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October 7, 2006
One of the best films of 2006. The acting is brilliant from its all star cast and the movie is a great gangster picture. This is Martin Scorsese's greatest movie since Goodfellas.
May 16, 2015
With the 2013 arrest and trial of Irish Mafia kingpin Whitey Bulger (on whom the Jack Nicholson character is based), The Departed (2006, Martin Scorsese) takes on an eerily new truth-is-stranger-than-fiction vibe. And speaking of Jack Nicholson, The Departed gives him an excellent launch pad for delivering his trademark dodgy personality and devil-may-care attitude, which audiences have come to know and love over the decades. Nicholson is indeed a comfort figure for many viewers. Meanwhile, The Departed is not deprived of other acting talent. Leonardo DiCaprio is squarely in the heart of his mentor-mentee relationship with director Martin Scorsese. DiCaprio shows the fearlessness and vulnerability of his character as he loses touch with reality and distrusts all authority figures (except one). Also, Boston-native Matt Damon seems to be having the time of his life. He hams it up as a classic snake-in-the-grass (wouldn't it have been great if Ben Affleck showed up too!). And speaking of Ben Affleck, he is reportedly making a film based on the real-life Whitey Bulger. The supporting characters are all very good as well. Alec Baldwin is a hoot and Mark Wahlberg's acting ability surprised almost everyone with his darkly humorous (yet loyal and arrogant) turn as Dignam. The writing is dyed-in-the-wool Bostonian and top notch coming from screenwriter William Monahan (lace curtain, etc.) It seems to be a rule: if the performers are having a good time than the audience tends to have a good time as well. This is a highly entertaining crime drama written by Boston locals, directed by a legend, and performed at the highest level of acting: enjoyment.
½ May 13, 2015
everytime I watch this movie I hate it more....what a waste of a cast and so many bad accents are hard to hear regardless but Damon's is terrible.....
let me tell you what I hate about this piece of junk
- stupid plot that pretends everyone is too dumb to see that Damon and DiCaprio are double agents
- Damon's lousy accent and worse dialog
- Martin Sheen showing the acting ability of a crash test dummy
- Alec Baldwin acting like one of his dummy brothers...he must have been drunk on set
- Nicholsen looking like he woke up 5 minutes before each scene, his scene when he gets shot looks like a high school play

so sick of this love for this movie and for Scorsese, who is a bit of a hack to be honest, lots of his movies are repetitive and boring.
May 11, 2015
Cops chase thief and going one step further both plant their undercover in their team to get the updated regarding each other's move, these cop gangsters saga had rocked the silver screen since very long time and proved to be the hot favourite genre, and when it's Martin Scorsese behind the plot then the things get pretty much serious, this film maker always has his own way of executing the story on screen.

One such kind is 2006 release ''The Departed'', this gangster drama has the best casting ever made, Jack Nicholson, Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Wahlberg this is the unite of the venerated icons. Jack Nicholson steals the show with his all time typical cool performance as the Mobster, Dicaprio and Matt Damon had provided justice to their respected roles, the plot is so smooth and gripped that shows the perfection of the entire team, this crime tom & jerry play! gradually gets curious as the plot get intense with unexpected though possible twists.

