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Rating: R
Genre: Horror
Directed By:
On DVD: Nov 8, 2005

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The Devil's Plaything exhibits a disinterest in horror and an inability to muster eroticism.

Full Review… | November 8, 2005
Slant Magazine

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[size=5][b]Johnny Be Good[/b][/size]
Directed by: Bud S. Smith


I love 80's teen comedies. They just have something about them that is really fun and makes you feel good. Most of them anyway.

This one is an exception.

This movie is painfully unfunny and flat-out boring. It's a collection of mildly not-horrible scenes of friends hanging out and cracking jokes, and cringe-inducing scenes where it jumps the shark again and again.

Seeing Anthony Michael Hall as a football hero as opposed to a lovable geek also is weird. It just doesn't work. He still seems like a geek, you never buy for a second that everybody wants him to play college football.

Pretty much the only notable thing in this movie is that it's Uma Thurman's first movie. And her part isn't really that big or that good.

So yah, if you want a good 80's comedy, get Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club, or even Just One Of The Guys. But don't see this.


[size=5][b]The Devil's Plaything[/b][/size]
Directed by: Joseph Sarno

Wow, this movie has a lot of tits in it. I mean, a whole lot of tits. None of them really spectacular, two of them pretty good, but all of them nice enough. Lots of sex and weird eroticism too. Vampire sex, lesbian sex, brother/sister have hots for each other, mind control sex, etc.

But if you want tits or eroticism, rent a porno. Or even a movie that's actually erotic (porn usually isn't really). Because this really isn't all that erotic unless you are in to some weird crap.

I guessed this euro-trash horror would have erotic elements, a lot of them do, but I expected it to be a horror movie. This is only in a technical sense that it has vampires and a couple of creepy moments. But it's really mostly just a bad skin flick. And keep in mind, I kind of enjoy Jean Rollin films, which are basically this formula but with actually good elements.

One problem is that the plot is a mess. None of it really makes sense, even considering the genre. It's a bunch of random elements thrown together. You'd be right to say that the plot isn't really the point, it's not, but it can't be so throwaway that you can't follow what's going on.

Pretty much, this movie has some decent atmosphere and a really cool castle. It's got enough cool imagry and decent looking girls and fun scenes to be not as awful as, say, Crawlspace, which I saw a few weeks ago. But it's still a really bad movie.


Cliff Smith

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