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½ August 20, 2008
Disco was already all about excess and poor taste, so when Bollywood does disco you'd better be prepared for a double-barreled blast of dance inferno madness.

It would be easy to dismiss Disco Dancer as pure junk if you haven't seen it. Fortunately (like many Bollywood movies) it possesses such infectious enthusiasm that the movie is enjoyable even though the pieces it's crafted from are so patently ridiculous. Mixing sappy melodrama, kung fu fights with gangsters straight out of an of Indian West Side Story, Bollywood-style disco song and dance numbers (some of which have bizarre adaptions of American tunes like Video Killed the Radio Star), romance, and borderline cartoon-esque villains; it shouldn't work.

Somehow it kind of does. The movie is off in its own weird, alternate world where disco was and always will be cool, the villains are vile, and for some reason people who are really good at disco are also experts at poorly choreographed kung fu. The film is rife with sparkling candy-colored scenes, some of which look like they were shot through a kaleidecope. Some of the dance numbers are pretty cool and a some of the bizarre tunes are catchy. The fight scenes are pretty damn funny, too. For the right kind of viewer it's a small piece of glittering disco gold.
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