The screenplay gets the rocking credit as it succeeds in maintaining the grip throughout the show, camera and the scissor work are so perfectly captured and trimmed that deserves the warm appreciation, this movie evokes the thought in us and pursue its viewers towards exploring the loop within the system.
May 10, 2015
An incredible crime drama thriller that will keep any and all thoroughly entertained and engaged. Scorsese does it yet again with solid performances all around. This hold no punches film delivers in every way ranking right up there with some of my favorite films of all-time. A must see for all film goers (which is a weird label since literally everyone watches movies). (95%)
May 2, 2015
One of the most quotable movies I have ever seen, the Departed offers an amazing cast with some incredibly rich dialogue supporting characters like Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin. The only thing that bugs me is Jack Nicholson's Boston accent...
July 4, 2009
If the original Hong Kong's version is fantastic, then this remake version by Martin Scorsese is super fantastic. Not only this has a higher production value, Mr Scorsese rounds out the rough edges in the plot, adds scenes to enhance the high tension level and totally own the movie. Watching Jack Nicholson diabolically chews every scene is already worth the ticket. He is the one and only actor for this role. Except Matt Damon who is not convincing, the rest of the cast give a good performance. Highly recommended.
November 12, 2014
Deus seja louvado por esse filme.
Assisti pela 10ª vez.
May 4, 2013
This film is classic Scorsese, and it finally got the living legend a well deserved Oscar that he has deserved numerous times; 'The Departed' is an excellently executed thriller with outstanding performances from an unbelievably outstanding cast. But seriously though, wow, this cast is through and through perfect: Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Vera Farmiga, Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Anderson and it just keeps going. DiCaprio's haircut makes him look really young; Matt Damon does his Matt Damon face at one point, with the raised eyebrow and slanted mouth; Alec Baldwin and Marky Mark have hysterical dialogue that really fit them and an absolutely outrageous Jack Nicholson that really does not care about what he says or does, which we find out within the first minute, even if it was kind of funny to see him in a tracksuit killing someone, near the start. Yep, it looks like it had SAG award for Best Performance by a Cast all over it and Leo was put into Supporting because he was already in the Leading category for something else. The only way to make it any better would be if Robert De Niro was in there somewhere. I did always feel bad for the original filmmakers though, Hollywood takes a smaller film that was released a few years before, remake it and then reap all the awards, would have been nice to have seen Mark Wahlberg win as well.

I remember someone saying that Jack Nicholson won an Oscar for this film and even though he didn't, I could see why they thought that though because it's Oscar worthy and it's just great to see him in a role like this, once again. And I laughed when he said that we shouldn't but seriously, why did that character laugh? They could have been killed right there. They keep him in shadow near the beginning and it makes sense stylistically and of course for the story to portray the progression of time, even if I remember seeing Costello's hair longer in shots before seeing the film, as to portray his craziness, I assume. And Mr. French seemed to remain quite casual when he got shot. We see Sullivan's story begin right from the start and Costigan's gets developed as the film goes on and Leonardo DiCaprio's emotions in the parts where he's really struggling to cope with what he was doing was fantastic; he also really did well at committing to that lifestyle. And honestly, I wanted to see Dignam beat up Sullivan so much and, well, I won't spoil it but the look on Dignam's face near the end was fantastic and so satisfying, you knew he loved that moment.

The story for this film was intelligent whilst also being highly entertaining. It makes sense why they chose Costigan for the job even if I thought he would have been arrested for pretending to be a cop. It wouldn't have made sense for the story but it wasn't the cliché moment that they picked the rat out of the crowd of workers even though it would have been odd to see if they picked Sullivan to be the rat. Even though I always do wonder in films like why the person undercover in the police department would go after their own person; I know it's their job but you'd have thought they would stall as much as they can but the story develops in a great way to a believable end, even finding Costello seemed to happen a little too quickly. It'd appear that the film could have ended at 2 hours and that could have been one way to end things but it keeps going for another 20 minutes and its all great. It's shocking and it looks like one character will get away with it all, but at least Sullivan did one good thing before the film ended by recommending Costigan but his face when he's left alone in the cemetery was sad. And it all leads up to an excellent final shot that really solidifies what an excellent film you just witnessed. I haven't really said that much as not to spoil it but it's also hugely entertaining and I just took it all in.

The way this film is put together is perfect; it has an excellent soundtrack, amazing editing of everything and an overall Scorsese shine that only he can accomplish. If I wasn't told it was Scorsese who directed this, it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out, all of his films have a different feel and tone but he knows how to do his gangster films. I also picked up on the 'x' imagery throughout the film, I thought it was just a coincidence at first but it continues. I thought that one of the plot points would be that either Costigan or Sullivan was getting too adjusted for the lifestyle they had to adapt to and while, out of the two, it'd be more likely for this to happen to Costigan, it didn't happen. There also some jokes about how corrupt the police are, some of which are even told by the police themselves, which was a nice touch.

