Désaccord parfait (Twice Upon a Time) Reviews

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November 14, 2012
Superbly acted by Rochefort & Rampling but the script deserves at least half the credit.
½ November 13, 2012
Jean Rochefort was too funny! :D
½ March 5, 2012
An ok funny/romantic movie about 2 characters seeing each other again after 30 years.
Super Reviewer
May 5, 2010
Usually I really like movies about relationships. And that is what this movie is -- about rekindling a 30 year old relationship. But I didn't see enough of a point behind making the movie -- maybe it was because I could not identify with either of the two main characters.
December 21, 2009
a mi si me gusto la peelicula. la istoria no es la mas original, es predecible pero me gusto la estetica, la ambientacion, el soundtrack, el vestuario etc. en fin, la disfrute mucho. Charlotte Rampling se mira elegantisima en todas sus escenas, con o SIN ropa, si esa seria la palabra indicada, elegantisima y Jean Rocheforttambien hace un papel muy bueno. 4 estrellas por el esfuerzo.
½ December 7, 2007
Good film, very interesting mixture of English and French throughout. Nice combination of passion, humor, tension and love.
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