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½ August 17, 2013
The piece is an unquestionable work of art. The real question is whether if such precious, legendary material fell into the right hands to be handled properly and with artistic justice. Maybe it didn't. Watch how surrealism changed visual preconceived notions in the silent era and kept challenging standards throughout the decades. Even Cocteau's poetry plays an important complimentary role to the evolution of alternative branches of expression.

The history of this short is a sad tragedy: Destino was storyboarded by Disney studio artist John Hench and artist Salvador Dalí for eight months in late 1945 and 1946; however, the Walt Disney Company and the Walt Disney Studios were plagued by many financial woes during the Second World War. As Wikipedia says: "Hench compiled a short animation test of about 17 seconds in the hopes of rekindling Disney's interest in the project, but the production was no longer deemed financially viable and put on indefinite hiatus."

I am not blaming extraordinary circumstances. I am blaming nobody. But back then, Disney's vision was impeccable and ahead of its time. In the era of today, we get great visuals with the aid of modern technology, but also that little question bugging us: "If Dalí had made it, would the result have been all the more fascinating?

½ January 29, 2013
The Dali and Disney influences are both very apparent. A truly unique work.
June 17, 2012
Dali was fucking insane
April 26, 2012
It's a wonderful and beautiful bizarre, short film, many peopla have waited for this, and now, we can see it, good job.
March 28, 2012
An absolute masterpiece of animation; the finally-realized efforts of two of the greatest artistic geniuses of all time. Destino's powerful images are moving and beautiful (as could be expected from Salvador Dali), the music is fantastic, and the animation is stunning. What more could you possibly ask for?
February 3, 2012
Fantastic! Beautiful animation, visuals and music throughout, just unfortunate that Dali and Disney never finished the project themselves; we will never know what this short was truly meant to look like and mean.
January 10, 2012
I would have loved to see the original if it were completed. I was somewhat disappointed by the style but overall it was an interesting short. Dali and Disney make for a good pair.
June 14, 2011
Both beautiful and twisted.
December 31, 2010
Destino es un cortometraje animado dirigido por Dominique Monfery. El pietaje final parte de storyboards, dibujos e ideas acuñados por Salvador Dalí para la colaboración con Walt Disney que dejara incompleta en 1946. Completada más de medio siglo después de su concepción, la obra recupera gran parte de los conceptos visuales característicos de la pintura del afamado surrealista español.

El filme le da un tratamiento superrealista a las desventuras y romance de una joven y una estatua, usando para esto el estilo propio de las obras de Salvador Dalí. A pesar de beber de una fuente ciertamente surrealista, Destino solamente lo es en los tropos que presenta, distanciándose de la tendencia al absurdo y de las imágenes impactantes del surrealismo cinematográfico representado por Luis Buñuel y heredado por autores posteriores como David Lynch (Eraserhead) y Jan Svankmajer (N?co z Alenky). La cinta de Monfery recoge las metáforas y temas de la pintura del artista español y las sintetiza en una historia impredecible y encantadora, digna de los mejores tiempos de la factoría Disney.

El cortometraje retrata un paisaje de relojes derritiéndose, desiertos infinitos con cielos despejados, aves, espirales, dientes de león e incluso la mano hormigueante de Un Chien Andalou; indudables metáforas visuales que, sin embargo es mejor dejar sin interpretación para disfrutar Destino como el maravilloso espectáculo visual que es.

Aún más que una narración, el filme es un video musical: una secuencia audiovisual que toma su ritmo y su tono completamente de una obra musical; en este caso la canción del mismo nombre compuesta por el mexicano Armando Domínguez. Sobra decir que, además de hermanar satisfactoriamente la acción con la música, la película destaca por su animación fluida e impresionante en segunda dimensión; la cual refleja en sus formas y colores la atmósfera del universo pictórico de Salvador Dalí. En conjunto, Destino consigue de manera más que decorosa el objetivo de la colaboración original entre Walt Disney y el artista ecléctico Catalán: una historia creativa que retrata las filias y fobias de su padre pictórico naturalmente y sin vanas pretensiones. Dominique Monfery logra crear una obra de arte cinematográfico que homenajea a sus famosos autores y que consigue llamar la atención por sus propias virtudes.

½ February 21, 2011
Fantastic short film! Salvador Dali's works of art intrigues me.
½ December 26, 2010
Very interesting and bizarre. I do love me some Dali.
½ December 26, 2010
Just watched the Disney/Salvador Dali collaboration, "Destino"...4.5 out of 5 stars. Weird and wonderful. Two great artists coming together to create something completely different....
May 28, 2010
Finally got to see THE TRIPLETS with my son at the local arthouse theater. It was quite a little trek, taking the bus to the downtown location, eating corn dogs on the street corner, and then going into the lovely little auditorium for the film.

It was preceded by the Dominique Monfery/Salvador Dali/John Hench animated short DESTINO, and honestly, it was a disservice to BELLEVILLE to run that short beforehand. I was still reeling from the surrealist romp with its tinny romantic soundtrack for at least the first twenty minutes of the main film. If Dali had actually been able to produce all of the art for it, I might have died of sensory overload right there in my cushy red velvet seat. Absolutely stunning - I see why monolith94 had it in his top ten of the year.

As for THE TRIPLETS, it was a charming little journey with some surrealism of its own - kidnapping bicyclists for bizarre gambling gauntlets? - and many running jokes that continued to amuse throughout. I loved the fact that it had no subtitles and very little dialogue; like most good Canadian animation, it tells the story without having to prattle on. The sound design, foley and music were all tremendous.

But I couldn't help thinking it was a bit like the caramels Bruno lusted after - chewed on it, and chewed on it, and in the end had a satisfying but not altogether filling experience. My son did love it, and I suspect I'll buy it when it's available on DVD (especially if it includes DESTINO!), but it wasn't [i]quite[/i] the revelation I was hoping for.
½ February 11, 2010
I love this movie! Whether it's the haunting soundtrack or just the imagery by Dali, this movie is like a cult movie for me.
November 19, 2009
Salvador Dali and Walt Disney teamed up over 50 years ago to make this short. Due to monetary restrictions, it was scrapped, but not after they created several very in depth storyboards. Fast forward to 1999, Roy Disney commissioned for the movie to be finished for a since scrapped 'Fantasia 2006'. It has since been playing various film festivals and recently made it's way to be view online. I give all this backstory because A) it's pretty damn interesting in my opinion, B) it's an unconventional movie to say the least. The animation is amazing and the song is sutiable, and I fear if I give more away it'll ruin the experience, but involves some well known Dali like imagery!
½ February 21, 2009
The long lost collobration between Dali and Disney is finally given life in a very short yet intensely beautiful film of love lost and regained.
½ July 8, 2008
Set against the fantastic imagery of Salvador Dali, "Destino" is a tale of passion and longing. The music and imagery combine perfectly to convey the story with emotion rather than words, and fans of Disney will recognize the retro style still present in this recently co pleted classic. Art fans and animation buffs will love this film simply for the images, and anyone with a mild curiosity about the subject matter should give it a try.
July 12, 2007
Salvador Dali and Walt Disney tried to make this film in the 1940s but funding ran short-- they finished it finally in 2003 and now we are all just waiting for them to finish with the docu side to release it to DVD--- can't wait!!!
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