!!!

Jan 1 - 05:55 PM


John Hughes

Feb 7 - 12:00 PM


rodney olson

I'm all for the suspension of disbelief, but Leonardo DiCaprio as a tough guy? Thats a dealbreaker. Dreadfull movie.

Feb 10 - 04:46 PM


kevin miller

yeah, listen to him. this guy is from 'spirituality and practice'. film is obviously

Feb 26 - 06:05 AM


Jia-Ying John Yang

Feb 26 - 12:10 PM


Jia-Ying John Yang

Feb 26 - 12:14 PM


Matt Jaderston

Feb 27 - 09:07 AM


Bogdana Mrkva

Infernal affairs? ****, this whole time I thought it was internal affairs. Oh, and the Brussat's are full of it.

Mar 11 - 06:09 PM


Basil Morgan

Every profession needs a couple of dumbasses in it.

Mar 14 - 08:41 PM


patricia winch


Mar 17 - 10:25 PM


Alan Truong

I fullheartedly agree with this review.

Mar 22 - 11:04 PM


Doug Lane

You two are idiots; go back to film school and learn how to review movies.

Apr 1 - 07:16 PM


kenny leong

big words. not surprised this came out from a mouth of a person who gives out 9/10, 10/10 in his reviews.

Oct 17 - 02:51 AM


Robert Humanick

"Oh heavens, somebody who doesn't reinforce my opinion and actually challenges me to consider other views! They suck by default!"

Apr 13 - 01:41 AM


Steve Miller

May 4 - 01:41 AM


William Roswilski

So true. Infernal Affair is much better.

May 8 - 10:52 PM



May 18 - 02:06 PM


Austin Franke

why is this one being compared to a different movie? it is it's own movie and it should be treated that way. the dialogue was brilliant!

Jun 10 - 10:33 PM


kenny leong

this movie will always be compared to another movie because it's a remake from that other movie. gotta agree with you on the dialogue part though

Oct 17 - 02:53 AM

Eric L.

Eric Lee

why is it being compared? I think its time for you guys who calls The departed a masterpiece and have no idea why is it constantly being compared with Infernal Affairs to realize, The departed is a RE-MAKE.

It's got pretty much the same storyline, same character, same visual components and pretty much the exact same scene.

don't get me wrong I loved the departed, I think its a good film. But there are a lot of things in The departed that makes me think the original is still far superior than its remake.

First, the characters. The characters in the departed, are memorable.The main characters are cool, stylish, the acting are well done and they really fit the image well. Special applaud here to Mark Welberg... out of all the characters in the departed he's the most interesting one and he has more depth. ( feel free to mail me if u wanna hear more about my analyze on Welberg's character.)

BUT, the characters in the Departed compares to the original, ultimately, are soulless. I don't know about you, but by the time the movie end, it didn't make me think. I walked out of the cinema and talked about how good it was like everybody else, but that was it.
And yet when I watched Infernal Affair for the first time, It made me think. I'd sit there for ages, and just think about the characters of Infernal Affairs and wondering why the hell is it so gripping. And in the end I have only one conclusion; it's because the antagonists in Infernal Affair, unlike the Departed, are people just like you and me. Sure they were *******s, but in the Infernal Affair the bad guys actually tried to be good. He arrested the mafia boss not because he was fed up with the bullshxt, but because he actually wanted to be good. That's why Infernal Affair is a movie far deeper than the Departed because in the end it was like the bad guy was forced to be bad, and it really makes you think.

Second, the visual and the ideas. There wasn't a single brilliant idea in the Departed that hasn't been done in Infernal Affairs. The phone silence, yep,it's been done. The rooftop scene, yep, its been done. the elevator, the envelope, everything. You can hardly call a movie a masterpiece if so many of its scenes were already done by another film and worked equally as good, if not even better, right?

Third, the plot, audio, and suspension of disbelief. Yeah, in the departed the mafia boss goes around killing people and never gets arrested. Because he's an informant? because the FBI's compromised? Sure its an explanation, maybe even a good explanation, but is it a masterpiece explanation like one of those " Ohhhhhhh so that's why!" explanation? Most certainly not. In Infernal Affair, the mafia boss is much more believable. And about the audio, its bad. Not supreme terri-bad, but bad enough. There's even a mistake where a character swears and it turns out to be a sigh. And the microprocessors they show in the photos? my friends were laughing when Dignam said they worth 100 grand a piece. They could have used something else, heroin, cocaine, crates and boxes of firearms will do the trick, but in the end they choose to use something that almost made me blurt out "Ah bullcrap, 100 grand this man's full of sht." But, i have to say, it didn't kill the movie though, because most people are either unaware of what these things actually are, or they just really don't care.

Overall, It's a good movie.
A GREAT movie in fact. But is it a masterpiece? maybe. does it deserves a oscar, No. Is it better than Infernal Affair, Most definitely not.

Infernal Affair went with simple idea, believable character and meaningful story and it came out a better film. But people say the Departed is better because its produced by American.The actors are well known, white, and hot by Caucasian standards.

Feel free to mail me or msn me if you think anything I've said is wrong.

Mar 15 - 07:24 AM


olivia clayton

limp and self-indulgent remake of "infernal affairs"despite or perhaps because of stars.

Jun 26 - 03:00 PM


Darryl Gagnon

you two should stick to disney movies you idiots!!!

Jul 26 - 09:45 PM

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