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Everything that CLOVERFIELD did right, this does wrong.

July 22, 2008 Full Review | Comments (5)
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Drizzt Reznicek

wow. how could he make this movie? i mean i could make a more "realistic" handheld thing then this. Hell even blair witch beats this. damnit. ill wait for 28 months later.

Dec 28 - 12:14 AM

Chef B.

Chef Boyardee

What DID Cloverfield do right? I hated it.

Oct 18 - 09:48 PM

tim w.

tim whitcher

Did the reviewer actually watch this movie, or hear about it second hand? Anyone who has ever filmed a project knows that the "director" is almost always the "cameraman" as well. It's also explained early on in the film that he is obsessed with filming EVERYTHING that piques his interest. "Tape costs money?" wow. Guess the author doesn't realize you can record over tape (showing your ignorance, age or both?). Maybe the college professor should've been emo too. That would've been totally believable. A lot of the CG was used to disguise excessive gore to get distribution as an "R" rated movie. Unfortunate, but the budget wouldn't allow reshoots of these scenes.

Totally crap review.

Oct 31 - 10:27 PM

Sam Salmonson

Sam Salmonson

Dude Cloverfield sucked royally. And this movie was great. I loved it, so did a lot of others. By the way great review. Ver descriptive. *SARCASM

Jul 31 - 08:10 PM

Maria Spencer

Maria Spencer

totally disliked this movie so disappointed.... I thought it was trying too hard to be a "cool" zombie movie. I can't believe it has higher rating than Resident Evil, for me this movie is far more B-Grade and stupid. Rotten tomatoes rating failed me again.

Jun 29 - 10:45 PM

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