Bonding with Bond, Day 22: Die Another Day


Community Manager RT-Ryan has never seen a single James Bond film, except for 2006's Casino Royale. To rectify the situation, he decides to watch every Bond film and write about his reaction as a 007 novice. Die Another Day marks the final appearance of Pierce Brosnan as 007, and like with the final entries of previous Bond actors, this one failed to impress Ryan. Back to Article


Brett M.

Brett Mellor

I am a die hard Bond movie fan so I still like this movie, even due to its obvious flaws. I think everything can be blamed on Lee Tamahori, especially the crappy CGI. Almost every movie he has made sucks, and all of them have crap CGI.

Nov 11 - 08:00 PM


Numna Stingdoo

Jeez, total hate. I have no complaints, because I don't like this movie either, but I find it more tolerable then TWINE. Interesting to see such a different perspective. Well, the worst is behind you now. Get ready for Casino Royale, because that is really balls to the wall. Anyway, how about the Halle Barry/Brosnan love scene for your favorite line. "Leave it in!" Wow, this movie sucks, lol.

Nov 11 - 08:16 PM


Derek Meadors

Definitely my least favorite Bond. Halle Berry is terrible, when she runs up the stairs with her gun at one point, she has the gun pointed directly at her face. She was about the least convincing CIA agent ever. Have fun with Casino Royale, I fell it's a bit overrated, but it is very good. Quantum was quite disappointing though, it's not even a Bond movie, it's a Bourne movie, except it's not nearly as good as the Bourne movies.

Nov 11 - 08:38 PM


Matt Atchity

Russ K, I'm not nearly that mean. Those Matt Helm movies are almost unwatchable.

Nov 11 - 08:42 PM


Stephen Fargo

Dude, you never go full retard.

Nov 11 - 08:46 PM


James Arbuckle

Are we going to see a ranking of these movies when all is said and done? It'd be very interesting to me to see how you'd put these movies in order.

Nov 11 - 08:51 PM


Dan Last

Uhmmm....he's reviewing a movie, not physics.

Nov 11 - 09:20 PM


Dan Last

It's his call, not yours.

Nov 11 - 09:21 PM

J S.

J Simmons

Got to agree with you on this one Ryan, although I kind of liked the fencing scene. Fortunately, you have a toned down, character driven Casino Royale up next followed by the adrenaline pumping Quantum of Solace. Think of them as one episode cut in two. Daniel Craig's looks have taken a while to grow on me but after these two entries I'm willing to accept him as Bond.
Poor Pierce really deserved better than the train wreck that was "Die Another Day". I'd love to see him to a one off return as Connery did in Never Say Never. (Are those screams of protest I hear?)

Nov 11 - 09:31 PM


Dan Last

Jinx is badly cut on her torso during the sword fight on the plane. Yet, moments later, when she is with Bond fiddling with diamonds in her belly button, the cut is gone and she is scar-less. Apparently, the director didn't care much for the movie he was making.

Nov 11 - 09:40 PM


Colin Hay

I think this review is a tad harsh, but just in relation to the other reviews; I don't really disagree with anything said. I just don't think this one was much more over-the-top than some of of the mid-era films.

Still, it was a stupid film, which is a shame, because it could have been much more. The opening has such potential. As I think someone else alluded to, it would have been interesting if the movie focussed more on Bond having to escape imprisonment. We've seen him break into secret compounds and the like, equipped with Q Branch gadgets that make it oh so easy. It would be nice to see him having to rely on his wits and resourcefulness alone, especially after having been tortured and mistreated over a prolonged time. I thought it was disappointing when Bond got free so quickly (in terms of runtime) and easily.
Then, once he's out and back on the job, trying to take his ex-captors down, we'd have a version of the revenge motif that was in License to Kill, and that should have been in Diamonds are Forever after his wife was killed. This time it would be revenge for himself though. Bond so rarely really gets beaten; it would be interesting to see how he'd deal with it.

But alas, this movie just went went the normal formulaic route, and even worse, took it too far in all the wrong ways.

I also think Halle Berry is easily the worst Bond girl, infinitely moreso than Denise Richards. I didn't buy Berry as a CIA agent any more than I did Richards as a nuclear physicist, but at least Christmas Jones was just the standard damsel in distress; she didn't really have much to do so she didn't really get in the way. But they tried to make Jinx into some female version of Bond, and I felt she became a really annoying distraction from Bond, like they were trying a bit too hard to set up her character for a spin-off series (which fortunately never happened), at the expense of this movie. They've used female agents in the past who can handle themselves, as recently as Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies. But I felt like her character actually belonged in the movie; Jinx seemed forcibly inserted. And Yeoh's character didn't have stupid lines like 'Yo momma'.

Nov 11 - 10:22 PM

Zombies happen.

Serpent T Rainbow

hehe, she-beast

Nov 11 - 10:59 PM


Dom Giuca

I hope this will actually elevate your view on Casino Royale, because it literally fixes every single problem I had with Die Another Day, and in doing so, makes Die Another Day look like a puddle of mud in comparison.

