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Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance Reviews

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Carlos M

Super Reviewer

August 18, 2013
An entertaining movie full of action and humor, undoubtedly better than the atrocious sequel though still not in the same level of the original film. And even with a flawed last half, it has Samuel L. Jackson stealing the scene and Jeremy Irons as a great villain.
Everett J

Super Reviewer

February 15, 2013
"Die Hard with a Vengeance" was the first "Die Hard" I saw in the theater and it's my favorite of the sequels. John McClane is back and this time he's not in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's the right man, being targeted by a terorrist bomber named Simon(Jeremy Irons) who wants to play a game of simon says. If McClane doesn't do as he says, then he will blow up anything from a subway to a school in New York. McClane gets help from Zeus(Samuel L. Jackson) a guy who saves his life in Harlem, and they try to stop Simon and find out why he is doing all this. John McTeirnan was the director of the first movie and this is the only sequel he came back for, probably why it's the best. The action is phenomenal, the story is exciting, and Irons' Simon is the best of all the villains in the series, besides Hans Gruber. There are some scenes that are very over the top, but this is probably the most grounded of the entire series. Great movie, and if your looking for a roller coaster ride of a movie, then pop this bad boy back in.

Super Reviewer

October 1, 2010
While starting off promising in the first act of the film, John McClane is teamed up this time with an Electrician, as they are being sent through a "Simon Says" game in the city, where they must obey the villain, who is shocking a big part of the first film, which was a pretty big cop out in my eyes. This film is filled with one lazy action sequence after another and some of the dialogue, if not all of it, is very confusing and makes to sense to the plot. When I was viewing this film I could not help but role my eyes during every scene. "Die Hard with a Vengeance" is absolutely everything I hoped it wouldn't be. Uninteresting characters, horrible dialogue, and a premise that tries way too hard to be smart. This movie sucks!

Super Reviewer

December 2, 2006
John McClane is back in the filthy vest as he attempts to foil a bullion heist with the aid of Samuel L. Jackson. John McTiernan is back at the helm and this feels much more like the original than the distinctly flaccid second film. It starts at breakneck speed and continues at that pace, as Willis is chased all over the city while trading wise cracks and jibes with Jackson, getting ever sillier as it goes. It is the turn of Jeremy Irons to display a motley collection of dubious accents as the Hollywood Euro-villain of the month and by the end logic has firmly taken a back seat as it settles into the usual action movie excesses. The female villain seems a little redundant and there's maybe one double cross too many, not that it really matters because nobody likes Die Hard for it's gritty reality. The buddy partnership works a treat, the jokes are funny and the set pieces exciting. A superior action film and solid sequel.

Super Reviewer

June 29, 2007
Gets better for every time! A highly underrated sequel that nearly matches all the fun and brilliance of the original. Jeremy Irons makes a great villain and Samuel L. Jackson is perfectly cast as John McClane's sidekick. Lots of twists and turns and non-stop explosive action. Simon says watch this movie! Otherwise you'll be missing one of the coolest, funniest and well-directed popcorn thrillers ever to have graced the realm of cinema.
Sophie B

Super Reviewer

January 10, 2012
A much better follow up to the original.
Matt G

Super Reviewer

January 22, 2011
Zeus: So what's up with this L.A. thing? You famous or something?
John McClane: Yeah, for about five minutes.
Zeus: Don't tell me. Rodney King, right?
John McClane: Fuck you.

He's back, John McClane is back, and he has some help this time, mister Samuel L. Jackson, who is Zeus, the racist motherfucker who works alongside McClane to stop a bomber, who is played by Jeremy Irons, known as Simon [says] in the film.

Zeus: Morning.
John McClane: Good morning.
Zeus: You having a nice day, sir? You feeling all right? Not to get too personal, but a white man standing in the middle of Harlem wearing a sign that says "I hate negros" has either got some serious personal issues, or not all his dogs are barking.
[John yawns]
Zeus: Hey! I'm talking to you! Now you've got about ten seconds before those guys see you, and when they do they will kill you, you understand? You are about to have a very bad day.
John McClane: Tell me about it.

While this is the most underrated of the Die Hard franchise, this is my personal favorite. So many things make this film great.

Watching the wonderful chemistry between Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis is an absolute joy to watch. All of the racism lines had me laughing for hours on.

John McClane: I'll put my foot up your ass, you dumb, mother...
Zeus: Say it! Say it!
John McClane: What?
Zeus: You were gonna call me a negro, weren't you?
John McClane: No I wasn't!
Zeus: Yes you were! What were you gonna call me?
John McClane: Asshole! How's that, asshole!

