Desert Bayou Reviews

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Amy Nicholson
I.E. Weekly
February 3, 2008
Thematic agrees that the media stereotype blacks as uneducated thugs and rappers, while its own main characters are crack addicts, ex-cons, and Master P.
Full Review | Original Score: D
Felix Vasquez Jr.
Cinema Crazed
January 27, 2008
A fascinating glimpse at the almost endless obstacles given to Katrina survivors...
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
Top Critic
Frank Scheck
Hollywood Reporter
November 26, 2007
This little known human interest story is a fascinating one.
Top Critic
Joe Leydon
November 13, 2007
[Director] LeMay earns points for his balanced presentation of key figures on both sides.
Top Critic

Los Angeles Times
October 26, 2007
There is undeniable power to the central dilemma of human beings at a crossroads.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
Top Critic
Moira MacDonald
Seattle Times
October 26, 2007
A thoughtful and interesting look at a little-told Katrina story.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
Sean Means
Salt Lake Tribune
October 26, 2007
A case of great material and sloppy presentation.
| Original Score: 2.5/4
Jeff Vice
Deseret News, Salt Lake City
October 25, 2007
Screenwriter Thomas Lemmer and director Alex LeMay appear to have some sort of agenda or ax to grind.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/4
Top Critic
Teresa Wiltz
Washington Post
October 25, 2007
Desert Bayou is at its most compelling when it stops preachifying and focuses on the lives of two troubled families.
Jules Brenner
Cinema Signals
October 22, 2007
People rarely enter into audacious commitments with such unforeseeable consequences. For me, it casts Utah in a new and, surprisingly, positive light.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
Maitland McDonagh
TV Guide's Movie Guide
October 18, 2007
The result is by turns sad, infuriating, frustrating and cautiously hopeful.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
Nida Najar
New York Press
October 12, 2007
Does great justice to the appalling aftermath of the biggest natural disaster to hit America in our lifetime.
David Noh
Film Journal International
October 12, 2007
LeMay's approach is a clumsily obvious one which demeans everything by turning the men's experiences into a kind of reality-TV soap opera.
Prairie Miller
WBAI Web Radio
October 9, 2007
A scathing documentary baring a nation into deep denial about lingering buried injustices and inequities which rose to the surface exposed to the light of day, in the wake of the Katrina floods.
Gary Goldstein
October 5, 2007
The failure of our current administration to act openly and efficiently in a time of crisis gets another documentary close-up in Alex LeMay's humanistic and provocative Desert Bayou.
| Original Score: 3/4
Top Critic
Elizabeth Weitzman
New York Daily News
October 5, 2007
There are thousands of untold stories still left to emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's worth hearing the ones Alex LeMay shares in this compassionate, if somewhat underdeveloped, documentary.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
Top Critic
Matt Zoller Seitz
New York Times
October 5, 2007
Feels less like a revelatory feature film than several shorts strung together.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5
Top Critic
Andrew O'Hehir
October 4, 2007
A fascinating and guardedly hopeful tale about race, class, religion and geography in American life.
Rob Humanick
Slant Magazine
October 4, 2007
Succeeds in furthering the much-needed dialogue on a defining event in our current political moment.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
Top Critic
Clark Collis
Entertainment Weekly
October 3, 2007
The lengthy and often heartbreaking interview sequences in the second half ultimately reveal a story that is, metaphorically at least, a tad less black-and-white.
Full Review | Original Score: B
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