I can't stress enough how mind boggling and excellent Casino Royale is compared to this painstaking, lame mush. Hope you enjoy it Ryan.

Nov 11 - 11:11 PM


steve forsyth

I don't think DND deserves much defending, but I do think it was a little nitpicky to go after the continuity of the fencing sequence. The Bond series is chock full of leaps of logic - in my book, nothing tops the MOONRAKER ending, in which the British government apparently has a space shuttle ready to launch with fully trained Space Rangers that can be at an orbiting space station 10 minutes after Bond has notified them of its existence. But I digress . . .

I just wanted to point out the handful of things I did in fact like about DND - it's mostly individual shots or moments that stand out from the rest of the lameness. I love the shot of him flipping his car over using the ejector seat (great Bond moment for the entire series), as much as I disliked Jinx, I thought it was funny how she lopped off the guys hand to scan it, then just tossed it aside like a piece of paper, I loved Mr. Kil's introduction ("I'm Mr. Kil," silly, but great delivery), and I thought John Cleese severally owned the role of Q's successor in his tete-a-tete with Bond. Cleese may be one of the top five comic actors of all time, and I was sad that he only got a few appearances in the series. As much as I love Q, the Cleese scene with Bond may be one of the best gadget-lesson scenes in the series.

Few other things - I forgot about the "Yo Momma" line - how awfully embarassing, and suprising that a black actor with Halle's clout would even utter such a line. She must have been SIGNIFICANTLY compensated for that one!

Also, I'm surprised you didn't go off more on the CGI avalanche sequence. Maybe you had to be in the theater, but that scene was so awfully animated that the audience busted out laughing! It really looked like we had slipped into a trailer for a video game! This was the first Bond to feature extensive CGI, and hopefully it will be the last.

Anyway, I enjoyed your series greatly, and I'm floored to see you are indeed doing STAR TREK next - I might do that one along with you!

Nov 12 - 04:19 AM

Gunnar H.

Gunnar Hansson

Honestly, who gives a rat's *** about Halle Berry's acting ablilities in this turkey? Already with her entrance from the water the tone is set. Ursula's entrance i Dr. No looks completely genuine in comparison. You really believe that she thinks no one is watching when she walks onto the beach. Halle Berry looks like she's walking the catwalk. From then on you just know that this will be anything but good acting.

Considering that the first film was made 40 years earlier, and with quite a few bad special effects through the years, it's quite an achievement to manage making one of the worst ever in 2002. The surfing sequence. As the movie goes along you start to relax and really think that it couldn't get any worse.

But whaddya know: The car chase on the ice. I wish there would be rewards for shooting editors that use MTV editing in movies. Why must stuff start moving 50 times the natural speed every five seconds? In music videos or commercials, okay. But in movies? No way! Digital editing at it's worst. You might, just might, use it in the beginning or at the end of scenes. But never, ever in the middle of it.

Nov 12 - 04:26 AM

Wayward Sean

Sean Gebhart

I agree with you, Ryan. This was by far a weak and ridiculous movie. Also, I wanted to mention that you can notice a lot of overused Bond plot devices being thrown together in this one, such as a killer satellite a la GoldenEye, and a laser torture device a la Goldfinger. And I know that Bond villains should have a physical quirk, but diamond acne is a little much.

Nov 12 - 05:24 AM


steve forsyth

OOPS! For some reason I thought I saw a headline that you were doing STAR TREK next, but I realize that was about the RT staff getting a sneak peak at the new film.

That being said - you ruddy well SHOULD do the TREK series next!!

Nov 12 - 05:56 AM


Joe Morris

comparing it to batman and robin is very harsh, but yes it is very silly.
One thing I found though was that it never bored me - tommorow never dies and th world is not enough had their slow parts but this one had no dull moments. that, at least, can be said for it.

Nov 12 - 06:05 AM

Joe T.

Joe Tetreau

Well, I enjoyed "Die Another Day" when I saw it in the theatres. Sure it had some silly stuff in it and I cringed at the CGI. But it had all the elements of a "classic" Bond and I had a good time watching it. Maybe it was because it washed the taste of TWINE out of my mind. I also remember thinking that the opening was clever. It answered the question I had going into the film which was "OK, James Bond, where were you on September 11, 2001?" And they answered it right away -- Bond was captured and missed the whole thing! I thought it was brilliant because as I recall it was never explicitly mentioned. And if we've learned anything over 20 official Bond films, it's that such an event would not be possible, theoretically, in a world with James Bond in it. A nice touch, I thought...

Nov 12 - 06:29 AM

Jon F.

Jon Frisby

You know, the "over the top" gadgets that everyone complains about in this one are probably going to be seen in the future like many of the past gadgets were. Remember the car phone in From Russia? How about the photocopy machine in OHMSS? Or the multitude of beepers Bond has had? All of these, and more, have been way ahead of their time. Invisible car? I'll reserve judgment on their absurdity until we see if the technology pans out in a few decades.

That having been said, the CG sucked. Period. I saw the wave on the big screen and gaped. And not in a good way.

Nov 12 - 07:00 AM

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