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Much splat, little art

July 23, 2009 Full Review Source: JWR | Comments (32)



spencer strausbaugh

You suck at life.

Aug 10 - 09:59 AM

King J

King J

Ill call the mental hospital!

Sep 7 - 05:06 PM

Eliud R.

Eliud Rodriguez

your crappy review has little art.

Nov 3 - 11:38 AM

Ian H.

Ian Heicken


Nov 4 - 01:18 PM

Eva M.

Eva M.

Scorsese's splats IS art.

Feb 5 - 09:09 AM

Tyler W.

Tyler White


You suck

Feb 5 - 12:02 PM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock


Apr 20 - 10:29 PM

david m.

david miller

The Departed is more art than anything, nobody paints a pretty picture scene dealing with Gangsters from Boston. I agree with Eva.

Feb 17 - 10:25 AM

Terry S.

Terry Spencer

do you get paid to know so little about movies?

Apr 28 - 01:48 PM

Sam F.

Sam Fleming

well im sorry, apperantly you were under the impression that this movie was supposed to be an artsy film, well you were sadly mistaken. Nicholsons character is exactly as he is supposed to be, why would it matter if hes played this character before. Its not like hes the one carrying the weight of star in this movie, considering its also starring, DiCaprio, Damon, Baldwin, Walhberg, AND Sheen in it that shouldnt matter at all. If you're going to rip on a movie than at least do it in a way that makes sense and if you really didnt like the movie at all then explain what parts you didnt like instead of ripping on just two aspects. I do respect you for your honest opinion

good day, and God bless :)

Sam F.

Jun 22 - 12:03 PM


Kenneth W.

Even when it's a Scorcese movie without the depth of Taxi Driver or Raging Bull, you can rest assured that Scorcese will put very delicate artistry into it. In this movie, he makes sure every piece of dialogue, every musical cue, every shot, falls perfectly in place.

Jul 11 - 12:52 PM

Marty McFly

Erik Bajzert

You're a splat with little art

Aug 5 - 01:11 PM

Oliver D.

Oliver Dirie

You serious? you need to be fired man

Aug 31 - 12:20 AM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby

i shouldn't argue much because i can be guilty of this sometimes, but i just don't understand why people feel the need to lash out on someone who dislikes a movie that most other critics like because its considered you all feel like you're all intelligent people because you happen to like movies or even pretend to like movies that most other people like because it falls under the category that people imagine as artistic and a film for intellectuals? stop fooling yourselves into thinking that you people are effing intellectuals just because you only like movies or pretend to like movies that are considered artistic..and then dislike movies that you and the majority around you feel are dumbed down and mindless. I like movies that are good too and the majority of critics think are good, but this is not one of them. I found this movie to be boring despite its good am I an unartistic unintellectual idiot all of a sudden? no i just dont care about this bostonian crime drama material...if you ask me, THE TOWN did it better and was a better movie than this. It had gripping acting, drama and action....this was a talky bore.

My favorite movie is The Dark Knight, same score on rotten tomatoes, but its a comic book i retarded? I enjoy some bad movies too...and i love michael bay films except for The what. i don't have to force myself to like boring crap just because it makes me look smart because every1 else thinks its a breakthrough in art and then complain when a few other people bash it. This movie was boring and not scorseses best, but he is a good filmmaker....if you ask me....Chris Nolan is a noob and is already above scorsese in intellectual filmmaking because his movies are just are you all gonna do?? hurt me? call me a moron, please i'll brush u all off. Next thing you know, the smurfs movie magically gets a 90% on rotten tomatoes and the 20 or 30 critics that dont like it are going to have a nasty boycott against them, because the people think that the critics are armond whites and just dont understand the intellectual theories behind the smurfs...get over yourselves...transformers and iron man and the dark knight are way better movies than this...say what you want to say i dont care that's my opinion.

Sep 26 - 03:11 AM

Jaho K.

Jaho Koo

Hear hear

Nov 7 - 03:10 AM

Jaho K.

Jaho Koo

...except i hate transformers 2

Nov 7 - 03:10 AM

Julian G.

Julian G.

I, to an extent, agree with you. The reason people boycott negative reviews to good movies is because they believe they're opinion is right.

I don't mind a movie I liked or loved gets negative reviews, but honestly, if the reviewer can't support his opinion or why he didn't like it, his review counts as shit. Naming two actors of a film out of an all star cast and a gripping story line with a distinctive visual style and flat out amazing dialogue, you can't just dislike a film without supporting your opinion.

I'm going to say I loved The Departed. It was filled with fantastic shoot outs, dramatic and unexpected plot twists thrown one after the other with perfect execution, and phenomenal performances by people who, yes, tend to play the same character. But that's the actors niche. Not everyone is as versatile as Christian Bale or Johnny Depp, so they have one character they do extremely well.

My point here is that people don't need to troll every bad review, but they (and even I) would have a reason if a review like this,giving it a rotten review with no supporting evidence, would do so.

May 26 - 12:20 PM

Pee M.

Pee Murz

your an idiot pal

Apr 29 - 03:14 PM

zig f.

zig fronczak

JWR, never heard of it, no one ever will.........

Jul 14 - 08:00 PM

Travis Garland

Travis Garland

You sir are gay.

Aug 1 - 06:07 AM

Kirk S.

Kirk Stock

And you're a stupid asshole homophobe. Go tell Rod Hilton and his users who mock a user who liked The Departed that they are gay.

Apr 20 - 10:34 PM

Oliver D.

Oliver Dirie

you obviously don't know a great film when you see one

Sep 1 - 08:44 AM

Varun Vasisht

Varun Vasisht

dude, you need two pills of valium too. go and have some rest buddy..and next time comment on a film like "ice age"

Oct 3 - 12:26 PM

Mason S.

Mason Schuler

... Give us a why...

Nov 19 - 08:06 AM

John D'Agostino

John D'Agostino

Yes, nevermind the interesting and constantly evolving plot and the outstanding and inspiring performances... it's just a bunch of splat.

Dec 19 - 08:53 AM

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