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A dumb, dumb film, to be sure, but also undeniably funny in more spots than a right-thinking, mature adult person feels comfortable admitting.

October 10, 2008 Full Review Source: The Age (Australia) | Comments (113)
The Age (Australia)


keiser soze

Aldo Torres

Wow. Can you please explain why you gave this movie not just a positive review but three and a half out of four stars while you gave The Dark Knight three. I know it's all a matter of opinion but who the hell in their right mind would actually believe this lame *** attempt at comedy, this recycled turd is actually better than the Dark Knight.

Oct 10 - 09:22 PM

John Church

john church

your are one of the dumbest crites on this planet you liked this more than the dark knight WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Oct 10 - 10:26 PM

Samuel-L-b lackson

James Hogg

your profile picture is weird looking

Mar 17 - 03:10 AM


Max P

I agree that this movie sucks and that TDK is superior in every way, but just for future reference--never call someone "dumb" if you can't spell or use grammar properly.

Apr 30 - 02:46 PM

Vince Vaughn not really

Glenn Vaughn

ure dumb

Jan 7 - 10:34 AM

Mr Awesome

Devon Bott

You're a wiseguy, we get it. Ha, ha.

Oct 11 - 03:23 AM


Michael Jackson

Usually I find myself disagreeing with the negative reviews. In this case, I have to ask how anyone can possibly give this movie a positive one. There was no plot, the 'characters' were simply lifted straight from other (much better) movies, and the attempts at satire, irony and/or even slapstick comedy were so lame that I just couldn't wait for the movie to end. About half-way through, I realized that I'd been robbed of the admission price and a couple of hours out of my life that I'd never get back. Don't ask me why I stayed until the end of the movie; I don't know myself (and don't want to burn brain cells thinking about it).

Oct 14 - 02:14 PM


David Voss

You're first line says "If you liked Meet the Spartans you'll like the latest reference-laden spoof from writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer." Well I'm pretty sure you're the only dumb**** who liked that movie too.

Oct 15 - 12:14 PM

Sam Horton

Sam Horton

You are stupid.

Oct 16 - 07:16 PM


Sam Whetton

Thank god I'm not a right-thinking, mature adult person.

Oct 18 - 06:17 AM


Niko Niavaroni

ditto, I can only thank God I am not a right-thinking mature adult person too.

Apr 19 - 06:24 PM

Los Aguila Lobo


I can honestly say that I am impressed that you came up with a whole three paragraphs. Surely, if I wrote it, all I would be capable of coming up with is:

"Well, folks. It's in color."

Oct 18 - 08:54 PM


Linda Carpenter

I live in Australia, and right now, I'm proud of my consistant distinct lack of national pride.

Oct 18 - 09:48 PM


Josh Chard

Dude. You have problems.

Oct 19 - 04:05 AM


Kyle Montez

YOU SON OF A *****!

Oct 19 - 04:23 PM


Ross Daniels

Thanks for your review, Mr. Friedberg and Mr. Seltzer.

Oh, and one more thing, you SUCK!

Seriously, why did you ruin the Tomatometer?

Oct 20 - 10:15 PM


freezingicekirby Shafer

*Plays funeral theme*

Oct 22 - 12:59 PM


Charles Hinds

wow, you did it. you really did it. you pulled this movie up past 00%. I am in awe at your review. still in shock, if you will.

this movie deserves nothing more than absolute zero, and you come along because you are a simpleton and give this a fresh rating.

you must be 12. please tell me you are 12 years old and then maybe my universe wouldn't be shattered.

Oct 22 - 01:47 PM


tommy williams

I was 12 when i saw this and i thought it was the worst movie ive ever seen!

Apr 3 - 07:19 AM


Brandon P

So, according to your reviews...

(3/5 Stars)
What Happens In Vegas, The Mummy 3,Max Payne = As good as the Dark Knight.

(3.5/5 Stars)
Disaster Movie, My Best Friend's Girl, Eagle Eye = Better than The Dark Knight, as good as Iron Man.

I'm speechless. I find myself actually hoping that you're getting paid-off by film studios, instead of actually liking this crap, and equating it to other, far superior films. Even following the logic in your review, 'there's some funny parts' does not equal a good movie. It still undeniably fails on plotting, acting and writing. That equals at MOST a 2 star rating on your part, still firmly Rotten.

Irresponsible is what you are.

Oct 24 - 12:47 AM


sam bovovich

What was so enjoyable about the dark knight? there is a plot in disaster movie, 1 part is the disasters and the 2nd is him saving amy. So there is.

Oct 25 - 08:55 AM


Naz Kikta

I have a feeling this man is a friend of ****zer and Freidskunk.

No one in their right mind gives this movie a positive review and even spends time writing an article about it.

Oct 25 - 10:09 PM


Naz Kikta

I have a feeling this man is a friend of ****zer and Freidskunk.

No one in their right mind gives this movie a positive review and even spends time writing an article about it.

Oct 25 - 10:11 PM


R Manko

Read the movie's plot. It sounds like something written in a Jr. High Creative Writing class when students write a story for one minute and then pass the paper to the next student to continue.

The ironic thing about this review is that many British and Australians use the Friedberg/Seltzer movies as ammunition to bash American humor, but who gave this one its sole positive review? An Australian.

Oct 26 - 03:31 PM


Ian Radford

Screw Jr. High, I was writing parodies at least on the same level as Seltzer and Freiberg in 4th grade. It takes no skill. This critic can eat farts and die.

Nov 6 - 09:05 AM

sherr d.

sherr do

Well you people are all idiot.

He is a CRITIC. Critics have opinions. If his opinion is different from yours of everybody else, everyone gets angry.

To be honest, I agree with him. Disaster movie is dumb, no plot -- yes. But still successful in what it's trying to do. HAVING MINDLESS, STUPID HUMOR. It's a great movie to just watch with friends on a Friday night, to have laughs.

Well, that's my input. Stop being so HIGH AND MIGHTY about it.

Oct 31 - 12:30 PM

James B.

James Bong

undeniably the worst pair of directors ever.

I hope they both die and never make a terrible movie again.

Jan 24 - 05:03 PM

Jim E.

Jim Entwistle

Great point, I guess we are all "idiot". A critic's job is to give intelligent insight into a movie. Granted everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this movie is so low-brow that I honestly believe you would have to be retarded or five years old to find it funny. I actually tried to watch this movie to see how bad it was, but I had to turn it off after a half hour because it was frustrating, depressing, and obnoxious.

This movie's slapstick humor is absurd. Insert D-list actor to parody a role played by a highly superior actor. Over and over. And when that doesn't work and the jokes fall flat, insert a fart joke to win the audience back.

Feb 5 - 03:24 PM


Dig Bick

your the idiot.

Mar 29 - 12:01 PM


Ross Daniels

Your Friday nights must suck.

Nov 20 - 09:12 AM

John Skeete Jr.

John Skeete Jr.

fuck you

Jan 9 - 05:03 PM

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