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The Departed doesn't improve in any way on Infernal Affairs, which served up a return to stylish Hong Kong action.

March 30, 2007 | Comments (37)


Nick G.

Nick Gascich

Judge a movie on it's own merits you hack.

Feb 24 - 10:27 PM

Indiana J.

Indiana Jones

"The Departed doesn't improve in any way on Infernal Affairs..."

What is wrong with enjoying each movie on its own, without making comparisons?

Apr 5 - 05:04 AM

Aidan F.

Aidan Fitz

Quit your bitchin', get back in the kitchen.

May 16 - 06:44 PM


Kenneth W.

There's no way to compare them. They're apples and oranges. One is a Hong Kong action film (a very good one at that), and one is a Scorcese movie.

It doesn't matter where it comes from, it matters what you do with it. Scorcese makes it his own, he "Scorcese-izes" it if you like. He makes it his, he re-interprets the material. So much so, I don't even consider it a remake but a re-imagining.

Jul 11 - 12:55 PM

Sam Fragoso

Sam Fragoso

Though I respect your opinion wether it be arrogant or not..... you don't rate a film based on if it was as good as another movie unless it's by the same director. Which it is not, considering Mike Figgis director of Internal Affairs is not even close to talent level to Martin Scorcese.

Aug 13 - 08:10 PM

Oliver D.

Oliver Dirie

Terrible review

Nov 15 - 06:47 AM

Graham W.

Graham W

It seems your adoration for foreign cinema blinded your judgement here. Base it on its individual merit. Also, The Departed certainly has depth to its characters in particular Costigan.

Dec 21 - 06:16 PM

Richard Paddock

Richard Paddock

your stupid..

Jun 30 - 09:50 PM

Tony Roxstrom

Tony Roxstrom

Says the turd who enjoyed Mission Impossible...

Sep 6 - 04:15 PM

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