Hans Gruber is still technically my favorite villain in the franchise, but his brother Simon Gruber is still pretty damn badass. He kills way more civilians and has a much better reason for what he does.

An absolute blast.

Chief Cobb: Have you been drinking, McClane?
John McClane: No, not since this morning.

Super Reviewer

November 8, 2011
One thing I liked about the movie "Die Hard" (applies on every sequel) is that, every action is unpredictable with awesome actions in it.

Super Reviewer

December 20, 2007
Great action in this one...the blueprint
Dan S

Super Reviewer

July 20, 2007
A convoluted by nonetheless enormously thrilling and spectacular action film concerning rugged cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) and his being called back into action under the command of a lethal and evidently psychotic bombs mastermind (Jeremy Irons) who is threatening the city's safety with explosives littered in unknown places. This movie has the feel of a good-time summer blockbuster all over it, but it does not forget its roots, notably McClane's consistent wise-cracking under pressure, as well as enough character development (Samuel L. Jackson's Zeus helps this along especially) to make you care for those involved. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this film is the high-wired, intense performance Irons gives as the sinister villain. Irons plays his character a bit above your standard bad guy, and due to the sensational balance of charisma and subtlety involved in his turn, this ends up making him a more frightening and menacing character in the end. Overall, solid entertainment from a series who knows how to bring the goods, with McClane once again proving himself worthy of demanding two hours of our time.
Drake T

Super Reviewer

July 12, 2011
I actually liked the story of WaV more than others in the franchise, what with the avenging brother, Cain and his drinking problems... the "twist" heist plot turn, the various set pieces that perpetuate the story. Oh, and good ol' Jackson's repertoire with Willis!

Not sure how it deserves 49% when the fourth installment hit 82% with far less compelling villains and a no-brainer story brought on by the "digital" age. But hey, critics usually don't "get" this particular genre anyway.
Nicki M

Super Reviewer

January 13, 2008
After mum got through torturing me with "The Waterhorse", she sat me through this one. Ack. I may have to consider disowning her - family crap followed by action, two of my least favourite movie genres. Really pushing it!
On the plus, I guess this was entertaining if you like blood and explosions and a totally crappy plot that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It was bearable but not especially enjoyable.
Samuel L Jackson was the best thing about this. He played a decent part and I found him quite watchable here. Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis - he always seems the same to me in every film I see him in.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
The third Die Hard movie, I liked it better than the second, but of course the first was the best. This one is more fun, and it has Samuel L. Jackson, and Jeremy Irons, who are both good actors. The action takes place all over New York City, John McClane's hometown, so he has that to his advantage, and means he isn't in as strange a situation as he was in the first. This movie is fun and exciting for the most part, though, so I wont complain too much, I just think it could have been better.
Daniel P

Super Reviewer

April 15, 2007
There's no question that the third Die Hard is action-packed, and in some areas, after the second one, this installment goes back to basics, referencing the original film's villain, putting McClane on the walkie with the baddies, and of course, using that catchphrase we all know and love as the big pay off. But unforunately, Volume Three (for me) got kind of boring around the three-quarter mark, and I missed the personal stake McClane had in the previous film: saving Christmas and probably his marriage. Writing out his wife and kids (to say nothing of Christmas) and putting the personal weight on secondary characters played by Sam Jackson and Jeremy Irons was a choice that left me blasť about the outcome. (Not that it was ever in doubt.) But, hey, it's Die Hard: lots of things go boom, Irons is cheesy enough to be watchable, and I think this might one of Jackson's most under-rated roles. Watch it to close out the (intended) trilogy, but don't swear by it. In this series, nothing lives up to the original. In a lot of ways, the "reluctant partner" angle they played for laughs made this a film better suited for the Lethal Weapon series.

Super Reviewer

April 26, 2009
Cast: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson, Graham Greene, Colleen Camp, Larry Bryggman, Kevin Chamberlin, Sharon Washington, Anthony Peck, Nicholas Wyman

Director: John McTiernan

Summary: Bruce Willis is back and kicking bad-guy butt as New York detective John McClane in the third installment of this action-packed series, which finds him teaming with civilian Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) to prevent the loss of innocent lives. MClane thought he'd seen it all, until a genius named Simon (Jeremy Irons) engages MClane, his new "partner" -- and his beloved city -- in a deadly game that demands their concentration.

My Thoughts: "I loved this one as much as the first. Perhaps it's because they used the director from the first film (John McTiernan) for this one. Definitely no slow spots in this film, just full on action. I loved Bruce and Samuel L. Jackson together. They were just great together and really made the movie even better. They were hysterical. This may even be better then the first film. I just seemed to enjoy this one more. This film connects with the first one when dealing with the 'bad guys'. Definitely a huge step up from the second film, which was a bit of a sleeper. This is my favorite of the Die Hard films.".

