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This intermittently effective UK horror thriller carefully establishes the psychological relationships among the women, then squanders this calibrated and generally plausible setup with a series of crude, implausible, and scattershot horror effects.

September 24, 2007 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (8)
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Linda Carpenter

Oh god, I hate that reviews of this length are counted. They're simply too short to properly explain their statements, which makes it very annoying when I want to see why, for example, they thought the horror was "crude, implausible, and scattershot."

Oct 26 - 07:16 AM

Charles N.

Charles Nelson

Thankfully I don't take a critics review for any weight. You completely lack the ability to detect structure within film making. The fact that the director established that relationship is simply a single element of foundation. Clearly your focus is so narrow that character evolution is the only defining factor in your reviews. It is not however, the only factor in a good film. I mean come on, nightmare on elm street 4 thumbs up and Casino thumbs down!?

And cut your hair hippie!

Aug 21 - 10:54 PM

John D.

John Doe

I don't necessarily think this guy should go kill himself or anything, but I agree with you. The set up is what sets this film apart from many others of the genre.

May 27 - 06:03 AM

Aaron F.

Aaron Frankenfield

What's wrong with Nightmare on Elm Street 4? And yeah, The Descent is awesome, everyone knows that now. This guy was just clearly trying to impress somebody with his rotten rating.

Aug 29 - 03:28 PM

Aaron M.

Aaron M

I, actually, strongly agree. But you are forgetting the great things about this movie as well.

Oct 30 - 12:32 PM

Michael A.

Michael Alleyne

Ok to be nice you dont know what the hell your saying and just want to be better than anyone else. To be correct and honest you couldn't produce a movie comparable to the descent let alone give an honest review about it. For all we know you could've just read the synopsis and called it a day. The Descent is my favorite horror movie I have ever seen. The freshly tried cast is great and contribute alot to the films success. Just because you didn't praise this movie dosent mean others should not. You "top" critics are just a waste of time for putting your two cents in when its completely obvious no one cares what you think. Smaller critics or most have good judgement and dont watch a movie once and say its bad sorry thats not how it goes. I would call this our modern day Alien but I couldnt because its better than Alien.

Jan 2 - 05:56 PM

jason m.

jason merritt

The descent into bad movie making.

Jan 22 - 11:53 PM

jeremy n.

jeremy nicholas

This movie was one of a select few fantastic horror movies to come out in the last five or so years, including "Let the Right One In", "The House of the Devil", and "The Mist", each of which was classic in its own seperate way. "The Descent" is a classic in many of the same ways as the original texas massacre, which is a film that has shocks and scares and gore and depth all at once. This film makes you jump from the outset, makes you turn your head away a few times, and genuinely makes you feel for its' characters. "The Descent" also provides a feeling of claustrophobia, making it seem as though you are trapped in the cavernous dark with these unlucky ladies.

Jan 13 - 06:16 PM

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