There were only a couple of things I didn't really understand. We see DiCaprio's character wearing a wire at one point and even though it was for a very short time, I find it hard to believe Costello didn't find it. It's hidden like any good wire should be but we see Costigan being searched like anyone would be when they enter a place like that and I just find it hard to believe nobody found it. Also, around the same time when Costello suspects there is a rat in his operation, he doesn't think to suspect Costigan, the newly appointed member of his operation, to be that rat? Costello even knows Costigan's family as well as his own background of being a cop. And it also seemed like a tad of a coincidence that the cameras that were placed in that abandoned building were just out of place to oversee that meeting; I know they said they were rushed when placing the cameras, but still, and nobody can text that good without looking at their phone and not making at least one mistake. It also seemed kind of odd that no-one overheard the talk about the wrong address and Costigan still showing up to the right address anyway, but it's not like Costello employs the smartest of people. The ending seemed to happen a tad quickly as well, not the 20 minutes after 2 hours but the end of Costello's reign. The setup for Queenan's exit was clear but it was still shocking and sad to see as well.

Scorsese says this was the first film he ever did with a plot, while he was clearly telling a joke, no... That certainly is not true, however, it is a very complex and interesting plot and it is filled with excellent acting and is hugely entertaining; also, poor Brad Pitt for not being one of the producers up for an Oscar. 'The Departed' is, simply, a fantastic film and I'm so glad I've finally seen it and it's another one off the list.
½ April 22, 2015
Excellent film, exceeded already high expectations. Should have seen this movie way earlier
½ April 7, 2015
A soft three stars. Jack Nicholson being 2.5 of that rating. I found the attempt of being a gritty film very non-authentic. Mark Wahlberg's character being the main reason for that. While many thought his performance was outstanding, I found it misplaced, silly and did not belong in this film. Damon's character barely stays above boring. I think I just talked myself into giving it 2.5 stars even with it's excellent cast.
April 14, 2014
A little bit confusing, but definitely Scoresese's new masterpiece. Slightly inferior to the original Hong Kong movie.
March 25, 2015
Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon AND Jack Nicholson....Holy Cast. And, no they definitely don't let you down with this one, legendary movie.
May 26, 2012
Scorsese is magnificent. Every character gets his moment and DiCaprio shines!!!
August 11, 2007
scorsese's best film
September 3, 2013
One of the most high-paced crime movies I've ever scene.
May 25, 2012
intense and engrossing the departed is yet another masterpiece film from Scorsese filled with twists and betrayal and phenomenal performances from Damon, DiCaprio, Nicholson, and Walhberg
December 20, 2014
More swear words than any other film I can recall. A brilliant film, with an unrivalled ensemble cast of genuine stars - Ray Winstone excluded - each of whom add something to the film and plot. Nicholson is fantastic as the crime lord. It is however, a touch long, and those Boston accents are not easy to understand.
March 15, 2015
Legendary performance by Leonardo di Caprio; and Jack Nicholson (although he set the bar so high for all his performances that we may not really appreciate as much we he deserves). Plus a great police / action plot, keeping it beautifully tuned until virtually the last 15 seconds. One of the best movies I've seen, truly because it fits the definition - great acting, superb plot, entertaining and head-twisting and enraging.
March 14, 2015
Good movie. The type of movie that you can watch a few more times, and still enjoy it. Leonardo was great as always, as well as Nicholson and Matt Damon.. The only thing personally I did not like about this film, is I really wanted to see Costello find out about Costigan. I wanted to see his shock and anger, and his reaction to that. Everything else though about the movie was great, the acting was great and every character was believable.
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