Super Reviewer

October 5, 2010
Third film in the Die Hard franchise is definitely much better than the second one. John McTiernan returns as director and he delivers a much better sequel. In this third entry, the brother of Hans Gruber, played by Jeremy Irons takes John McClane on a wild goose chase, as he prepares a heist on the Federal reserve bank. Simon (Gruber's Brother) plays a series of deadly game with John McClane. Only thing is that now McClane gets the help of an unwilling Samaritan played by Samuel L. Jackson. The plot of this film is very elaborate, probably the most elaborate of all the Die Hard films. I find Die Hard: With A Vengeance to be very elaborate for the reason that it doesn't happen all in one place (like the first two films of the series) In this we have John McClane running around New York trying to outwit the terrorist as well as trying to to stop him. A very tense game of cat and mouse is played throughout the film. The acting here is superior to Die Hard 2, where most of the characters were annoying. But in this one, I found that most of the characters where more serious. Jeremy Irons plays an awesome villain as Simon Gruber. He truly is one of the best actors to grace a villains role since Alan Rickman in Die Hard. He has a strong screen presence and he lights up the screen. After the lacking Die Hard 2, McTiernan gives this third entry a much needed boost, with the terrific cast at hand, he's able to create a better sequel. Though not perfect, This third entry is very much an entertaining thrill ride filled with suspense and loads of action. Of the four Die Hard films, this is the second best sequel in the franchise, with the first being Live Free Or Die Hard. A thing that I appreciate about the film is that they added a partner of sorts to John McClane, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are terrific. Also another thing I loved is that there are no annoying and ignorant characters who doubt the truthfulness of McClane's word. Die Hard: With A Vengeance is a big improvement over the disappointing second entry, and the film works well because John McTiernan director of the first one returns, and he has a terrific cast at hand to create a roller coaster ride of an action film. Like the title says, the series is back with a vengeance. Luckily they were able to keep the momentum going with fourth film as well.

Super Reviewer

June 9, 2006
The action may take place in a far less confined setting, losing some of the tension and intensity of the first two, but this is still a thrilling action and suspense film nonetheless.

It's good to see John McTiernan back in the director's chair for this one, even though Renny Harlin did a really good job with the second one. Even though this one does have a more spralling setting, it works pretty decently given the plot specifics. I think a few things that help in this regard are the plot twist that ties this film to the first, and the terrific performance by Jeremy Irons.

The basic plot is that a mad bomber basically forces John McClane into a tense game of cat and mouse throughout NYC, but things aren't quite as they seem, and something deeper and different is going on. By this time, Willis knows the character inside and out, but he isn't sleepwalking through things. He brings lots of energy to a character that shows signs of having everything but that. It would have been nice to see Reginald VelJohnson make an appearance, but I can't think of a plausible way that they could have included him. Samuel L. Jackson is great though. I like his character a lot, and the interactions between him and Willis are dynamite. In fact, the great chemistry they have together, and their face off with one another is one of the best things the film has going for it besides the spectacular stunts and action scenes.

This is a small step down, but this is by no means a bad film at all.
Lewis C

Super Reviewer

June 21, 2007
I honestly cannot understand why I don't love the Die Hard series. I'm a Bruce Willis fan and I love action flicks, but these movies just tend to be only average, in my eyes. The fourth entry was fine, the first one was decent, and tbe second one was alright, at best. Clearly this is a well-loved series, so I'm assuming that the problem must be with me.

As for Die Hard with a Vengeance, I'd put it on par with Die Hard 2. Some aspects of the movie worked well. The connections to the story of the first movie were a nice touch, and the pairing of Samuel L. Jackson with Willis effectively turns it into a buddy cop movie. It's more entertaining seeing John McClane interacting with another character, than it is to see him going gung-ho alone. But beyond that, I just didn't think it was very exciting or interesting. There are plenty of late 80's and early 90's action movies that I absolutely love, but I can't add this to that list.
Conner R

Super Reviewer

May 30, 2010
Just as good as the original and certainly as fun. This is John McClane on a grander scale and his adversaries are just as deadly. It works way better as a true sequel to the first, with Hans Gruber's evil brother out for blood. A lot of the sequences are just amazing and unlike anything else, John Mctiernan really is a god when it comes to making action movies. There was also a huge return to the original nature of John McClane, he is at the top of his game. Just as witty and tired of crime, full of problems and heart-ache. Samuel L. Jackson really works well as a side-kick and made the movie even more fun.
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